The Bloggess Turns Me Into A Zombie, iPad Envy, and I Almost Died…All at Evo ’11

Okay, the part about me almost dying? A bit of an exaggeration, but not much. And yes, The Bloggess really turned me into a zombie. But more importantly? I learned a lot. A LOT. AND had a great time while I learned. Evo ’11 definitely gets two thumbs up from me.

So I’m going to talk about what I learned tomorrow. Today? It’s all about the drama!

And now, the fun stuff that happened…

I Became a Zombie (Thanks to The Bloggess)
The first night we were there, The Bloggess was speaking. As soon as we sat at our table, she walked up to me and said “You want to be a zombie, don’t you?”, which makes NO sense if you don’t follow her blog (which you totally should if you don’t and aren’t easily offended). I said yes, of course. Turns out I just had to pretend to be the zombie at my table during her speech. Sounds weird right? No….it really doesn’t if you already read her.

Anyways, what I really wanted to tell you was that I wanted more than anything to get a picture with her. I’m sure Gigi was ready to strangle me or hog tie me and drag me up to Jenny by Day 2. The Bloggess is my idol and I adore her charm, humor, and more than anything, her humbleness. But I was too chicken to ask her to take a picture with me…she is blogging royalty after all….until the last night we were there when I almost died (more on that in a minute).

She was standing by herself. I was stalking scanning the room and noticed her. I finally asked her if she would take a picture with me…and she said yes!

Yes, I totally stalked her all weekend, and she was still as sweet as can be. And I love her for it. Also? She put my business card in her bra. Which of course completed my weekend.

I Almost Died
I know, I know…sounds dramatic, right? Not if it’s happening to you! Gigi, me, and The Working Mom got onto a gondola to ride up what appeared to be a very large mountain (little did we know it was going to be further than we could see) to attend the conference’s closing party.

I should probably mention that all of us are not fans of heights. The weather was…well, it looked like rain *might* be coming. So like a bunch of dumbasses, we got onto the gondola to head up the mountain. About half way up, while the wind angrily threw the gondola from side to side, we stopped. Yes people, they stop the gondola when weather is bad and/or there’s a fear of lightning.

And as Gigi describes it at Kludgy Mom, “…we were lining up to be the First Bloggers Ever To Wet Their Pants For A Reason Other Than Laughter At A Conference.”

We were terrified. We actually discussed an evacuation plan to get out of the gondola. Our survival technique? Tweeting of course!

When we finally started moving, this is what we saw:

TheWorkingMom tweeted that I said that “Wow” was the understatement of the year…and it was! Because we were only halfway there when we came across this sign!

Obviously, the three of us survived…although @TroyPattee was tweeting us and harassing teasing us the whole time….lucky for him we didn’t actually punch him in the stomach when we met him as we threatened to do!

iPad Envy
Small, but a notable mention, I want an iPad. Not a laptop, not a smart phone, but an iPad.

Gigi is sitting next to me the whole time working/playing away on her iPad, while I’m praying for reception on my un-smart phone.

By the time BlogHer rolls around, I plan to have an iPad. Though not necessary, I still want it.

The Best Part of The Conference

By far, the best part of Evo was having the pleasure of representing Clever Girls Collective. We got to spread the word about their fabulosness, and our excitement and passion was genuine.

You may have heard about some Evo drama that happened when a I-won’t-name-them brand said they would never compensate bloggers. I am extremely proud to say that I am a Clever Girl, and that I always get paid for my time and influence…and that I can do it authentically even though I am being compensated for it.

But above all of that? I got to meet Sheila…and she was AWESOME!

Clever Girls!

Last but not least, a HUGE shout out to the other half of #CleverDuo, my IRL friend and confidante, Gigi. How many bloggers can say that they have been able to spend an entire weekend with their fairy blogmother…learning, laughing, and working together? Fun doesn’t even begin to describe our weekend!

Stay tuned, because tomorrow I’ll tell you what I learned…and I’ll have some tips for you to help you prepare for BlogHer!


