-Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends

This is my favorite poem, and it just about sums up how I’m feeling. I feel terrible! Unfortunately, just hearing that it’s the weekend wouldn’t make me feel any better. I have the flu. And I don’t have time to be sick.

Jason started feeling bad on Friday of last week, and was in bed (literally) from Saturday night until last night. On Monday he went to his doctor and was diagnosed with the flu and bronchitis. After 3 days of being down, he tried to go to work today. We’ll see how it goes. He still sounded and looked awful this morning.

I am not nearly as sick as he was, but the flu is no joke…I haven’t had it in years! But the difference between me and him being sick is that I can’t lay in bed for three days. I have kids that have places to be and always want to eat constantly. Laundry. Homework. And I promised to take them to see Zootopia today after school which isn’t going to happen so there may also be a riot at the Casa de Hoage.

So send healing thoughts. I can use whatever you’ve got!