Swing Batter, Batter…SWING!

One sunny day, when I was young….maybe 8 or so, we were at my parent’s friend’s house. They had this great big backyard and a pool and spa. We thought it was the coolest place ever to go play. The friends had a few kids…two girls a couple years older than me, and a son much younger than me.

Anyways, on this one sunny day, the little boy wanted to play baseball – or actually, just pitch and hit the ball. So I pitched to him and he hit it a few times. Then it was my turn. He pitched the ball to me. I knew it was gonna be a good one! I was gonna knock the ball out of the park, so to speak.

And in the middle of my beautiful, Babe Ruth style swing, my younger sister (she’s 4 years younger than me) ran right into my swinging bat. I was in the middle of swinging! I couldn’t stop – I didn’t even know she was there until I smacked her right in the eye with the bat!

There was blood. There was screaming, by multiple kids. I was crying. She was crying. Moms and Dads ran out of the house. My mom went to my sister to take care of her eye. My dad made sure she was okay, walked straight over to me, and spanked the hell out of me for hitting my sister with a bat. Even though it was a complete and total accident and I couldn’t have stopped it from happening if I tried.

Now that I’m a parent, I understand that I got the spanking not so much for the actual accident, but because he was scared that it could’ve been worse than a cut on the eye. (that totally healed without stitches, by the way…and you can barely see the scar! I can downplay anything. ) I mean really she could’ve lost an eye or I could’ve cracked her head open or knocked her out. Or worse.

But to this day, it’s the one spanking that stands out to me because I didn’t deserve it. At all. And that’s just crazy. And may also explain why I never wanted to play organized sports.

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And so it goes…

Mama's Losin' It

I wrote this post for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop in response to Prompt #4: The craziest reason I ever got in trouble as a child.


  1. Allyson & Jere says:
    I'm fairly sure EVERY spank I EVER got was for NO reason. Just sayin. hahaha

    Glad your sister survived with barely a teeny scar. But apparently your emotional scar is much bigger.
  2. Love the way you say things. You crack me up. Glad it all worked out.
  3. that's so sad!

    I have a somewhat similar memory in which my dad hurled my cousin down a slip n slide and into my nose. but who got in trouble? not my dad. my cousin. so wrong.
  4. Oh man, you totally remembered that so vividly! Now it makes me wonder how many times I've yelled at my kids for things they probably didn't deserve to be yelled at for, like accidentally dropping ice on the floor and then one of the other kids falls and hits his head because there was water all over the place. UGH! Guilt, guilt, guilt....
  5. excellent! Great story. I mostly deserved every spanking I got... except for this one time, that I can't write about, because my dad is still alive and I'm pretty sure it would embarrass him (something to do with missing Rogaine)
  6. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
    Wow, that's a vivid memory! I can understand why that's stuck in your head. I was only spanked once and I totally deserved it because I was being a brat. I can still remember it all though.
  7. Oh my goodness! I don't think you deserved a spanking either!
  8. You have a very vivid memory of this incident. Understandably so, but I'm sure it comes up at family gatherings all. the. time.

    I got spanked as a kid and I remember a few a little too clearly as well.

    Um, congrats on reaching 400 followers!! :) :) :) :)
  9. I think a memory like that would stick with me for a LONG time!
  10. Booyah's Momma says:
    Oh no! I probably would have shied away from sports after that, too. And I hope your sister got a walk for that. :)
  11. June Freaking Cleaver says:
    I did the exact same thing to my cousin, but I cracked his head open. I didn't get yelled at for it, he ran behind me, I didn't see him at all (and thought the noise was me hitting a heckuva hit).

    He needed stitches, and I felt SO GUILTY. I went with my aunt and uncle and cousin to the ER to make sure he was ok.

    He healed okay, and all was forgiven.
  12. Yeah, organized sports are just not good. ;)
  13. parentingBYdummies says:
    It's funny how many of us were spanked as kids but have decided not to spank our own. I turned out awesome though and my mom would have spanked me if I wasn't also such an awesome kid (she spanked the crap outta my naughty little brother). I'm thinking I should seriously look into spanking The Dudes. Pretty sure they need it, even if they don't deserve it:)
  14. moveovermarypoppins says:
    Oh... that's so sad. Having had my tush spanked once or twice, I know it's never fun, but when you've done nothing malicious? Ouch!
  15. cooperl788 says:
    It really stops and makes you think about when you assign blame, if the truth is really how you as the adult sees it... I can see why you would remember this time so vividly!
  16. PV Lundqvist says:
    I can understand parents spanking for the wrong reason. It happens.

    Still, the wrong lesson to teach a child. The swing and hit was an accident.
  17. at any point since, has he ever said he realizes that it was just an accident? I'm sorry you got spanked, even though I understand why.
  18. It the ones you don't deserve that you remember. I don't remember what I did, but I once got spanked when I had just gotten a shot AND a sunburn right on the bum. I still hold that one over my mom's head :)
  19. Aw. I think we all might have one of those discipline moments that really stands out in our minds.

    My mom slapped me across the face once. She said I was being a "smartmouth." I don't think I really was. but I'll never forget that day.
  20. amyblam.com says:
    Oh lord, this is why I don't play sports. I mean, I can barely walk without injuring myself or others. I still have horrific memories of four square in elementary school-I always ended up with bloody noses.
  21. See, it's the younger siblings who always start the trouble. I swear they WANT the scars. For attention.

