A Super Cool Announcement!

Here’s one of the things that I love about blogging…the opportunity to be part of something awesome and unique. Like Clever Girls Collective. They’ve given me the opportunity to work with some great brands AND also get compensated for the hard work that I do to help get those brands exposure.

The reason that Clever Girls will always be near and dear to my heart is because they are the first group that I’ve joined that not only has given me the chance to be compensated for my thoughts and opinions, but they also have remained true to their word and continue to find bloggers opportunities to work with some very cool brands. Brands that I know, that I use, and that I love. Brands that I might not ever be able to work with without them making the connection.

So yeah, I’m a huge fan of Clever Girls Collective, and proudly display their badge on my site. And I’m proud to be a member.

Another reason cool thing about Clever Girls? They are throwing a HUGE party at BlogHer and it’s going to be so cool that they’re keeping the details under wraps. Me and a bunch of other Clever Girls partying the night away? I cannot wait!

And now I have another reason to be such a huge supporter of Clever Girls (jumping up and down with excitement!)…Gigi from KludgyMom and I were selected by Clever Girls for a sponsorship to Evo Conference ’11 in Park City Utah, July 7-9th.We submitted a verrrrry clever pitch and we will be representing Clever Girls Collective as a duo.

We are both over-the-top excited for the opportunity to attend Evo and to share our commitment to Clever Girls Collective with everybody there! We’ll be sharing more details as we get closer to the conference date, but let me just say that you’re going to love this idea…we haven’t seen anybody do anything similar before at a conference.

And to Clever Girls, I cannot thank you enough for allowing us to represent your brand this time! Both Gigi and I are honored and very excited about this opportunity, and we are both looking forward to it so much!

So, are any of you planning on attending Evo?

And so it goes…


  1. I am so happy for you girls! Love you!
  2. Oh Natalie, this is SOO awesome! I am so happy to see this, and I can't think of a better duo. Not at all.

    Can't wait to hear about it as it gets closer!!
  3. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:
    WOW! Go Natalie and Gigi!! So fun!!!
  4. Congratulations guys!! Love Clever Girls!
  5. Congrats you! You two are so very clever indeed.
  6. Morgan B. says:
    I'm so happy for you! I applied to the Clever Girls Collective last week. *fingers crossed* I can't wait to hear all about your adventures with Gigi! You guys totally deserve it. So awesome!
  7. The Empress says:
    Oh, how can you keep such a secret??

    CONGRATs!! This is so exciting!!
  8. The Twin Spin says:
    Congrats! Both conferences sounds like they will be awesome!
  9. Yay you (and Gigi)!! This is really cool news.

    Turns out I wasn't a Clever Girl after all, but I did fill out an app... fingers crossed.

    I'm going to look into Evo now too!
  10. Soge shirts says:
    Congrats to you both Natalie and Gigi! Clever Girls and the Brands that they work with will be lucky to work with you both.
  11. Galit Breen says:
    Congratulations! That *is* really exciting news!!
  12. MommaKiss says:
    Did tha work? So exited for you girls.
  13. So so so awesome for you. :)
  14. Hooray hooray!!! That's awesome news!
  15. Congratulations! What a fantastic duo to represent ANY brand, and I'm glad you have this opportunity!
  16. By Word of Mouth Musings says:
    WAY to go, and you get to work together ... color me jealous :)
  17. Mandyland says:
    YAY!!!! That's so AWESOME!
  18. Leighann says:
  19. That's awesome! Congratulations on the big news!
  20. DaisyGal says:
    soooooo happy for you, WOW!!!!! that's fantastic!
  21. You two will have fun together!
  22. Congratulations. That sounds very cool.
  23. Evolving Mommy Catherine says:
  24. Hello! I'm Kate. says:
    Natalie that's so awesome! Congratulations!!!
  25. Can't wait, Nat! Couldn't ask for a better partner in crime!
  26. J.R. Reed says:
    *Chest bump* Awesome...
  27. Woot!! How exciting!! And they are lucky to have you fabu chicks repping them as well.
  28. Oh my gosh, how exciting, could there be a better duo??
  29. the mombshell says:
    I've always thought of you as clever! Congrats!
  30. Sluiter Nation says:
    This is SO awesome! Congrats to the two of you!!!


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