Here’s Why I Love Thanksgiving: (Thanksgiving Recipes And More!)

I’m a huge fan of Thanksgiving…it’s my favorite holiday. I love cooking and don’t mind hosting at my house. I love spending the day with family, just sitting around eating, drinking, watching football, and enjoying each other. I love the traditional foods we eat every year, and I’m one of those people who only makes a turkey and all the fixin’s once a year for the big day. I look forward to Turkey Day, and busting out all of my Thanksgiving recipes, every year.


Doris Lee’s Thanksgiving (1935)

I absolutely adore Thanksgiving by Doris Lee. I bought a print of it, though I have yet to get it framed so I can hang it. It’s one of my favorites of all time.

I love how the artist shows all of the behind the scenes work that goes on in the kitchen to prepare the Thanksgiving feast. All the women are hustling and bustling around while the babies (I like to think they are twins!) are crying to be let out of the high chairs, the little boy is standing around looking bored, and the little girl is trying to feed the cat. The men are nowhere to be seen, and I’m sure the women yell “Get out of here!” to the kids and animals at varying intervals.

I like that it reminds me of my family’s Thanksgivings. And this is the first year in I don’t know how many that Jason and I won’t be spending the day with any family…just us and the kids. My parents and 3 siblings will be heading to Parker to stay at my parents’ river house. My other sibling is heading to her in-laws for the day. Jason’s sister had other plans, which leaves just us. It doesn’t make the day any less special, just different.

So if you are looking for a new Turkey Day recipe – maybe a new side dish or dessert or what to do with leftovers – I’ve got a few for you. Check out my Thanksgiving recipes. Looking for the perfect wine to serve with dinner? Check out Likelii; they’ll help you choose a great wine based on your own tastes.

I have some other recipes and decorating ideas on my Thanksgiving board on Pinterest. While you are there, give me a follow – I’d love to check out your Pinterest boards too!

Since the first year I started this blog (2010), I’ve written posts about giving thanks, though I didn’t realize until now that I titled them both exactly the same. The first year I wrote about a meal I loved based on a writing prompt. Last year I wrote about all the things I was thankful for in my life.

I’m also writing a similar post tomorrow and linking up to my friend Vanessa’s 22 Thankful Days link up. It’s not too late for you  to link up: all you do is write about something you are grateful for and link it up. I decided to write one post for all 22 days, but everybody is doing it differently.

How will you and your family be spending Thanksgiving?


  1. I, too, find Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday -- all of the good feelings of Christmas without all of the frivolity of gift-giving. This year, I'll wake up early, meet my sister to run a 10k with her (as my wife & her sister, and my brother-in-law all run the same event, but at the 5k level), let our kids play for a bit, shower, make mashed potatoes, and take my family over to my wife's extended family for a great big feast, and then I'll sleep off a turkey coma before contemplating an ill-fated trip to a late movie with the kids. John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently posted..Where I attempt to make my own vanilla extractMy Profile
  2. Maybe if I had a big family I'd feel different about Thanksgiving, but it's really just another day to me. This year, we weren't even in the country! Tonya recently posted..Have You Ever?My Profile
  3. Oops... hit post a little too soon. Having said that (above), I LOVE how much you love this holiday. :) Tonya recently posted..Have You Ever?My Profile


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