I’m Not Here Because I’m At The Chiquita Moms Community!

After Blissdom, I’m still trying to catch up! I am so busy and tired it’s crazy! I know I’ve mentioned before that I’m one of the five Charter Chiquita Moms, and that I’ve asked you to help me grow the Chiquita Moms Community by joining, but did I mention I’m writing over there, too?

Photo Source: Pinterest via @ProjectAlicia

For this week’s post, I actually vlogged (yes! I tried to vlog again!) all about fun and healthy fruit snack ideas, like the one above. Cute, right? Well I give you a couple of more ideas too! And my kids love them!

I’ve also written about the kids’ nicknames, how to get picky eaters to eat vegetables, I introduced my family to the community ABC style, heck The Bidness even wrote a post!

So head over and check out the community! There’s lots of good stuff there!

Today’s also Jason’s birthday and I’m going to make his favorite meal: Steaks with a yummy sauce and hot spinach salad. Look for the recipes tomorrow!


I Can Finally Share The News! I’m A Charter Chiquita Mom!


After having to wait a couple of months to tell you the big news, and believe me I’m not patient and it wasn’t easy, I can now officially announce that I am a Charter Chiquita Mom! I am one of the lucky 5 bloggers that was selected to be a brand ambassador for Chiquita – to represent the brand and help others learn that Chiquita is more than just Chiquita bananas and Chiquita pineapples. Chiquita is a staple in our house, I’ve loved Chiquita bananas since I was a kid, and I am proud to be chosen to be one of the faces that represents them. Proud and honored.


Who are the other Charter Chiquita Moms? Well, from left to right there’s Katie, VanessaTricia, me and Angie. These ladies are really incredible, and I’m humbled to be part of such a great group of bloggers!

So what does my new gig entail? I’m going to be writing on a regular basis at the new Chiquita Moms Community! We Charter Chiquita Moms will be sharing motherhood stories, craft ideas, recipes and more with you and other moms around the world. We’ll help you get to know Chiquita, and help spread the word about everything that Chiquita is, stands for, and represents. It’s going to be an amazing and very fun community – somewhere you can meet other moms, share stories, ask questions, and everything else that you need when you’re a mom. We’ll support each other, laugh, cry and vent with each other, and most importantly learn from one another. It’s going to be THE mom community!

Last week, I was lucky enough to head out to Cincinnati to visit Chiquita’s headquarters and even meet the company’s CEO, Fernando Aguirre! Charter_Chiquita_Moms

The Chiquita Moms Community is launching soon, very soon. And I want you to be a part of it. So before the big announcement is made by Chiquita introducing the site to the masses, you are going to get VIP access! Hop on over to www.ChiquitaMoms.Com and submit your email address to be among the first moms to be notified of the official community launch! I’ve seen what it’s going to be, and I am excited to share it with you!

In the meantime, check out this video of Chiquita’s Executive Chef sharing the easiest, yummiest snack recipes that your kids will love: Banana Socials!

Yummy right? And there’s more where that came from! Head over to the Chiquita Moms Community and submit your email to become one of the first Chiquita Moms! We can’t wait and hope that you’ll join us!

** I am a Charter Chiquita Mom and am compensated for my time. Chiquita was also nice enough to pay for my travel expenses during the Cincinnati trip last week. I was not required to write about this exciting news, I wanted to! As usual, all opinions expressed are my own.**

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