Tater’s First Snow Trip

When Tater was the same age as the twins currently are, he took his first trip to the snow (which if you are like me and hate the snow and would rather never set foot in it…ever… is a really big deal).

It’s amazing to look at his little face and see both Ms. L and Ms. M in it. Though Ms. M is a little Tater clone, I still see a lot of Ms. L there, too.

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And so it goes…

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  1. kris in larryville says:
    I had the babysitter take the little ones out for snow play this year. My excuse was that I was sick but the real reason is that I am not a fan of snow. I like to look at it and be near a warm fire while it falls.
  2. I also hate the snow! I guess that's why we live where we do. Cute pictures! :)
  3. Brrr...
    He is super cute, but brrr...
    I grew up in Maine and had 21 years worth of snow.
    I've met my quota. ;)
    We took Katie to the snow a couple of winters ago and she LOVED it.
    Great photos, Nat!
  4. What a cutie!!!
  5. Simply Delicious says:
    He's so cute!
  6. For someone who hates snow you look pretty happy! =)

    I didn't see snow until I was 13 and didn't see falling snow until I was 27! I hope I can get my boys out to see it sooner than that!
  7. The mad woman behind the blog says:
    Man, he's cute!
    I too am not a fan of the snow. Took Mad to play in the snow at 19 months and she wasn't having it.
    Now if I could find a way to sled without the cold and damp.
  8. Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud says:
    Looks like he had a blast! Love that photo of you with Tater. Too cute!
  9. ok, all this snow is making me COLD! I'm so glad that I live in FL and not any where else! If you don't like snow, you need to move down here, Natalie! But Tater seems to love the snow...
  10. The Blue Zoo says:
    I love it when we have enough snow to go sledding!!
  11. jillconyers says:
    Wonderful photos. Love the smiles captured in the last shot. I'm so not a fan of snow!
  12. I tell you what, anytime you want to see snow you just come over for a visit to my house.

    We'll send the kids out to play in it and you and I can't have hot spiced spiked drinks. ;)
  13. Sluiter Nation says:
    where are your jackets!?!?!

    Around here if you didn't wear a coat in the snow? you would get hypothermia. ok...maybe not that extreme, but you would catch a cold.
  14. Such cute pictures. I love the one of Tater and you!
  15. Secret Mom Thoughts says:
    Looks like fun. Cute pics.
  16. I see a little Nat clone! :)
  17. Funky Mama Bird says:
    You call that snow?! You don't even have HATS on. Around here, the toddler goes up to his armpits in snow. Bah.

    Sorry for the yelling.

    But just looking at that is making me colder than I already am.
  19. Being from Canada I find it hilarious when people take trips to see snow! EEKS!
  20. What a cutie! I so wish we had snow here!
  21. Every kid must experience snow. I just don't recommend having it year round. Or living in it.
  22. Cute. I can't wait until we can take Lucas to experience snow for his first time.
  23. So fun! It does look a little warm for snow though! LOL
  24. Family snow days are the best. My kids are 11 and 13 now ~ old enough for us all to ski together (and not worry about anyone falling off a mountain!) You have so many good days ahead - just look at those smiles. How could anything be better?
  25. I know I've said this before, but he looks exactly like YOU!
  26. so cute! that last photo of you and Tater was just perfection. :)
  27. Nothing like their first trip to the snow! So fun...and yeah, he's got two little clones now, doesn't he?!
  28. Very cute and I am totally not a snow person either, I watch from the window with the camera. Where's all the hats and gloves? Does not look like our winters here!
  29. Soge shirts says:
    Wow he looks like he was having a blast. Those are some great pictures. I'm sure the twins will have a blast when they have their first snow day.
  30. So cute!

    I hate the snow...but snow pics are cute!
  31. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    I would hate you a little less if you didn't have that stunning jaw-line, you know.