The New Tattoo: Tattoos With Kids Names

I wrote a post back in May titled Do You Tattoo? Some people do, some don’t. Some have and swear they’ll never get another one, some want to but haven’t, some never will. But if you have kids, you might be open to considering tattoos with kids names.

I happen to like tattoos and have three (one was covered up, so I only have two that you can see). I’m sure I’ll continue to get them. One thing is for sure and anybody with a tattoo will tell you the same thing: If you are going to get a tattoo, make sure it means something to you and that you won’t regret what you put on your body and where you put it!

In honor of Poppy’s guest post on Tuesday, Tatted and Toothless (if you haven’t read it, go read it now, it’s HILARIOUS!), I have decided it’s time to unveil my new tattoo:

An idea for tattoos with kids names.

I wanted something bold, but simple. Something that would always remain true and constant throughout the rest of my life. Something that, no matter what, would never change.

It is an infinity symbol with my three children’s names. Infinity means “to continue with no end”. And they are my forever. They will continue to be the most important thing in my world forever. My love for them will never end, no matter what may come in the future.

The various shades of green represent the color of their birthstone (they were all born in August)…and their birthstone is Peridot, which is green.

My other tattoo is, to put it simply, boldly stupid. It is on the inside of my left ankle. It’s the Chinese symbol for love (yes, it has been verified by a friend of mine who is Chinese), along with some other stuff around it…flames and a lotus flower. I love the symbol, and hate the tattoo. How it came to be is a long story for another time…let me just give you all a word of advice: NEVER get a tattoo while drunk. NEVER.

So… you tattoo?