You Know You’re A Mom When…

If you haven’t been reading my blog very long, you might be unfamiliar with a meme I used to have called You  Know You’re A Mom When-sDaze.

It was always fun to write, and lots of people liked to participate…for a while. Then participation started dwindling and so I decided to shut it down. But every now and then, I think: Wow, that thought would have been perfect for You Know You’re a Mom When….

Yesterday, I had a few thoughts for things that would be perfect for it. And so I looked back and found that my last You Know You’re a Mom When  post was written back in November 2011! It’s one of my favorites, and even won an award from Fadra over at all.things.fadra! It was titled What I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mom (The Things That Suck). It was fun to write and even more fun to re-read and then read the comments.

Anyways, I decided to go ahead and list some of my most recent you know you’re a mom when…moments. I bet you can relate to some of them, too!

You Know You’re A Mom When…

Finishing a cup of coffee without having to rewarm/refill/or top it off is considered a delicacy.

The 10 minutes it takes you (alone) to get home after dropping the kids off at school is considered “me” time. And you are totally satisfied with it.

You dread homework almost as much as when you were in school yourself.

You wonder how/why so many moms are so dressed up at school pick up and drop off.

As long as the kids eat something, you’re okay with not fixing a “real” dinner every night.

As fast as you clean up the house, the kids are right behind you destroying the clean.

And on that note, there’s really no such thing as a clean floor anymore.

You consider just buying new clothes for everybody instead of tackling the mountain of laundry that seems to grow overnight.

The dreaded Play Doh is considered an acceptable “activity” when it’s 110+ degrees outside.

You look forward to holidays just so you can experience them through your children.

How do you know you know you’re a mom? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section! And let me know if I gave life back to this fun meme if you’d be willing to participate on When-sDaze (AKA: Wednesdays)!

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