Tater’s First Sleepover

Tater and the Infamous Blue Blankie
Tater spent the night at Auntie S’s house on Friday night. Is it weird that he’s almost three years old and has never spent the night away from us? I think it might be. He’s never even stayed with Gramma. We’ve only stayed the night away from him one time – for hubby’s work Christmas party. But Auntie A stayed here at our house with him so he got to sleep in his own bed. Friday night was the first night he spent away from us and away from home.
At first, hubby and I were SO excited. We both did the happy dance. We talked about how our night would go once the girls went to bed (they go to bed between 6 and 7, so we would have the whole night to ourselves!). We talked about getting a babysitter so we could have a nice dinner out…just the two of us…and then coming home for an uninterrupted romantic night together. And none of that happened. Tater was gone. We couldn’t get a babysitter. We ordered pizza and watched TV. And by the time it was time for romance, we were both too tired. On a positive note, I got a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I can’t even remember the last time that that happened! It was wonderful 🙂
But back up just a little…I made sure to tell Auntie S to have Tater call us to say goodnight before he went to bed. We weren’t even sure if he would sleep away from home. I was thinking I might have to make the half hour drive out to Auntie’s house at 9 pm to pick him up. At 8, I told hubby that he still hadn’t called us. He must be having a good time. What I really meant was “Why hasn’t he called us yet?” They did call at 9 to say goodnight. I expected tears, crying, begging and pleading from Tater for us to come and get him. Know what I got? “Hi Mommy. I’m having fun. Bye!”. That.was.it. I was the one with tears! I was the one crying! I was the one begging and pleading for him to talk to me for one more minute and to please tell me that he loved me! How did that happen? Where did my happy dance go?
And then to top it all off, when Auntie S dropped him back off at our house on Saturday afternoon (after he’d been doted on for a full 24 hours straight…doing whatever he wanted…new toys…2-1/2 hours at the park), he was pissed off to be home! Not happy to see us! No hugs and kisses! He asked to go back to Auntie S’s house and cried when we said he couldn’t!
Things never work out the way you think they’re going to. Tater’s first sleepover was WAY MORE traumatic for me than it was for him. I’m over it though, and can’t wait for him to do it again 😉
And so it goes…


  1. Trench Mommy (Mandy) says:
    Love your new look!
  2. Found your blog via BF - just wanted to tell you that I love your background! So cute!

    Congrats on getting at least a good night's sleep! :)
  3. Funky Mama Bird says:
    I think everything's always more traumatic for the moms than for the kids. I get myself all worked up about everything, while the kid is totally fine.
  4. It was more traumatic for me too. We try to do our best to help our children become confident and independent, but ouch...that can really hurt. Shouldn't, but it does. Glad you're over it and ready for another sleepover.
  5. bbcd mama says:
    I guess there always has to be that first time. But now you know he had a really great time!
  6. Aww...we have an Auntie Jenny that is just like that too. IT's always interesting when they come home!
  7. Dr. Heckle says:
    My son is 2 and whenever we leave him with Grandma he waves bye and shuts the door on us...

    Sure, she might be sweet NOW, but it's a good thing that he doesn't know she used to eat children...
  8. 8 hours of sleep IS romantic. Wow 3 years..I was doing the pump and dump right away. Once you open that door it gets easier and easier...
  9. Christine says:
    Awe, so sad! I think this is every Mamas fear! Hopefully it took no time at all to be glad to be home. :)

    At least you got 8 hours of sleep? I'm jealous!!
  10. Cute blog-- funny too. Love your sense of humor. Saw the first negative comment post... sorry to hear that. Stuff has flown out of my mouth a time or two and of course (even though they don't say anything at the time) my kids will repeat it (in context!) at the worst possible time. No one is perfect and in the big scheme of things an accidental cuss word blurted out is not going to do any long term damage to anyone!
  11. MommyNeedsCake says:
    That's awesome - they always do better than we want to believe they will, don't they? They're supposed to need us at all times and accept no substitutes! Don't they understand that?!? ;-)

    Glad you got a little time off (and hopefully a long uninterrupted night's sleep!)
  12. hmmm....how do I edit that? What I meant is I FEEL FOR YOU. Silly children tearing our hearts out without them even knowing.
  13. reading your blog brings back lots of memories for me of when my kids were younger. you captured the plans for parents gone awry, missing the kids, and how things can be more traumatic for mom, perfectly.
  14. Ha ha!! This is the story of all of my kiddos! We have four, so everytime they get a night (or weekend) away they never want to come home! Don't take it personally. I have learned to take advantage of the fact that I don't have to worry when they are away and I can relax!!! Love your blog- looking forward to coming back for more!