Spring Time Change: Spring Ahead This Weekend!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time for the spring time change, and that means it’s time to spring ahead. I love the time change because it means that it stays light later into the evening…the kids can play outside longer and everything just seems to go more smoothly, easily.

The spring time change is this weekend - don't forget to set your clocks ahead before bed. And you'll never wake up to a chirping smoke detector in the middle of the night again if you do this one chore every time the time changes.

On Sunday morning at 2 AM, the clocks will spring forward to 3 AM. Just set those clocks forward before you go to sleep. And be ready for the kids to all be up early on Sunday because even though it stays light longer into the evening, it also gets light earlier in the morning.

Spring Time Change Chores

With every spring time change comes some chores that need to be done. The chores that you usually don’t think about until something goes wrong or the smoke detectors starts chirping at 3 in the morning because the batteries need to be changed.

The time change is this weekend - don't forget to set your clocks ahead before bed. And these 5 chores should be done every time the time changes. I’ve got 5 chores that you should do every time the time changes. Just bookmark this page and set a reminder on your phone!

And since it’s spring, let’s talk cleaning. I have already started my spring cleaning, and it always surprises me how much junk we accumulate. If you have the same problem, I highly suggest reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. You’ll find a ton of cleaning and organization tips on one of my favorite Pinterest boards, too!

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