How To Get Customized Videos From Santa & More!

My friend Nicole over at By Word of Mouth Blogging hosts a great weekly meme called Time Travel Tuesday where you dig up an old post for your readers to revisit. I wanted to share with you the post that is getting lots of attention via StumbleUpon and Google lately: A Letter From Santa (Postmarked “North Pole”)! I’m going to share how your child can talk to Santa or interact with him.

How to Talk To Santa

Want to send your child a video message directly from Santa Claus? You can! This is the coolest thing ever! Check out the Portable North Pole. It asks you some questions about your child and for a picture and then a live Santa talks to your child. Right now, you have to put your email address in so they can notify you when it will be available to create your own, and you can bet I already did it!

Here’s another way to create a video of Santa in your home! With The Santa Video, you upload a picture of a room in your home, and with a few other steps, you create a video…proof Santa has been in your home!

Or what about a letter from Santa? This site is super fast and free! You type in your child’s name and you automatically get a letter from Santa! Check out The Official Santa Claus Naughty or Nice List.

And if you still need more, check out, where the kids can write wish lists, you can get a personalized letter from Santa, and more!

Your family can watch Santa’s course around the world! Starting on December 1st, visit NORAD Santa Tracker to see where Santa is up until Christmas day.

Hope your kids have fun hearing from Santa! What other sites do you use to get them in touch with Santa?


  1. The site for the letters from Santa kept giving me an error code. Is there another site?
  2. These are so cool! Good thing my kid is only two and I don't have to start stressing about this stuff just yet :-)
  3. We have been doing the portable north pole for 2 years now and I love it!! Not only do we get a kick out of it, but our son just loves to hear his name!
  4. My dad sent the kids video messages from santa last year, I think it may have been from the portable santa site. Was really cool :) Have you checked out the NORAD Santa Tracker? This one tracks Santa's flight around the world in December.
  5. The Santa letter site is pretty cool. I'm wondering if I could even print out the letter and stick it in the mailbox for my kids to get. We love the Norad site! Not only do my kids like seeing where Santa is, but they like some of the games on the site as well.
  6. Just found [wonder how much they paid for that url??] - so cute. I've done the video to the kids, they were gobsmacked. Can't wait!
  7. This is super cool! Thanks for posting this again!


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