Stigma Fighters: Breaking the Silence On Depression

Well, well, well…it’s half way through January and I haven’t blogged at all! The kids were off for winter break for 3 weeks. 3 very loooonnnggg, stressful, trying weeks. I work from home, so trying to keep them busy/entertained while also working at the same time was interesting. Can’t wait to see how the summer goes.

And while I haven’t written here on my blog, I did write a piece that I am extremely proud of. I wrote it at Stigma Fighters. Stigma Fighters is a blog series about real people living with mental illness. People that appear to be “normal” but struggle with things they have no control over. Like depression.


So I’m sharing my story about living with depression on Stigma Fighters. It’s not the first time I’ve discussed depression, but it is the first time I’ve put it somewhere other than my blog. I hope you’ll read it, especially if you battle or know someone who battles with depression. It’s so important to give the subject light. There’s no reason that we should be ashamed of what we can’t control.

Head over to Stigma Fighters and read about my experience with depression. And share it with someone who may find it useful!