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend!!!! I love that The Bloggess put your card in her bra! Ha! I will be bringing my iPad (AKA Stefano) to BlogHer. I might let you borrow him if you don't get one. For #wine of course.
  2. So happy that you had such a wonderful time, my lovely friend! I cannot wait to hear more. xo
  3. Wow. You are so lucky! I love the Blogess! My ultimate hero is the Pioneer Woman, and when I met her at a book signing all I could do was giggle like a school girl. What the heck? I think blog idols are the greatest because it's like you already know them before you meet them. And then when you meet them, you realize that they're totally normal human beings. It's great. What an awesome time you had!
  4. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Can't wait to hear more and for the record, I stalked Mama Kat at BBC trying to get a photo with her. It worked. Utah is gorgeous, BTW. Heights and all. :) Also, I have no clue what the zombie reference is all about... I'll have to check out the Bloggess' site. I am lusting after an iPad too! Sigh.
  5. Ha! Loved this. And yes that gondola ride was totally scary. Even when it didn't stop in the middle and bounce you all about. There's just something that feels wrong about sitting in a little box, dangling in the air, held up only by a very thin-looking bar. But I had a great time at EVO too, and loved meeting you! Carol @Cozifamily
  6. sounds like a blast, gondola ride and all! (I would have stalked the Bloggess, also-love her!) I didn't go to Evo, but I am looking forward to having a blast at BlogHer11!
  7. Jenn Sutherland says:
    I'm so glad you made it up the mountain by the power of twitter and a few good friends! ...And glad that there were cocktails when you arrived. ;)
  8. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    The really sounds wonderful! You got to spend time with wonderful people and learn tons.
  9. I saw Gigi's post and almost had a heart attack about the gondola story. Also, because of you, I joined the Clever Girls Collective. What a great group, and I think you and Gigi are fabulous representatives for them.
  10. I would have died from fear on that gondola. To say I don't like heights is a huge understatement.
  11. What a fabulous conference. And meeting a bloggy idol is awesome.
  12. Ha ha I would have been scared too if they stopped midway up! YIKES! Looks like you had an amazing time!
  13. Loving the business card in the bra. I love that she's just so...herself. From reading her blog, I would guess that she'd put a business card in her bra. Meanwhile, I would literally have died of fright in that gondola. I'm not exactly BFF with heights in the first place. Heights + weather? Forget it!
  14. So many great blog references for us!! Reading this makes me really want to go to the conferences, some day!
  15. Yikes, I would've never even gotten in the Gondola so I commend you for even trying! I went on once in South Lake Tahoe and I instantly regretted it the minute I stepped foot in the damn thing! How very cool to meet your Bloggy Idol!!!!!
  16. Only thing better than a pic of you and Jenny is a pic of you motorboating Jenny. Come on. You wanted to! I want your autograph!
  17. I agree go in for the motorboat at BlogHer!
  18. Wow, all the excitement! It sounds like it was a fabulous conference, and I can't wait for tomorrow to hear all that you learned! I want to be there next year, it's my goal. :D M.
  19. That's why I love Bloggess, too. So humble, so real, so self effacing. She doesn't believe all the hype. She is genuine, real, lovable and doesn't think she is amazing just b/c she is a HUGE blogger. Like others I've heard.
  20. What a fabulous event! I'm so glad you were able to attend. But I have to iPad isn't all it's cracked up to be. Please don't tell my hubby I said that. :)
  21. How exciting to get to meet the Bloggess! :) I didn't see the drama about someone who would never pay bloggers. You must dish!
  22. I'm so glad we met, but we didn't spend more than a wink and a hug together which is hugely unacceptable. I basically told Gigi the same thing, except I did get a little chat time in with her while you were...somewhere??? Next time, we need more hugs, more chats, and a photo!!! What's wrong with us?????
  23. I also have a picture w/ Jenny from BlogHer, then proceeded to stalk her the rest of the conference. I'm sure she's filed the restraining order on me already. So glad you had a great time!! xo
  24. Why didn't I get to meet you? I got to say hey to Gigi, though. And I gave The Bloggess a little reassuring pat after her Ignite speech. Because she needs me to tell her she did a good job.
  25. I think my head would have exploded in sheer awesomeness at the site of not only Blogess but all you wonderful bloggers. See and that is why I'm not allowed to go to any of these functions...I'd make an ass out of myself.
  26. No dying allowed!
  27. I can't imagine meeting The Bloggess in person - that's SO awesome! Especially if she turned you into a zombie. You're just special.
  28. The Bloggess is on of my absolute favorites. I'd feel the same way!
  29. I know what it is like to meet a blogger you look up to. I got to meet one of my blogging idols last year at Blissdom Canada. What made it even better was when she said "Oh you're Nolie" when she saw my name tag. I was like "Hey she knows me". Was my little moment of happiness LOL. I never did get a picture with her though :(
  30. I love the part where @TroyPattee was teasing you while you were precipitously dangling over the ravine. He sounds really cool.
  31. Looks like a great time. So glad you didn't die of bad weather or starvation on a stranded gondola. And I've had the pleasure of hanging out with Gigi several times as a part of our Austin Bloggers Social group. She is truly lovely!
  32. I am at once happy and oh so wish I could be you and Gigi! Funny how you describe the Bloggess as blogging royalty. I totally consider you, Gigi, and the Empress as blogging royalty! Plus you guys answer my tweets! :) Bonus!
  33. Soooo glad you had such a great time. Isn't Jenny amazing? Glad you got to meet her and have your pic taken with her. And Troy Pattee... well, I can't take any responsibility for him... BUT... I did tell him to retract his tweets to stop scaring you. You should've punched him in the stomach. Just sayin'. LOL! So great seeing you at the conference. Hope we'll see you next year! xoxo


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