Monster Likes #34


Every Saturday, it’s Monster Likes time! I list my favorite selection of posts I found throughout bloggy land over the past week.

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And now on to the good stuff….

Blogging Basics 101 had a great post: Can I legally use company logos? I think it’s a question a lot of bloggers have, and one worth sharing the response to.

Morgan over at the little hen house wrote an amazing post about and BlogHer. Go read it…it will make you proud to be a blogger and even prouder of brands who respect us for it.

Remember my post about Guest Posting Etiquette? Alison over at mama wants this wrote a post all about How to Host Guest Posts  and it’s a fantastic read for all bloggers!

When I was at Evo in July, I was given a candle warmer from Candle Warmers, Etc. and I love it. So I reviewed it over at

I also love Celebrating Home, so I wrote about why I love it over at And if you like wearing aprons, you’re gonna love Flirty Aprons!

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Monster Likes #30


Every Saturday, it’s Monster Likes time! I list my favorite selection of posts I found throughout bloggy land over the past week.

If one of your posts is listed below and you want the badge, just shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I’ll send you the badge to put on your post!

And now on to the good stuff….

Jamie over at Chosen Chaos wrote a must read laugh out loud post for all moms of multiples called What Is Your Favorite Brand of Tampons? If you are not a mom of multiples, still read it and watch the video clip and the title of her post will make sense.

Morgan at the little hen house wrote a post about How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Blog and I can’t wait to take her advice! Spend more time on Pinterest AND drive more traffic to my site? Yes please!

Greta at Not Enough Patience and Never Enough Jewelry! linked up her favorite wedding picture in my Down the Aisle link up!  Why do I love her picture so much? I absolutely fell in love with her dress…and check out the shoes she is wearing! I wish I would’ve done something like that!

Nichole (In These Small Moments), also writes for Babble and wrote a post titled Selective Judgement: Moms Judging Other Moms. Go read it. And read the comments too.

My friends over at Modern Day Moms were nominated for Best Blog award by! If you love them as much as I do, head over so you can read all about it and then click from there to go vote!

My friend Becky who writes Mommy Wants Vodka and who runs the A-MA-ZING Band Back Together site has been nominated for Babble’s Mom’s Who Are Changing The World. She deserves it. If you’ve ever been to Band Back Together you already know this, and I want to send you over to vote for Becky now!

The super hot Lerner AKA Stay at Home Babe wrote a post about turning 30 and what she’s learned about life and friendship. It’s a fantastic read, and I’m not just saying that because she included me in her post. She is really a beautiful person inside and out, and you’ll see why after reading the post.

Did you attend the Clever Girls Collective party at BlogHer? Over at The Bitchin’ Wives Club, Amy wrote a post titled Some Heartfelt Advice to Brands from a BlogHer Believer that is worth the read.

There were over 50 link ups for my Down The Aisle post where I asked everybody to share their favorite wedding photos…if you haven’t checked it out yet and LOVE wedding photos, you’ve gotta see this and then link up!

Many of you know I write over at (and too!), and sometimes I find really cool products worth sharing. When I find ones I think you HAVE TO check out, I will share them here. And this week, I had two cool products…Spunge blankets and Rockabye Baby! (lullabies to the music of your favorite songs: think AC/DC, Nine Inch Nails, Bob Marley and more)…so check them out!

What was your favorite post of the week? Leave a link in the comment section below!

Eyedews For Me…And For You!

‘Twas two nights before BlogHer and all through the house, nott a creature was stirring…well, except me. Because I have a million things to do and not enough time to get them all done. I’ve been up late the last few nights writing so I’m ahead of the game for work and for my own personal blog…and guess what? You can tell I haven’t been getting much sleep. Dark circles and bags under my eyes. Yeah, really attractive and a great first impression for everybody I’ll meet at BlogHer. Luckily, I scored some Eyedews to try out!

If you are ever on Twitter and follow @Surferwife (AKA my friend Monique of the infamous A Day In The Life of a Surferwife blog), then you know all about Eyedews and her love for them. If not, let me tell you all about this little miracle in a foil package! Eyedews are a natural under eye treatment. They look  like little jelly eye masks, and you put one under each eye. They de-puff your eyes, minimize pores, reduce dark under eye circles, relax and soothes you and your skin, helps out those pesky wrinkles, AND hydrates your dry skin. I know….crazy, right?

And what I really like about them is that they are made of entirely natural ingredients: lavender oil, Vitamins C & E, Chitosan, and Natural Marine Collagen.

All you do is slap those babies on for 15 or 20 minutes, relax, drink wine and let Eyedews do the rest! Also? You can use them every single day…yeah, they’re safe to use all the time!


Yep, tweeting, watching TV, drinking wine, and enjoying my Eyedews

And these things work! At first, they kept sliding down my face because I was tweeting and watching TV working instead of relaxing and enjoying them. I suggest you just lay back and let them work their magic! I now understand why Surferwife talks about them all the time…and I think you’ll be hearing me talk about them all the time too! After I tried ’em out, I felt refreshed and noticed a difference in the appearance of my eyes. I am in love!

I will be taking these miracle workers with me to BlogHer where I plan to get very little sleep. But don’t feel left out! If you are heading to BlogHer, then you need to hunt down Surferwife and get a sample for yourself! She’s handing them out for everybody to try! She’ll be tweeting (@surferwife) about where she’s at and which parties she’ll be at in the evenings so you can find her. You can also follow the hashtag #SurferWifeHasEyedews to keep track of her.

And don’t forget to follow @Eyedews so you can tell them how much you love the product!

Not going to BlogHer? No worries! If you order 12 pairs of Eyedews for $45 anytime until the end of August, you will receive 3 FREE pairs! Just mention “Blogher” in your order comment. It’s worth it, and I will be ordering more for sure.

Disclosure: I received free Eyedews for this review, but as always, all opinions expressed are mine. And I really, REALLY love this product and sure hope you give them a shot! Thanks Eyedews and Surferwife for allowing me to try this miracle out for myself!