The Tent

Auntie S gave Tater a tent. He was so excited and wanted to set it up. Daddy set it up for him right smack in the middle of the living room.

Note that it is only a one man tent, but big enough to leave about an 8 inch gap to squeeze through if you want to sit on the couch.
But having a tent in the living room isn’t all bad, we have gotten some entertainment out of it- static electricity!

You know you’re a mom when…

  • The tent gets to stay downstairs in the middle of the living room is because it keeps the kids busy and out of my hair for up to 10 minutes at a time
  • The little things, like static electricity in hair, can make you laugh
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    And so it goes…


    1. Sippy Cup Mom says:
      Cute cute cute! I want to get Hayden a tent to play in, I think he would have a lot of fun!
    2. Those are some great pics. (Love the 2nd one.)Too funny. Happy WW! Thanks for linkin up.
    3. Adorable! I can so relate to static hair! Great idea to have a tent there. My kids would love that.
    4. MamaOnDaGo says:
      I don't have a tent in my living room but I probably have everything else. Literally a kitchen and a kitchen sink and then some. Will try to make it to #beanchat
    5. Ms. Understood says:
      Those pics are cute. I love Tater's face in the second pic of him. He's looking like, "What's up with my hair?" You're such a good sport, putting a tent up in the middle of your living room. I saw the #beanchat last week, but I caught the end and had no idea what was going on.
    6. We've had tents set up inside many many times. I'm not sure why, but it's absolutely thrilling for the kids.
    7. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
      Oh wow, look at his hair! That made me smile this morning :D
    8. LOL, that is too funny! How exciting to have a tent all for himself! I love the static, it makes me laugh too!
    9. Maureen @ Tatter Scoops says:
      Hahaha love the pictures. That static hair rocks and peace for a few minutes counts! ;)
    10. Susie B. Homemaker says:
      Hehe, that's great... so something a daddy would do, setting up a tent in the living room. :p Looks like a lot of fun!

      Your blog title & header drew me in (I have a little monster/toddler also)- I'm your newest follower. :D
    11. Very cute! Love the static hair pictures! And if it keeps him busy, I'd keep it in the living room too!!
    12. NanaDiana says:
      LOL-What we'll do to keep them busy and happy! Love the hair-that's the way my own looks most of the time! Diana
    13. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli says:
      I have a love/hate relationship with our tent. It keeps the kids happy and amused but it is the middle of my family room and the kids fill it full of stuff. The clean up is the hated part.
    14. And Miles To Go... says:
      awesome! looks like loads of fun.
    15. Secret Mom Thoughts says:
      I would live the tent up too. Love the static photos.
    16. Mrs. MidAtlantic says:
      Tents are the BEST toys! Next best? Sleeping bags!!
    17. Sharlene T. says:
      Unlike the appliance box, a real tent can actually be USED as a real tent down the line, when he wants to camp 'outside' in your yard... there's even room for you, fellow camper... OR, it could be a MIL guest room!... come visit when you can...

      Twitter: SolarChief
    18. Bethany @ Organic Enchilada says:
      Ah, we love us some living room camping. Backyard, too.
    19. Boys like tents....OK...I wrote that in my "what to expect from having a son" book. He's just adorable!
    20. we have a tent, too. the day it's put up, they LIVE in there! i bet you get some good mileage out of it.
    21. I live in a condo so I have no place for a tent but if it kept my daughter busy for even 5 minutes you'd better believe I'd have one at least. My in-laws have 2 in their bonus room and they only have one grandchild. That says something about the power of a tent.

      Thanks for your very kind comment on Scary Mommy. I am so honored that my guest post will make your Saturday list!

      PS - your son is adorable
    22. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
      Child A got a little pop-up tent for a gift one year. (smaller than that)

      We opened that baby up in the living and he would play for HOURS.

      And well...I loved that!
    23. I wish we had a tent to explain my hair, lol.
    24. Enya @ Almost Crunchy says:
      When in doubt, set up the pop up tents. Hours of entertainment to follow. I have two to avoid any this-is-my-tent fights.
    25. Oh yes, the mommy perspective is definitely unique, to say the least. The things that I have now learned to let go of would make my hair fall out back in the day.
    26. Melissa {adventuroo} says:
      Oh that's too cute! The hair is awesome (I have my own funny kid hair shot in my WW).

