Surfin’ USA

I was going through pictures last night, and came across these…the kids LOVE when Jason pulls them around the kitchen on a blanket!

Downside: The blanket gets dirty and stretched out

Upside: The floor gets cleaned and the kids belly laugh

All three kids attempt to get on the blanket…

It is decided that only two will fit…

Lila calls bullshit before they even make it around the corner……

She knows she can make herself fit…


They make it around the counter once before Lila wipes out…

Proof that surfing is dangerous.
The following night, Mia wiped out and got a pretty blue and purple bruise on her forehead to match her PJs!


  1. Funny. Lucas has never liked doing this, but I thought it always looked fun. Glad to see some kids enjoy it.
  2. That is so funny because my kids are exactly the same. They love it when their Daddy pulls them on a blanket. They call it sled. When they want it they chant, "Sled, sled, sled."
  3. At least the bruise matched the jammies.
  4. LOVE anything with these 2... LOVE IT>.
  5. Such a California guys raising your kids as surfers from toddlerhood. :)
  6. That looks like so much fun!! We have have to try that some day. For now, we just run and slide in our socks.
  7. Oh, that bruise on the forehead took me back. Those were the days when I would fear a call from DCFS after every well visit to the pediatrician. Good times.
  8. How cute! My kids used to love getting pushed around the house in a laundry basket.
  9. this cracks me up! I love how all three kids want to get on it...even though they know there will be wipe outs. it's just too much fun to turn down!
  10. This was one of those things I dreamt about doing before I became a mother. It was important I had hardwood or stone floors. Safer alternative for little tikes: laundry basket and a belt or blanket for the pull. And darnit woman, you've got some cute kids!
  11. they are soooo cute. I love how Mia wanted ON that blanket. (I always tell Gio that I'm not saving for college, I'm saving for his MRI, because that kid always has a bruise, goozle or bump somewhere on his noggin. I see Football in his future) loved these pics!
  12. This is great. What fun parents you are. lol.
  13. Some day, I'm certain that protective services is going to give me a call because my toddler seems to have a truly alarming number of bruises from bumping into any & everything. Lovely pictures - and something tells me that laughing kids are well worth the price of a stretched-out blanket & a bump or two :-)
  14. hahaha How cute! This reminds me of a video we took back in Feb 2008.. My 6 year old (back when he was small enough) used to love it when we (and by we, I mean Dad) would wrap him in a blanket and spin/swing him. It used to make me sick just watching it. Normally I wouldn't link to something in a comment, but you HAVE to see this video. I even uploaded it just for you! ;)
  15. Ha! So cute. My kids would love this game.
  16. Hilarious! To hear kids belly laugh makes trouble melt away and is always a good thing.
  17. Fun times. Bruises are SO worth the belly laughs. My almost 3 y/os realized that they can pull each other on a blanket just this week. They are finally strong enough, well, they've been strong enough, but they only just realized it. They still prefer when their older sis pulls them both or better, when parents do all 3. But yes, someone or all are always wiping out, getting hurt and messing up the good time. :)
  18. so cute! My kids try to pull each other around on a blanket. It really cracks me up to watch my 2 oldest tell the baby to pull them around.
  19. She doesn't look even remotely phased by the bruise!
  20. This is so cute! And I love the new layout... I've been kind of busy for the past couple of months, sorry if the layout isn't exactly "new." Either way, great stuff!
  21. We used to carpet surf. Same idea. One of my fondest memories...Sigh....Memories...
  22. Love it! I remember doing that as a kid too! Blanket surfing one day, real surfing the next - watch out, Nat!
  23. And we spend all that money on riding toys!
  24. I want a ride! Seriously, if three can fit then four definitely can.
  25. How THIS is cute! I can't wait till mine is old enough for that :)
  26. Looks like an awesome way to clean the floor! Too bad my kids are too heavy now to try it...but I did use to pull them around in the empty laundry basket!