Sick and Tired of Being Sick (And Tired)

All three kids are sick. Again. They were all sick last month and I thought that we were probably done with cold season. Not so much. They all woke up on Friday morning with boogers everywhere and hacking like they had been smoking for years. Saturday night was bad, and I didn’t get much sleep. Last night was horrible too. This is what it looked like:

8:30: Ethan wanted to watch a movie in bed, the girls wanted to snuggle me in my bed as I watched a recorded Dateline. Jason was downstairs watching Shameless and Californication.

9:30: The girls are asleep and I’m falling asleep. Ethan calls me to come snuggle him. Jason comes up to bed at some point and gets in with the girls.  I fall asleep in Ethan’s bed, sleeping peacefully for entire hour and a half.

11:30: Mia wakes up screaming for Mommy. She’s inconsolable. She doesn’t want to be held or put down. She wants milk. More milk. I try putting her in bed with me and Tater, but she won’t stay still. She tells me her mouth hurts, which I take to mean her throat. We end up downstairs on the couch, where after an hour or so she falls asleep.

And I get to sleep un-peacefully on the couch with one little blanket until 5:30.

5:30: Lila wakes up screaming for Mommy. I run upstairs and bring her back down to lay on the coach with me. Sleeping near me isn’t good enough. Nope, she has to sleep RIGHT.NEXT.TO.ME. on the couch. After about 30 minutes, she finally stops flipping around and kicking me and falls asleep.

7:30: Mia, who was sleeping just above my head on the couch, wakes up. I don’t hear her, but she goes upstairs looking for me. And starts screaming for me when she can’t find me. She wakes up Ethan and Lila while she’s at it.

Did I mention I’m tired?

My morning’s already off to a fantastic start. Jason tries to help, but when the kids are sick, they want mom. How do you deal with kids who are all sick and miserable at the same time?

Speaking of sick…today’s Mommy Moment blogger has a house full of the sick, and she’s sick too. She’ll be here sharing a Mommy Moment later this week.

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  1. I drink... to make it more tolerable.. .or I pray.. sometimes I do BOTH out of desperation. I am by far the worst care giver-er ever! I can catch poo in my hands, pull boogers out of a nose, give meds, any thing similar. However, if I cannot make the hurt go away.. i'm just as bad as the sick baby. I will cry, pace the floor, any other annoying child-like behavior known to moms.. i will do. It's a mess.. that's probably why i have a 14 year old and then a 21 month old... I took a break, a long break.. and let me tell you... I am NO better this time around. I honor and am super jealous of all moms whose babies "want" them when they're sick.. My oldest knows she will get more compassion from a pillow. and the baby, well she's learning that mommy is not good at sick. and this makes me super sad... and jealous.
  2. Can totally relate. We have had sickness in our house for the past three weeks: pink eye in both kids, colds, and now my 4 year old has pneunomia. Can you say cabin fever for mama? To keep my sanity (I have lost it a few times) I try to go to bed early, keep videos rolling, let the house go...except for laundry, take showers, listen to soothing music and say prayers. Bethany recently posted..Affordable LandscapingMy Profile
  3. Boogers everywhere for the win. So sorry :) Poppy recently posted..Mystery Diagnosis: The Strange Purple RashMy Profile
  4. So sorry! It's hard enough having one sick child, but three? You poor thing! