Sweet Memory

Do you ever have memories that become snapshots in your mind? Not ones you try to remember, ones that just stick with you without any interference on your part? I know, I know…those are weird questions. But I have too many memories in my head to count, and a random few are like pictures. Some are good, some are bad. The bad times I might tell you about another time…but the good ones? There are some wonderful memories and I treasure them. I could write pages about them.

I just got a new snapshot yesterday. On a whim, hubby asked if I wanted to pack the kids up and take them to get ice cream. This was a totally sporadic thing…and also possibly a really bad idea, as it happened right around the twins’ bedtime. We decided to risk it, and took off.

We went down to our local little mall-type area…you know…lots of shops, Starbucks, and a movie theater. Cold Stone Creamery is there, too. We got Tater his own little chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups mixed in. He loved it! After we got all of our ice creams, we went to sit out by the big fountain in the courtyard to eat it, while Tater threw 20 cents worth of pennies in the fountain. Life was good.

Afterwards, Tater ran along the courtyard and the grassy area near the fountain. Hubby started chasing him around. Tater was SO happy. Really, I wish I had my camera to get a few shots of them chasing each other and Tater’s belly laughs! It was about 7:45 p.m., and the sun was starting to set. And Tater was running up and down the little grassy hills.

And then…it happened…the memory snapshot. But it wasn’t of his smiling, laughing face so much as it was a snapshot of his blond hair in the setting sun. We are letting his hair grow out, so it’s getting long, and when he runs the breeze catches it. The light shining through it struck me for some reason – it struck me in the heart.

I am thinking of it again right now, and it makes me cry. They grow up so quickly, and they are only little for such a short period of time. He used to be my baby, and now, he’s a little boy. He is so carefree, so innocent…I just want to bottle up his youth to smell it and remember it later.

But I have the snapshot, and right now, that will have to do.

And so it goes…


  1. love it, love it!! It is so true! I realized my little dude was growing up when I saw him for the first time after having my 2nd born. When he came running down the hospital hall my little 2 year old looked giant next to my little 6lb 8 oz daughter. take them all in...
  2. Beautiful post! I have thought this so many times in different stages of my little one's lives. If only I could bottle 18 months forever. If only I could bottle 4 1/2 forever... It seems phases come and go and it's so hard to soak it all in. That's why I am the crazy camera lady. It's my way of preserving and hopefully freezing those moments; bottling them up if you will.
  3. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
    Lovely post! I could pretty much picture that in my mind. I take hundreds of photo's but have some special memories when I didn't have a camera on me so hold the picture in my heart.
  4. I may be crafty but I don't have your way with words!!! Love those moments! Makes you glad that you didn't throw them out the window that day! LOL
  5. Allyson & Jere says:
    Such beautiful word imagery there! What a totally sweet and amazing little moment in time. I do truly wish there was a way to bottle up belly laughs of children, really nothing brings instant happy faster than that.

    Also, I adore the word plethora, it's SUCH a great one!
  6. The Urban Cowboy says:
    Your post is totally bringing me back to when my 'man' was just a baby, little dude, young buck, and now a man. There are wonderful memories within each phase, but I always find myself missing what has already passed while enjoying the present. Time really did fly by, that is for sure. Holy cow, I seem to writing a plethora of thoughts right now! :)
  7. blueviolet says:
    What an absolutely beautiful memory!!! I could envision the light shining from how you described it!
  8. ♥Cari♥ says:
    Aww such a beautiful post!
  9. Sharlene T. says:
    It's amazing, because, no matter how old you get, some memories just pop in and out at the hint of a smell or taste and it's the warmest feeling -- forever... come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief
  10. They do grow up so quickly, don't they? (I sound like my mother!) Such a sweeeeet memory! (And now you are official my idol for your "plethora" of memories!!! Augh - my brain is still stuck!)

    Have a great monday!
  11. It's so cruel isn't it?! They barely remember these years, yet we always do. And they depend on us to hold onto the memories so we can remind them who they were. It's bittersweet. And that's why I'm going to be like Michelle Duggar and pop out about 20 so I always have have a baby! Haha. Seriously touched my heart girl. Great snapshot.
  12. litanyofbritt says:
    Plethora is my favorite word.
    You described your snapshot so perfectly I feel like I can see it too.
  13. The Sharp's says:
    I love moments like this and I love that little reminder we get that says, "remember this one forever"! Glad you took the chance on the ice cream!
  14. Maureen says:
    Aww how beautiful! They really are grow up way too fast. Thanks God for those picture perfect moments that will forever be captured in our minds and hearts.
  15. I know what you mean! And when you started in about ice cream and summer nights, I have a few mental pictures of what we did when I was young. There was a homemade ice cream place, we'd sit outside, and my brother could never lick fast enough to keep up with the melting so my parents had to help him lick.
  16. What a gorgeous family. I'm glad you have mental snapshots to remember all of this by. Because it does go incredibly fast.
  17. mommybyday.com says:
    I was wondering why I was seeing "plethora" in blog posts so much today. (I was sooo confused. =)
  18. Paul and Kerry says:
    it is so true...it goes by in a flash but those mental snapshots will stay forever.

