Splish Splash, I Was Taking A Bath

On Monday, I told you all about how much the kids love taking baths (psst! I also have a Mr. Bubble giveaway going on so check out that post if you are interested!). Anyways, while looking through pictures, I found some pics of Ethan at the same age as the girls are now.

The Girls:

The Tater:

I forget how big he’s getting until I see pictures of him when he was just a little guy like his sisters.

And I admit, for as much as I want them to hurry up and get bigger, when I look at pictures, it makes me wish that time would slow down.

Pictures are a reminder of just how fast time really flies…even when the days seem to feel twice as long as they really are (anyone with toddlers knows what I’m talking about, I’m sure!). There’s a quote – it’s one of my favorites: “The days are long but the years are short”. That quote describes my life right now perfectly. Time is flying by, but in the day-to-day of it all, I forget to stop and enjoy it.

These pictures are a reminder of just how quickly it’s all going. And I know one day I’ll sit down, when they are all at college or out starting their own lives, and I’ll remember these days like they were yesterday.

It’s bittersweet, isn’t it?


  1. Oh too too too cute. *sigh* I miss that. And wrapping up the baby into a towel burrito.
  2. What gorgeous children you have! It's so true...the days seem so long, but then you look back and wonder where in the world the time (and the babies) went.
  3. I can't figure out how my days seem so long and yet time is going by so fast. I love the bubble cap!
  4. JDaniel is getting to big to swim in the tub. Where has the time gone?
  5. Look at him with his bubble bath wig!! He's so cute!
  6. It really is such a bitter sweet thing having kids grow up.
  7. So bittersweet. I can't believe how big my boys are getting. :( P.S. I linked you up.
  8. It goes by WAY too quickly! And as I'm watching these precious times fly by...I "get" what my parents meant and felt about their own babies...
  9. I am all about the bubble. 'Cause that's just adorable.
  10. That final photo could say, "Where's Tater?" :)
  11. I've had to start giving my own baths while barely dressed because of the splash factor. And the continued, continued splashing. But, yeah, there's no time that I start realizing just how big they're getting as in the bathtub.
  12. You are certainly right about the pictures and how they make a peson realize time foes so fast. I can't believe my oldest only has three more years at home before college. Amazing.
  13. That quote describes our lives, too. Especially now that both our kids are in school. My husband and I have talked a lot about how much and how fast they've grown. It is definitely bittersweet.
  14. so cute! love the girls' hair :) yes, it is totally bittersweet - i didn't know how quickly time passed til i had kids. enjoy every moment!
  15. LOVE the bubble wig! Those kids are getting way too big!
  16. Oh, bath time is the BEST! And your pack of cuties: adorable. Message to self: hold on as tight as you can, these won't last!
  17. It's unbelievably bittersweet. I love the boy Alex is now but it's so odd to see photos of him just a year ago.
  18. I'm always amazed at how much they all look alike. The girls obvis, but it's clear they're all siblings! The bittersweet will turn into humor for you when you get to torture them with these same photos :)
  19. THESE are the sweet moments we as moms will treasure forever. So sweet!
  20. *Le Sigh* Bitter Sweet indeed. I love that mine are needing me less (some days) but at the same time I'm like OMG! When did you learn to do that on your own?!
  21. ooooh, those pictures, I think I just melted like Easter Candy. it's true, for everytime I say , "I can't wait until you can...." there is a moment of feeling like "Please don't grow up too fast, stay little my sons" it is bittersweet, in so many ways. I fought so hard for them and you get through those first years by shear determination...Tired, frustrated, emotionally strapped and then you look at them and they are 3 or 4 or 5 and they talk in sentences and do things for themselves and you wonder where all the time went. This was a good reminder, that you can wish a lot of things away, but it's never a good idea...Live through it, the memories you make will be worth it. HUGS
    • mommyofamonster says:
      I can't believe we are (finally) almost out of the baby stage (already)! I really have been trying to cherish the time. It's hard some days...like today for instance!
  22. Such sweet pictures! It is totally bittersweet. Even now, I have a hard time remembering my two older boys as the same age as my youngest (13 months old). If I didn't have the pictures to prove that they were they age, I wouldn't believe it - my oldest is 6 years old now. I'm trying to hold onto my 13 month old's babyhood for as long as I can by cherishing all the moments - even the still sleepless nights.
    • mommyofamonster says:
      I loved being up with my babies in the middle of the night. It was tiring, but also peaceful.
  23. I love that last picture where all you see is his head haha, too cute. Yea, it's crazy how u look back at pictures at go, "I can't believe they were that young" or "Where did the time go?!?!". Kids grow like weeds! Love 'em!
  24. very bittersweet :(
    • mommyofamonster says:
      It makes me sad most of the time. Today on the other hand...they can grow up ;)
  25. It make me so sad to look at old pics of the boys. Time goes too quickly! those bath pics are great!
  26. It is very bittersweet! I have a similar post that I'm working on for next week, time flies.
  27. Your children are so cute...