Sometimes I Make Fun of Stuff

I make fun of stuff. I know. Hard to believe, right? But yes, I make fun of stuff on occasion. Sometimes probably more than I should. When you are as sarcastic as I am, it comes with the territory.

So when Alex from late enough hit me up to see if I’d be interested in joining her and a few other bloggers to kick off her new review website, I said of course! Because (A) it’s Alex asking and (B) there are lots of things I’d love to review, but I don’t want to turn this blog into nothing but reviews and giveaways.

And with that, I became one of the pioneers of her new review site: This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff. There are a few other bloggers that you already know who are also part of the new gig, you can check us all out here.

Alex came up with the idea after trying to find a real, honest review of a game she wanted to get her for her son. She found lots of reviews that said the exact same thing that the box already told her. What she didn’t find was a review that told her whether or not the game really rocked or if it really sucked. And so This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff was born.

We have one rule for guideline for things we review on This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff: to tell the truth. Some posts might be review/giveaway posts. Some might be about products, services, places, or things that we just found and wanted to tell you about. Some might be cool and interesting, and some reviews might be mundane – because let’s face it, we use both. But we guarantee you this….any review we post will be HONEST.

For example, I’m going to post a review there later this week about a Gerber product I recently purchased. It didn’t live up to my expectations and hopes, which is really just a nice way of saying it sucked. It’s not the kind of review I’d normally post here because it’s not really relevant to the types of things I usually post about except on Flip Off Fridays, and maybe I will post it about it then, too.

I’m also going to post about Butt Paste because it’s my favorite Mommy Must Have product and if you don’t know about it or haven’t tried it, you should.

No company or PR firm asked me to post these. I’m posting them because I feel strongly about them both (in two very different ways).

So there you have it! Go check out our new review site This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff…we are VERY excited about it! If you like what you see, please subscribe by RSS feed so that you can keep up to date on our posts.

And could you help us spread the word? I’d be forever in your debt!

– If you tweet like an addict like I do and like to help your friends out, could you please follow @MakesFun and give us a shout out, asking your followers to follow us too?

– If you like what you see, can you also like our Makes Fun of Stuff fan page on Facebook?

– If you have an Etsy shop, or know somebody that does, please let them know we’d love to discuss review/giveaway opportunities with them, and possibly free advertising opportunities!

I’d love to hear what you think about it! The good, the bad, and the ugly; let me know if you like it or not. And thanks as always for all of your support…it means the world to me!

On a totally separate note, I am SO GLAD the holidays are over and that life will get back to normal. I’m tired. And if anybody wants to come over and spend 4 or 5 hours taking down my Christmas village, please feel free because I’m definitely not looking forward to it!

Also congrats to Erica ( – you won my Tassimo Brewbot giveaway! You have 48 hours to email me your contact information!

And so it goes…


  1. Alex@LateEnough says:
    Yay! You are the coolest of the cool my friend.
  2. How cool!
  3. that's a fun idea for a site!
  4. I like it and um... taking down a village... lol.
  5. Holla to the Butt Paste. I swear by that stuff too and when I say *swear I really mean that I have used it on myself after a nasty bout with a stomach bug.
    I think it's great that there is a site that is devoted to the truth! I hope that it flourishes!!
  6. I'll check it out (not the butt paste, the review site)!
  7. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:
    What a great idea for a blog! Love it!
  8. Sluiter Nation says:
    Yay! this is awesome! I remember a while back when Alex was tossing this idea around! I am so glad she decided to do it! What an awesome blog idea!
  9. butt paste for the muthatruckin WIN!

    miss you. so you know.
  10. Soge shirts says:
    That sounds like an awesome idea for a review site. Off to go follow it on twitter and like it up on fb. lol butt paste.
  11. ps
    tried to comment there and it says my comment was a duplicate. bastards. can i make fun of that shit?
  12. How fun! And I can't wait to hear about Butt Paste.....where was that when I was changing diapers?
  13. Honest reviews! Yay!
    It's a great idea.
  14. That's a great idea...I wish you luck with it. I always wonder if a product really sucks or not...people always want to be nice and not hurt feelings. But if you tell me it rocks and I buy it and it sucks...I'm gonna be pissed. So, here's to telling it like it is!!!
  15. What a great idea...I love to make fun of stuff!
  16. I love to make fun of (stupid) stuff too! :)