Twitter Followers: How To Gain (Or Lose) Followers On Twitter

From a blogging standpoint, those who know me know that I LOVE Twitter. Facebook? Not so much. Pinterest of course! But the love of my social media life is Twitter. I occasionally have bloggers that are just starting out how to do certain things. How to get a sponsored post to write. How to build a blog community (loyal readership). Blog tips for those just starting out. Recently I’ve been asked: How do you get Twitter followers and How do you decide which Twitter followers to unfollow?

So I decided to create a list of what makes me follow or unfollow Twitter followers. Some of these suggestions are mine, while some of them came from tweeps (the lovely people of Twitter) when I asked how they decide to follow and unfollow people on Twitter. I can’t tell you how to buy Twitter followers because I don’t know how, and would never, EVER consider doing it. But I can tell you what has worked for me since I started tweeting. All of my followers were gained organically.

twitter_followersHow To Decide Who To Follow On Twitter (And What You Can Do To Get More Twitter Followers)

Follow People Who…

Spread the Love  If you tweet links to posts that you enjoyed reading or retweet a link, chances are most tweeps will follow you.

Other ways to spread the love include responding to a question asked by including your answer with a retweet. Tell your followers about tweeps that you like and that they should follow. If you see that I’m trying to promote something (maybe a Twitter party or a guest post) and you retweet it, that makes my heart happy.

But this isn’t one-sided; is should be reciprocal. Not every single time, but regularly try to help spread the love.

Have a Sense of Humor Most tweeps that I asked responded that they follow people who make them laugh. You don’t have to be a comedienne; if something funny happens send out a quick tweet so that others can enjoy it too.

Have Common Interests If you are a mom of young children and twins like I am, you might want to find other tweeps who are in your same boat. I also follow lots of food bloggers because I love finding and trying new recipes and sharing foodie tips. If you have a hobby or interest, do a search using hashtags related to it to find people with similar interests.

How To Decide Who To UnFollow On Twitter (And What NOT To Do So You Don’t Lose Twitter Followers)

Unfollow People Who…

Auto Direct Message (DM) Send out a generic “Thanks for the follow now go follow me on Facebook (or go visit my website)” direct message, and I will automatically unfollow you no matter what. Send out a “Hi Natalie! Thanks for following and I look forward to your tweets” direct message I may or may not unfollow after I check to see if you interact a lot with others.

Another automatic no-follow is if you tweet and ask others to follow you. If I look at your history and see you’ve also already tweeted 100 other people the same request, no way I’m following you. You are probably spam.

twitter_eggHave a Profile Picture of the Twitter Egg If you are an egg, no follow. I understand that some people don’t want to have their photo out there for the world to see, but there’s no reason to be an egg. To me, and other tweeps, an egg represents that you are a spam account. And ain’t nobody got time to be following spam accounts.

If you don’t want to use your personal photo, find a common interest and use that. For example, I could use my blog button or a picture of a recipe or something. Anything but the Twitter egg!

Don’t Have a Profile Description It takes a full two seconds to complete a short profile description letting others know what you are all about. If you don’t have one, you are probably spam.

Never Respond To Anybody If you tweet out a question and then don’t even bother responding back to me when I respond, that tells me you really didn’t want to interact. Also? It’s rude.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I don’t respond to every, single tweet I get…but I bet I do respond to 95% of them or more. Even if it’s just saying thank you.

So over a period of time, people who never, ever respond back to you really aren’t worth following. Unless it’s Justin Timberlake. Celebrities and huge brands I don’t expect to tweet back. But when they do, it makes my day!

Have a Gazillion Followers and Only Tweet Links (Or Only Tweet Out Links No Matter How Many Followers!) No interaction? No follow. If someone just spews out links all day, what’s the purpose of following?

TYPE IN ALL CAPS These tweeps have no online manners or know how…and 99% of the time, they probably are the same people tweeting out links all day.

Tweeps also mentioned they unfollowed people who tweeted judgmental, racist, and sexist tweets. They also unfollow people who tweet bad grammar and poor spelling. Tweeps like people who tweet regularly, but not constantly. One tweep said ” I don’t think anyone is so interesting that they need to take up 80% of my feed.” I agree. Nudity, vulgarity, and too much political talk will also get you unfollowed by the tweeps that responded to my question.

How do you decide who to keep as your Twitter followers and who you unfollow?

Have any questions about Twitter? I’m writing a follow up post so if you have a question, be sure to leave it in the comment section!