Switch & Go Dinos: Perfect Toys For Little Boys!

There’s a knock on the door, and I open it to find a huge package left by the delivery guy (that’s what the kids call him). I know what’s inside, and I’m super excited to open it when Ethan gets home from school. What is it? The new Switch & Go Dinos by VTech!

Other than the fact that they are dinosaurs, which are Ethan’s latest obsessions, what’s so cool about these is that they all transform between a dinosaur and a vehicle in a few simple steps. And when I say simple, it’s simple enough for my five year old to do. Dinos and cars? What more could a little boy want?!

Each Switch & Go Dino has an LCD screen for customizable animations (their eyes and faces change). And when they are transformed into dinosaurs, the kids can press action buttons and hear cool facts about each dinosaur…so they are learning while they are playing.

There are seven Switch & Go Dinos available ranging in price from $15.99 to $49.99. These dinos are durable – they’ve been dropped by both my son and his sisters, and they don’t just break apart. There are pieces that are supposed to come apart from the main toy, and when it’s dropped those pieces do come off, but they haven’t been broken yet.

We received both Attila the Ankylosaurus and Brok the Brachiosaurus. They are both very colorful and fun to transform. I was surprised by how big Brok the Brachiosaurus was! And when he’s transformed into a vehicle, you can launch the included race car and Pterodactyl into the air by pushing on the spoiler. As a dino, you can help Brok stomp his feet by pushing him along or move his motorized neck with the button control! He doesn’t stomp really hard, and I had to show Ethan a couple of times before he even noticed. But Ethan does like moving the dino’s neck. He also makes over 80 sounds and let me just say it drives me crazy to hear it all day, but the kids love it!

Attila the Ankylosaurus makes over 70 sounds, and is much smaller than Brok. Attila transforms from a construction-like vehicle to an Ankylosaurus. As a vehicle, you can use the tow hook and heavy duty dump trailer to haul your construction equipment or even other Switch & Go Dinos (they aren’t included). As a dino but the wrecking ball on the end of Attila’s tail to hit whatever gets in his way.

Ethan loves them both and has been playing with them every day for a couple of weeks now…that says a lot about how much he likes them because the only other thing that keeps his attention like that is the iPad! He really likes switching them back and forth, and of course when they are dinosaurs they fight. I will be buying more of these for him…I know he’d like the whole set. He also likes all the fun facts and sounds that the dinos make. And if he’s playing and learning? That makes me a happy mama.

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received VTech Switch & Go Dinos product samples to facilitate my review


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