Stream of Consciousness Sunday: 21 Days

21 days. Why can’t I dedicate 21 days to myself. I got an email from someone who wanted me to take a 21 day weight loss challenge. And I need it. I’ve been wanting to lose weight for ever since I had the twins. If you look at me, you wouldn’t think I needed to lose weight, but I’m not happy. I’m not happy at all with myself. This is the heaviest I’ve ever been except when I was pregnant. Nothing fits. I started having to buy the size I said I’d never buy.

Here’s the problem. I’ve been thin my whole life. Up until I had the kids, I could pretty much eat and drink whatever I wanted withought worrying about it. I never had to workout. I was just thin. And I still am, but now I’m thin and totally out of shape.

Dieting to me is horrible. I’m not used to having to watch what I eat. I don’t even know how to diet, so once I start I can only go a few days before cheating or saying it’s too hard. Exercise? To me it is a punishment, not an enjoyment.

Every year I say I’m going to get into shape, this will be the year. I say this every year. Usually in the spring when I start thinking of having to put on a bathing suit for summer. I see friends my age who look amazing in their suits, that’s not me. But I also know that they work at it. I’m lazy! I don’t want to have to workout and eat right. I want to eat junk food and drink wine. I want to sit on the couch instead of talkfing a wakl.

21 days. I think that I need to try it. I was talking to another blogger who told me thtat when she decided to lose weight she needed to be held accountable and that every week she posts her weight and activitiy on her blog. She has the support of her readers and she said she’s less likely to cheat if she knows that she’s going to have to tell them that she did. I like this ida and I think I am going to do the same thing.

The 21 day fitness challenge starts on February 1st. I’m not going to wait until then to make changes, I will start now. But I need accountability. So you’ll be hearing more about this.

This was my first attempt at all.things.fadra’s stream of consciousness Sunday and I loved it! Don’t know what this meme is all about? Basically, it’s writing in the raw. Take anything you want to write about (or use her prompt), set a timer for 5 minutes, and write! No proofing, editing, spell check, just writing. Give it a shot and then go link up!

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  1. Go for it! 's'only 21 days ... not even a month! If you do it, I'll my wife do it too! Oh! Wait! If I suggest that she needs to lose weight, she'll kill me. Sorry dahlin! You're on your own. Good luck! Symdaddy recently posted..The Crow And The Short Fat WomanMy Profile
  2. Well - thank you for introducing me to the Stream of Consciousness thing. I jumped over there and got set up for the prompt. Love writing prompts. And regarding the whole diet thing? I'm a 40+ mom of a 4 year old. In fact I found out I was pregnant with him 10 days before turning 40. It's a little harder to get a shape back at this age, but in the last year, my hubby and I have really worked together to get into better shape. We've each lost about 30 pounds and it was easier than anything I've ever done before. Know why? I was ready! Anything you try before you're seriously ready in your heart, will feel like a bunch of rules, and you'll hate it. No one can get you ready. But when you are there, you will find it easy to do! Good luck to you. Liesl Garner recently posted..Easy Like Sunday MorningMy Profile
  3. Find a gym you love.. It makes it so much easier! I actually wrote about the gym for my SOC. We go to a family gym so my kids ADORE the kids center and I think of it as my "kid free" hour of the day. I crank up Pandora and put in my earbuds and watch HGTV or FoodNetwork on the tvs while I hop of the elliptical or treadmill. Try to change yoru perspective on the working out part and it is way easier to go. I am also a huge fan of Darren Marks hypnosis app. He has a whole serious on diet and exercise. It sounds nerdy but I totally dig it!
  4. I was in the same boat after having twins -- wondering what happened to just naturally being uber-skinny. I did two things (1) started exercising so I could still enjoy food and (2) realized I didn't need to be uber-skinny to enjoy life. Eight years later I still workout regularly and now love it. And I bake with my kids regularly as well. Win-win! Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. recently posted..Belly up to the bar!My Profile
  5. I am the same as you. So skinny before kids (not even 100 lbs when I went to college) but twenty years and 3 kids later and things are a little different. It is really hard to change my way of thinking. I am interested to hear about your challenge!
  6. I've recently embarked on a similar journey, not because I have pregnancy weight, but because I have to lose weight if I hope to ever have a pregnancy. I can absolutely relate to just feeling out of shape. While I've always been overweight, I've also usually maintained that to a point of still feeling in shape. Now it's time to get that back and then some--getting healthy on top of it! Best of luck to you on your 21 challenge! Ashlee recently posted..SOCS: an inspired post about my controllersMy Profile
  7. Have you heard of the 17 day diet? SouthernFairyTale did it & lost 30 lbs the first 2 cycles.
  8. I hate diets . . . I just run, cycle, lift, and "try to eat right." But, right now, I'm hungry. So I can't provide anything even close to resembling good advice. John recently posted..Where the topics I write about range from bacon to zombies to Strawberry Shortcake.My Profile
  9. I've struggled with weight since I was about 19. Not 10 pounds. Like 50 pounds. No matter your size, it sucks not to feel comfortable. I wish you luck, whether it happens now or in the next five years. Weight loss is a beast, but man does it feel good once you hit your goals. (I barely know what that feels like anymore.) Oops. ;-) Jen Has A Pen recently posted..Queensborough In The MistMy Profile
  10. I'm one of those people who everyone looks at and says "You don't need to get in shape! You're so skinny!!" not realizing I'm a Size 12 (not that that's bad!) and not a size 3. Not realizing that I struggle with a bag of dog food or couldn't run a quarter of a mile without being chased by a wolf. When I had Mason, I swore I would use the baby weight as an excuse to finally get in shape but instead I sold that brand new gym membership I bought and stayed home. I don't want to lose a bunch of weight, but I want to feel better about myself, have more energy, and feel like I won't die from exhaustion if god forbid the kid wants be carried for a while instead of riding in his stroller. I'd be more than happy to help motivate you if you help motivate me! I activated my new gym membership yesterday! WeeMason's Mom recently posted..Family Get TogetherMy Profile
  11. I know how you feel... I weigh less now than before I had Lucas, but everything has been rearranged so I don't feel as fit as I'd like to. I work out a lot but I'm not getting any toner. But, like you I'm making changes. Mixing it up and trying new exercises. 21 days is nothing. You got this! Wishing you all the luck in the world. Tonya recently posted..Dancing In My HeartMy Profile