Struggling With Infertility? You ARE NOT Alone. There is Support

As much as I bitch and moan about how hard it is being a mom, I realize how truly blessed I am because if things were different, I may never have even had any children. This week is National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), and because I am all too familiar with the struggles of infertility, I want to reshare my story.

This year, the theme of NIAW is “Don’t Ignore”. They want to make sure that we as a society are not ignoring the pain of infertility. The people who have or are struggling with infertility. The signs of infertility. And I want to make sure that if you are dealing with infertility, that you know there is support and people out there who do understand because when I was going through my struggles, I felt so alone and misunderstood.

Last year, I helped spread the word about NIAW by helping breakdown infertility myths, and explained why hearing “just relax and you’ll get pregnant” was so painful for me.

I also shared the story of our struggles with infertility as well as the story of the fertility treatments IVF and IUI that helped us conceive.

I have also told you how horrible it is to feel like a failure as a woman because I was infertile I couldn’t have a baby on my own, and how we made the decision to go ahead and do fertility treatments.

NIAW is a very good thing. It helps reduce the stigma of infertility by bringing attention to the details, issues and costs surrounding all the ways people diagnosed with infertility can build a family.

You can visit the RESOLVE website to get a general understanding of infertility as well as help, support, and more information on infertility diagnosis, treatments, and more.

We need to talk about this and raise awareness about infertility! The more you know, the more you understand it and can offer help and support to those going through it.

If you have or are currently experiencing struggles with infertility (even if you are supporting somebody close to you that is going through it), please help me spread the word by tweeting about this post…you can use the hashtag #NIAW. The more people that read it the better!


  1. Thanks for sharing. It's an important topic. I've not had issues with infertility, but my BFF has. I believe she would have made a wonderful mother but it wasn't in the cards for her. I wrote about her - "To My BFF on Mother's Day" Thanks again for raising awareness.
  2. I am attempting to tweet this, and twitter is not working for me. Grrr... I will try again later. We are currently going through secondary infertility. And... it sucks so very bad. I can't even write about it - it's too painful. So I will continue to try to tweet until twitter wakes up for me. =)
  3. I love that you are raising awareness and talking about infertility. It was such a painful process for me. People still say "you should have more children." I've learned to just smile and say, "oh, if I could do it the old fashioned way I would." It hurts less now. But geesh, I wish more people had a clue!!! Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. recently posted..A bit of a rant. Forgive me.My Profile
  4. Together, we will break the silence, because infertility is just too lonely. xoxo Nichole recently posted..Right before my eyesMy Profile
  5. Thank you for this! xoxo Tonya recently posted..Laughter Is My Only Good AdviceMy Profile