Me And Money…


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One of the areas that Jason and I are completely different in (and remember, this is only one) is that I am a big time spender, and he is a big time saver. If you give me a dollar, I want to spend it; give one to him and he wants to figure out how he can turn that dollar into two dollars.

That being said, I’m not exactly sure why he actually trusts me to take care of our family finances. Sure I have a strong accounting background and have been responsible for keeping track of all-things-money in past jobs that I’ve had. Sure I understand bank accounts and reconciliations and credit card finance charges. Sure I understand that we should/are supposed to/need to get better at sticking to a budget.

Sure I understand all of those things. But since having the kids, I am not as super on top of all of those things the way that I used to be. I have these three little responsibilities that take up the majority of my time: Tater, Ms. L and Ms. M. Things slip through the cracks. I forget to pay bills. I have no idea what our budget looks like or if we are anywhere close to making our budgeted expenses and savings.

My one and only New Year’s Resolution is to get our finances and budget organized (again) and under control. Here are three things that I’m doing to help me get there:

1. Have all bills sent to me via email. I also sign up for automatic bill pay for every bill that I can. Many companies offer this type of payment feature, and I use it to pay our monthly house and car payments as well as most of our utility payments. If automatic bill pay is not offered, I pay any bill that I can online. Doing these things together helps me stay organized and on top of what bills I need to worry about paying.

PearBudget Logo

2. is a lifesaver! I suggest you check it out if you don’t keep track of your budget. You can set up a budget, enter all of your receipts, and track and review your spending. It is SO user friendly, and you can sign up to try it for free for 30 days (they don’t even ask you for a credit card). It’s only $4.95 a month, and believe me, it’s worth every penny.

3. is my newest and favorite find. Remember I mentioned that I try to pay bills online? Well, I’m notorious for not knowing my account number, user name, or password. AboutOne gives you the ability to enter all of that information in a very secure location for only $30 a year. You can try it free for 17 days (they don’t ask for a credit card, either). And that’s only one of the super cool AboutOne features that I love. Check it out to see if it’s something that might make your life easier.

So there you have it. Some of the tools that I am using to get our family’s budget and finances back on track.

Do you have a budget? Do you stick to it? What tools do you use to keep track of your budget and/or finances?

And so it goes…


  1. At least he trusts you to take care of the finances. Don't question. Just spend...I mean, appreciate it! :)
  2. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    Cool products. I am not a great financial person either. My husband is really good though and he takes care of everything. If it was up to me we'd probably have all our money stashed between our mattresses. I thoguht I was going to have convulsions when we switched to online banking. But it actually has turned out to be great! Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks..?
  3. Snuggle Wasteland says:
    I'm TERRIBLE with money! One of my goals for the year is to actually make a budget. We've got to get out of debt.
  4. I am going to check these sites out! I pay all of our bills online but as far as a budget goes - I really need to work on that! Thanks for the info!
  5. Theta Mom says:
    Sounds like we are married to the same man - mine is a saver, too! But now that I've been home for a couple of years, I really had to watch my spending and so when I spaz out over a pair of new shoes, I remember that my kid needs a new winter coat more than me needing some new kicks.

    And so it goes...
  6. Thanks for sharing these sites. I've been looking for something like Pear Budget, so I will definitely check that one out.
  7. The mad woman behind the blog says:
    I won a free 3 month subscription to About One some time ago and never used it. Will be buying a membership in the next 30 the midst of moving. I can't NOT use them, I've heard so many great things.
    And yes, a budget will be required once we move and this baby arrives. And I'll be prepared. Thank you.
  8. My problem isn't staying organized with the finances and forgetting to pay bills. It's having my 12 yo bring in the mail, dump it on the counter, then my husband rummage around in the mail and taking what's his, then not segregating my mail from the junk mail, then my mail (the bills) get thrown away, and then being grilled by my husband when the phone company turned off our DSL.

    Maybe I need to get a new husband...or a new way to sort the mail so I can gladly pay the bills when they arrive.
  9. Never heard of Pear Budget. Hm!
  10. The Empress says:
    We use

    I can track how on target I am for the monthly budget. I'd be in a mess without these numbers.

    I'm so glad you've brought up finances here, b/c do you know the number one reason couples argue? It's money.
  11. Bella @ If This is Motherhood says:
    I am alright with money but I did go check out About One a few days ago. What's with the 17 day trial? What an odd number.

    I have an award for you btw. Stop by my blog and pick it up
  12. Someday. I will get organized. I think.
    Right now things are too tight to autopay anything.
    Hope to rectify that. Soon.
  13. We use I love it! Well, my husband loves it. He has it set up to get an e-mail notification anytime I use the credit card. Boo to that! Now we're technically on a cash-only system. This is the first month for it, but I think it's going well! I just have to learn not to use the credit card when I'm out of cash. That's key.
  14. I would never trust my hubby with the finances...the guy bounces checks like it's his job. Only because he had no idea what checkbook to use!

    Thanks for the great links - I am definitely going to check them out.
  15. Ugh... me and money don't mix. Luckily, I have a husband that has tons of tricks (online tools that he uses) up his sleeves and is the saver in our family. He loops me in about once a month and that's just fine with me.

    Thanks for sharing all the great ideas. I need to spend some time on the AboutOne Website becasue I know it can help me get other parts of my life organized.
  16. Mainline Mom says:
    Automating your having your bills paid online automatically and taking money from your direct deposit and putting it straight into savings...for sure the BEST way to make your money work for your and save more.

    I wrote about budgeting today too! We use Quicken because my husband doesn't like keeping all our info up on "the cloud" and he doesn't like the advertising related to the free or nearly free services.