Summer is Here!

I’m baaa-aaack! We got home late Wednesday afternoon. I have a post planned for Friday to tell you all about our trip so I won’t tell you anything about it now, but I will tell you this: the trip we had planned for next month? CANCELLED! We will not be participating in any other torture vacations anytime soon. But more on that tomorrow.

Special thanks to Tonya, Liz, and Kristin for keeping you entertained while I was away! You ladies are fantastic and I appreciate your supporting me while I was in hell floating around on the river.

And thanks to everybody that continued to stop by and read even though I wasn’t here! I promise to swing by and visit your blogs in the next few days. I missed everybody and I’m looking forward to getting back into the World O’ Blogging.

Because I’m still trying to recover from the least fun vacation I’ve ever had our first attempt at taking the kids on vacation, this is going to be a relatively short post, but I promise tomorrow’s read will be regular old me!

Summer is here!! I think summer is one of those seasons you either love or hate. I happen to love it! In one word, to me summer means freedom. It seems more laid back, it’s a “fun” season. Everybody spends lots of time outside, and in our family, we spend lots of time hanging out with each other. There are several weekends where we will have dinner at my sister’s house one night, our house the next night, and my parent’s house on Sunday night. And I mean all of my siblings, their kids, and random friends thrown in.

Summer also means good food. Most meals we have are cooked on the barbecue. And we will throw just about anything on the grill. Meats, veggies, bread, fruit, tortillas…just about anything you can think of. That means trips to the farmers market or the swap meet for fresh “stuff”. It also means occasional runs to Ports of Call in Long Beach for fresh seafood. We’ll go to lunch there, buy seafood, and bring it back to grill for dinner. And this summer, we are going to attempt our first clam bake…looking forward to that!

And summer reminds me of being a kid. Being in and out of the pool all day long. Being outside playing all day…and I mean playing and using our imaginations to keep us busy, not sitting in front of the TV playing video games. Being outside from sunup to sundown.

I love summer and I hope that my kids will too! One thing that hubby and I never got to do when we were kids was an annual family vacation, which we are hoping to be able to do with our kids, but not for a couple of more years. Vacationing with two babies and a toddler is NOT fun!

And so it goes…

This post was written for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop in response to Prompt #5: What summer means to your family.
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  1. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    I'm so glad you're back!! But sad you didn't have a good time?

    Love summer too!
  2. Welcome back girlfriend! Can't wait to hear the details!
  3. Welcome home, my friend. I'm sure your life will be nuts as you try to settle back in to the grind. I love summer too. And my kids seem to as well. Unfortunately my daughter is doing summer school starting monday and is putting serious kinks in all my fun plans. GRR. I must say, I think you are super brave to take your youngins near water. But then again, you don't have my kids. (I just wrote about their water phobia.) And I also might add that trips do get easier as the kids get a tad bit older. Mine will be 9 and 11 in Aug and although trips aren't perfect, they are pretty good. We can separate them in the car in different rows (less fighting), they can feed themselves & operate all electronics on their own now, AND no more car seats or diaper bags. Give it a few more years.... don't give up yet.
  4. Pumpkin and Piglet says:
    It's good to have you back :) Sorry you didn't have the best time though.

    Summer makes me feel like a kid again too and we eat way more healthily!
  5. blueviolet says:
    Welcome home!! Now you've got me curious about what happened and the vacation cancellation reasons!
  6. Sharlene T. says:
    My husband never understood why I wasn't having fun on camping vacations with small toddlers -- it's because I have to do everything I did at home with none of my conveniences, while he got to put up the hammock...but, so glad you're back and looking forward to the story...

    Twitter SolarChief
  7. Belle's Butterfly says:
    Welcome back! Sorry your trip wasn't great. I hear it gets easier. Were planning a vacation for sometime this year but we don't know where were going yet.

    I love summer. We have very long brutal winters here so when summer gets here it is the best! Summer will always remind me of being a kid!
  8. Welcome home! Sorry your trip wasn't so great - but at least it'll make for interesting/funny conversation for years to come, right??!!
  9. Paul and Kerry says:
    missed ya! yea, I wondered how "vacation" would be with 3 under 3. It DOES get easier when they are older.
  10. I want to come to a clam bake!! How fun!!
  11. so glad you're back! i think i did close to 10 posts on my blog this week, i'm almost caught up! can't wait to hear about your trip...sounds like the camping trip we took my son on when he was 10 months old. yeah, we didn't camp for YEARS after that one :)
  12. Funky Mama Bird says:
    Welcome back! After attempting to "vacation" last year with our baby, this year's "vacation" will be spent at my parent's beach house so they can take the toddler off my hands for a few days. After that, the only vacations we plan on going on until he's a teen will be at Tyler Place. I can't imagine vacationing with THREE!
  13. welcome back. We pretty much avoided vacations until our kids were 4 and 2 respectively. It is not a moment of relaxation for mom and dad when they're little bits, is it? hang in gets better, and easier :)
  14. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli says:
    Were you by yourself or was your husband with you? Bummer you didn't have fun on your time away.
  15. Welcome back... and I SOOO look forward to your post about wonderful trip! ;)
  16. Vacation is completely different with kids, isn't it? Moms still have to work! :( Summer always conjures up childhood memories for me too. Welcome back!
  17. OH I hear ya! I just got back from a short vacation (although I'm not really sure you can call it that) with all the kids. I know how it went with mine, so I am assuming you are now recovering from your vacation. Oh well, at least they are cute!
    I love summer too. There are so many places and so many things I want my kids to see and do. Hopefully as they get older it will get easier.
    Glad you are back in one piece!
  18. Cali sounds like a great place to be in the summer with all the beautiful sunshine!