    I say plethora all the time! love the way it sounds.
  19. Funky Mama Bird says:
    Aww... so true; they do grow up so fast. I'm glad you are aware enough to make some memories for keeps!
  20. Erin at Thehealthyapron says:
    What a precious story.This makes me want to have kids!! Just found your blog and I LOVE it!
  21. Those mental snapshots are almost better than the actual ones. This age is the best...they just soak everything up!
  22. Courtney says:
    I would kill for a scoop of ice cream right now.

    They do grow up way too fast. I am starting the potty training process w/Presley and I can't figure out how I got here already.
  23. I'm glad you had a good time. It is always risky taking an evening outing with baby twins. Coldstone would get me out of the house too though!

    I love snapshots in time like that. I wish I could make my kids slow down too sometimes, but those moments are so wonderful.
  24. forty-something chick says:
    I love all of the mental snapshots I have...some seem more vivid than the actual pictures to!

    I love those times when we decide, against our better judgement, to postpone bedtime, have a second dessert, walk just a little bit further than usual......some of those random times are exactly what my snapshots are made of.
  25. I know exactly what you are talking about and you will have that forever. Yep, he is your little boy and then you will be your bigger little boy, but he will always be your baby.
  26. Beautiful post. I take and file "photos" in my memory bank all the time.
  27. Lula Lola says:
    I love memory snapshots! Sometimes, the smallest things will just burn themselves into the part or our brains that hold the special stuff.
    Time passes too fast. I'm glad you're breaking the rules about bed time and taking time to enjoy it!
  28. Bethany @ Organic Enchilada says:
    Love those moments. And they always happen when you least expect it. :)
  29. Aging Mommy says:
    Lovely story! Those moments will be etched into your memory forever, no snapshot needed. But still I love looking at old photos too and trying to remind myself that yes, my daughter really was once that tiny.
  30. Katie's Dailies says:
    Like Alicia said above, that's why I take so many photos. I think to myself that if I take just. the. right. shot. then everything will stand still and I can pick it up and hold it forever.

    Beautifully written.
  31. The Flying Chalupa says:
    These are the best kind of snapshots! What a lovely moment for your family. Makes all of the exhaustion worth it. And it is NO surprise ice cream was involved! My son refuses to even try it. CRAZY.
  32. This post reminds me of a post I recently wrote. Time flies by so fast and our children grow like weeds, and sometimes its so hard to just cherish those everyday moments. I have so many "snapshots" of my kids, and I get choked up from them everytime I 'look' at them.
  33. Cara Mamma says:
    What a great image! They do grow up so incredibly fast.... once in a while I would like to bottle up the good memories--but then I know that there will be many more!
  34. Karen Mortensen says:
    Sweet, sweet story. Made me smile.
  35. This was so sweet. Whenever I get sad that my kids are growing up and away from me I remind myself that if they didn't grow up so quickly they would kill us. (I apologize for the world's longest sentence.)
  36. I agree with Lish...the times you want to save happen more and more frequently as the kiddos age, and you feel time slipping away. Glad you got to treasure one! :)
  37. Absolutely beautiful! I love moments like that. They go by so quickly. Bittersweet.
  38. Annette Fay says:
    Yes, I find that I'm taking my camera everywhere now-a-days, but sure enough, it's when you're not thinking of using it, that the moment strikes you. You have a beautiful way with words. I just loved this post!
  39. ♥Cari♥ says:
    I gave you an award!

  40. What a beautiful snapshot to carry in your mind's eye forever and ever. the perfect image of innocence, youth, summer and a mother's love.
  41. Nina @ Momma Go Round says:
    That is so beautiful! I totally am with you on wanting to bottle up the time they are little. My lil man is 15 months next week (though the size of a 2 year old) and I just keep looking at him wondering where my baby went.

    When he was little, I was so wrapped up in being exhausted, trying to only nurse a baby that ate like a toddler, and keeping sane that I don't think I appreciated it enough. I'm so happy that I went picture crazy, but a bottle o'baby sounds good.

    Hope that beautiful shot stays with you....sounds so precious!
  42. motivationmamadrama says:
    The day my baby came home with pants and shoes rather than the standard onesie and socks was the day I cried my Mommy heart out. I wish I could have bottled up those chubby little legs and saved them forever.

    Great post!!
  43. There's all kinds of things I wish I could bottle up, and there are many wonderful memories I have inside my heart under lock and key, but the "snapshots" are usually the ones that I don't want to have. The 'incidents'. Like the look on my oldest's face after he got held under the water by his cousin the other day. It messed me up more than it did him. Anyway, yes I know all about the snapshots, and the one you described sounds like a fantastic one to have ;) Thanks for sharing!
  44. moveovermarypoppins says:
    Just perfect. I have those moments all the time, and I only hope they stay as crisp in my heart as they are now.

    Thank you for such a lovely post!
  45. Was it by any chance by target across from the orange mall? (i live around the corner from there)
  46. I Love moments like that, makes all the difficult times more bearable.
  47. Sweet Memories for sure! My "moment" was when my oldest came over and told us he was asking his girlfriend to marry him. Guess he's an adult now huh? (LoL)
  48. Wow, yes I know exactly what you mean. The small moments where you know that life is changing in those small moments , in the spaces in between the ordinary and the everyday. I had to wipe my eyes thinking of this and how our sons are growing up and away from us with every small moment. This was beautiful Nat, just gorgeous!
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