      We have a small tent we should set up in the house one day. I think it'll be fun (for a while anyway)!
    27. luckydame says:
      Ha! I never thought my house would have a shark tent in it, either. But it keeps them so busy!!
    28. I have no doubt that David would have his own personal tent in the living room if I let him. Which worries me about what he'll give the kids. A slip n' slide inside? Sure!
    29. MommaKiss says:
      Static pics are the best :) and, um, can we come play? A tent in the living room? Cool Momma!
    30. I'm not really sure *why* I have kids, if not for the entertainment value! Tents ROCK! And so does static hair!
    31. Way better than building a stupid fort with blankets that I have to fix every 5 minutes. I can't believe how much he looks like you. Love the hair.
    32. Too funny! I agree with Poppy, I get tired of the fort that comes apart maybe I need to get a tent in my living room.
    33. Lula Lola says:
      I think every boy-mama has to go through a tent in the living room phase. It's regulation. And it does keep them way busy!
      He's so darling! Love that hair!
    34. Michaela (aka Mama Michie) says:
      It's totally the little things that make you laugh and make it all worth it! I agree, the tent is so much better than a blanket fort.

      Thanks for linking up again this week =)
    35. We love tents, tents mak everyone on our home happy, our basement is one big tent, with tunnels, and toys all around it!
    36. Mrs.Mayhem says:
      Tents are pretty cool. I'm all for setting them up inside the house - then I'm not required to actually go camping. Win-win situation!
    37. Angelia Sims says:
      Isn't it funny how the tent makes them quieter? I would have killed to have a tent in the living room at that age, instead we had to use a sheet from couch cushions to coffee tables. HA.

      You are a great mom! The static electricity made me laugh. :-D
    38. The Sweetest says:
      That's it- I'm getting down the camping tent!
    39. we SO did that when I was a kid! mostly, my dad set it up in the backyard in the summer and we'd pretend to camp. but in the winter? he'd totes set it up in the living room and we'd make s'mores in the fireplace and tell stories. best childhood memories!
    40. That little Tater is seriously one cutie!!!! LOVE the tent! (Love it even MORE because it's inside - away from critters - and the heat!!! Wahoo - that's MY kind of camping!)
    41. Buffi Neal says:
      Love the tent. We have slumber parties in the living room almost every night. Won't the kids be shocked when mom breaks out the tent tonight! Thanks for the idea.
      My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog
    42. Nothing wrong with keeping the kids out of your hair :). Cute photos!
    43. My Momma Drama says:
      that looks like so much fun!!
    44. hehe! I love how their hair looks w/ static electricity. And yeah, 10 minutes of distracted kids is like 10 minutes of heaven. So, so awesome (and necessary)
    45. MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) says:
      We had some major static electricity happening at our house this winter. I got some really funny pictures out of it...ones the girls will probably poo-poo when they're older. But that's OK...I definitely know I'm a mom, because they make me cackle! :) :)
    46. Oh my goodness, this brings back memories! My son got a red and blue tent - very similar to the one Tater is playing in - and he was in and out of that constantly.
      And I totally kept it up in the middle of the living room! He and his sister would go in there with their blankies and a book and some toys and keep themselves entertained sometimes as long as 20 minutes! LOL
      Great pics!
    47. The Flying Chalupa says:
      Did you say up to 10 minutes of free time? I gotta get me a tent asap and plant it smack dab in the middle of everything.
      ps - there is just NOTHING better than a fort when you're a kid. NOTHING.
    48. Why is static hair so funny? Cute pics.

      I can't wait for Lucas to build forts in the living room and ask to spend the night in the backyard or our living room in a tent. :)
    49. The Sharp's says:
      Love the tent, but in the middle of the living room would drive me insane!!! I also love Tater's shirt!!
      Have fun during your beanchat! I will have to catch up on all the craziness later!
    50. Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust says:
      I remember the tents & forts. The kids were always so excited to set them up & so unmotivated to take them down & clean up! Enjoy these years. It feels like I blinked & they passed.

      Warmly, Michelle
    51. Yeah, I have had a tent set up in my living room before! And it's the best the static, too!
    52. Oh my! We have had many living room tents! As annoying as they are to look at, it's so worth it! We've even brought out matresses and left them there for days! :0)
    53. Arizona Mamma says:
      Yep! Anything for an extra ten minutes of peace. :)
    54. WTH am I Doing? says:
      Nice. Kids love tents! And I's worth it for the few minutes of peace! :)

      My dad got Boo a cute little Diego tent that fits in his room. He *loves* then tent.

      Also? Before he could pronounce "Diego tent" he would always refer to it as Daygo Tit.