    Glad that you are back...can't wait to hear about the torture of a vacation!
  19. So glad you're back! We missed you. You picked some great guest posters though. It was easy to come back even though you weren't here.

    Hope you have an awesome tan in lieu of the torture :)
  20. You're smart to cancel that next vacation. My husband doesn't understand why I don't like to travel with small children. We flew to Aruba with a 13 month old and to Hawaii when the kids were 4 and 7. Not fun.
  21. The Mommy says:
    I'm not crazy about summer but, ooh you make summer sound like so much fun!!
    I know how vacations are with kids, sigh! But you have a different kind of fun:)
    And yes, BBQ can make just about anything taste good:)
  22. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:
    Sorry to hear your trip was less than spectacular. But I know what you mean about traveling with little ones. We went camping last week and everyone ended up with a wicked stomach bug. How fun is that? Anyway, glad to have you back! And eager to hear all the details...
  23. forty-something chick says:
    Can't even imagine how HARD and exhausting it would be to even try and vacation with all those little ones!! But, at least you've done it, may have a few pictures to prove it, and have ample new blog material for the rest of your summer...
  24. It's sheer torture, isn't it? Now you know why our Disney trip was so awful. :) I won't willing go on another vaca until Maddie is Kate's age.
  25. Karen Mortensen says:
    Glad you are back. Sorry things didn't go as well as you would have liked.
    I am glad you love summer and hopefully it will be a good one.
  26. Aging Mommy says:
    Can't wait to hear about your vacation having just read this! I hope it was not all disaster and that you had some good times too
  27. There really is no such thing as vacation when you have small kids. It's the same work, different location.
  28. Courtney says:
    Can you really go on vacation with kids? I think the only real vacation you get is when your kids stay behind.

    I love summer but it's already too hot for me. I'm not sure how I'll push through without melting.

    Glad you're back home safe and sound.
  29. Sally's_Blog says:
    Sorry to hear it was not a fun get away! There is a blog on traveling with kids that I'm following, did you know you can rent toys and such and they will deliver them right to where you are staying!? I thought that was pretty cool. Looking forward to your next post and any advice you have for traveling with little ones!
  30. Sally's_Blog says:
    Oops, here is the link:
  31. moveovermarypoppins says:
    Welcome back. Sounds like lots of blog fodder came from your... erm... vacation!
  32. Oh, sorry to hear about the less-than-stellar vacation with the young ones. I did enjoy your post about summer -- likely because I love summer for the same reasons. Obviously, I also love it because I am a teacher!!! I'm hoping my daughter will love it too!
    Working on foible -- might not get it in by Friday!
  33. Sorry to hear your vacation was a bust... I can't wait to read more about it!!

    Summer is food and family and friends and fun in the sun. Very well put!
  34. Florida Girl Meets the Midwest says:
    A clam bake sounds fantastic.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.
  35. Heligirl says:
    Just reading your stories about long fun summers brought back so many memories. My brother and I grew up in small towns where we would be gone from the time we woke up until the sun went down, stopping by for food if we didn't get it at friends' houses. We got three channels on TV, and two were fuzzy so that was never an option. It was all riding bikes, playing in the woods, hanging at the park and the like with pals. I hope our kids grow to love summer like that too!
  36. NanaDiana says:
    So glad you like SAD that the vacation didn't turn out like you had hoped. Years from now you will probably look back and see some humor in whatever it is you went through........or......maybe not;>)
  37. Maxabella says:
    As winter closes in here in Sydney, I am a wee bit envious of your summertime wrap up! Best I follow your blog so I can keep dreaming of hot, BBQy, watery, lovely days.
  38. Hen Jen says:
    welcome back! sounds like you have some interesting posts coming up! It's a season in life, it'll get easier as they get older, really.
  39. ~SHANNON~ says:
    Oh no...that does NOT sound good! What happened on vacation? That is so my nightmare right now, planning a getaway and it being a waste of time and energy because the baby doesn't like the change of pace:)

    Glad your back:)
  40. Coma Girl says:
    Vacationing with children is not a vacation. It's just watching your children in a different environment. ;)
  41. Big Mama Cass says:
    Bad vacations blow! :(
  42. MommaKiss says:
    summer to me? with kids who aren't fully ingrained into the public school system yet? means stolen days off of work, sitting by the pool while my 5 yr old fetches me a cold miller lite. so yah, i'm in love w/ summer. can't wait to read about your FAB trip! ;)
  43. Welcome home! you were missed!!!!