    Really, I'm sure of it.
  22. Yeah, Boyfriend and I don't spank, we knew we never would. However, Babe is grounded till she's 25.
  23. I think it's understandable why your parents spanked you as they were just scared but you're right - totally unfair. Goes to show that parents are not always right. And their love, while fierce, is imperfect. Just like everything else in life :)

    Glad she was OK though.
  24. I love how you said "you can barely see the scar!". Amazing how vivid these memories can be, isn't it? Sure makes you realize that the things we say and do to our kids have a lasting impact.

    I agree, you SO didn't deserve the spanking...
  25. "that totally healed without stitches, by the way...and you can barely see the scar!"

    I would've spanked you for taking such a weak swing! I joke, I joke. But my wife and I make it a point not to discipline when what happened was an accident.

    P.S. Love your blog!
    P.P.S. Can't wait for you to move to WP!
  26. Funky Mama Bird says:
    I got away with intentional whacking of siblings with blunt objects, but always far from prying parental eyes.
  27. It is really funny how many of us got spanked as kids for no reasons....Graet post!!

    Pop over to my blog if you have a chance :)

  28. I'm sure it worked itself out in the end. Think of all the things you DIDN'T get caught doing.
  29. Megan (Best of Fates) says:
    You didn't deserve that spanking! Ugh, if only there was some petition system for children to argue against punishments. Now that'd be a weird reality tv show!
  30. luckydame says:
    Great story...bad ending for you and your sister but great story-telling.
  31. Bethany @ Organic Enchilada says:
    Wow, that really could've been bad! I once got spanked for eating the last rice krispie treat. I was 16. I think it might have been a joke, but you don't mess with my dad and his rice krispie treats.
  32. The Sharp's says:
    This is not a funny post but I found myself laughing my butt off. Especially the part where your dad spanked the hell out of you. Oh my gosh! I have a similar story, but I didn't get a spanking and should have. I got the eye from my dad instead and I can see it to this day like it happened yesterday. It was right after I shot my brother in the eye with a toy bow and arrow kit that the tip of the arrow was broken off of. There were surgeries and tears and blood and surgery scares!!! But, no scars - well, not physical ones! But, I totally and completely understand why I got the look!
  33. OMG!! I totally did the same thing with my little sis, exactly the same age difference too. Only we were hitting a pinata at a birthday party! And I didn't get a spank because everyone saw her run into me! Crazy!! I totally hope Sophie wants to be an artist and joins drama class or dance rather than sports! Haha!
  34. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    I never got spanked at a kid but I did get yelled at and grounded several times for things that it felt like I really didn't deserve. It's funny how those memories stick out so strong in my mind even 30 years later. I'm glad your sister was okay in the end, but I'm sorry that you got in trouble for an accident that wasn't your fault at all.

    Sometimes I wonder now as a parent what things my kids will remember that I do that are totally unfair. Like sometimes I will walk into a fight between my kids and put everyone in time-out because I can't tell who started it. I hate the idea of being unfair, but soemtimes as a parent situations can be so overwhelming that you can't sort it all out right at the moment. Or at least that's how it feels to me anyway...
  35. that sucks! I hated it as a kid when i got in trouble and didn't deserve it!
  36. Together We Save says:
    I am glad your sister was ok.... I am also sorry you got a spanking for no reason. I really try and make sure I know details before I hand our punishment.
  37. blueviolet says:
    You know, I got spanked as a child and I will never forget it. I felt so awful about it that I never spanked my own kids.

    To clarify that though, they were awesome kids and never needed spanks. They simply did what they were told and I never had to reinforce it. I lucked out!
  38. I soured on sports when I was told I had to let the boys win because it made them feel bad if they got beaten by a girl. There weren't any girls around to compete with except my much younger sister. Still don't get why it would feel good to win against someone you knew wasn't allowed to try.
  39. In the words of a little kid...'NOT FAIR!' But like you said, it was probably fear of what could have happened more so than punishment. I didn't even have THAT happen to me and I never played organized sports.
  40. NanaDiana says:
    Hey Natalie!

    I can certainly relate to that story. We had the same thing at our house with my own kids. My youngest son got hit by the bat on the side of his head-knocked him down and required stitches. His older sister did it and I would never have THOUGHT to have spanked her...it was a total accident and she felt awful as it was. It did scare the devil out of me though.

    She is about your age and is still playing softball but, looking back after reading your story, I wonder if she would have ever gone into softball to begin with.

    It really makes you think, doesn't it? I have to say though, that there were other times I punished my kids when I probably over reacted to some small thing (that came at the tail end of several BIG things) and regretted doing that.

    Hugs to you my sweet young friend- Diana
  41. Aging Mommy says:
    I think you are absolutely right, the spanking was born out of fear and not truly understanding what happened. But still, something that was clearly unfair and it is knowing how such things impact a child that is so worth remembering as parents ourselves.
  42. The Flying Chalupa says:
    I was not an organized-sport person myself. And that baseball incident must have been SO scary. Heck, I'm scared just reading it.
  43. I got hit in the eye at church during a summer VBS from a girl who was swinging and just let go of the bat. I was no where close to her! On top of that it was one of those soft tball bats and the actual bottom plastic part scratched my eye. What are the odds?
  44. You got the shaft. Totally.
  45. Down with organized sports! The only time I got spanked when I was little was when I tried to run across the street.
  46. Aw, poor thing! You didn't really deserve it. But, I could see spanking one of my kids for that... just out of total fear.
  47. Totally think you didn't deserve that but as a parent I too understand why it happened. I once got in trouble BIG TIME cause my daddy thought it was me riding my bike on the street even though I was grounded. After I got the spanking he saw the kid again and...well words fail me here cause he said nothing. Just shook his head and walked off.


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