Listen To Your Gut: It Always Seems To Be Right


Have you ever gotten that nagging feeling that continues to tell you to reach out to a friend? Do you listen to it? I did last week, and I’m glad I did.

I almost didn’t reach out to my friend because I hadn’t talked to her in months, and thought she was probably thinking I was a bad friend. But hell, I thought, I haven’t talked to some of my family in that long and it doesn’t make them love me any less.

I kept thinking I need to reach out to her, text her, call her, send her a Facebook message. I’m on the computer and phone all the time so I really have no excuse for not doing it. But that nagging feeling – my gut – kept popping into my head throughout the day saying to reach out to her.

Finally on Thursday of last week, I sent her a text. I just told her I was thinking about her and hoped that she was doing good. She responded that she was, and after a few more texts back and forth, she told me she was going through chemo.

And that people, is why you should listen to your gut. It was like I knew something was up and that I needed her to know I was thinking about her. I know that I can’t fix or change her situation, or do anything about it. And to be honest, the last thing she would want is sympathy or for me to act as her fixer.

But when things are really shitty, sometimes just knowing that your friends are thinking of you is more than enough. That’s what connects us to people. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t talked to a friend in a few day, few months, or even a few years. I know I have never been angry to hear from a friend out of the blue just to say hello and that they were thinking of me. That’s what friendship is all about, right?

Sometimes your gut is trying to put things into perspective for you. The most important things in the world are the people you choose to surround yourself with…your family and friends. I love that picture at the beginning of this post because it is so true. Friends do become your family, and I feel like my gut was trying to remind how important my friends are to me…even if I’ve been neglecting the friendships.

So if you have had that feeling, that nagging voice in your head telling you to just reach out to someone and say hello, do it. If you do? Then you will make a friend’s day and catch up with them. The line of communication reopens. But if you don’t, you might end up regretting it.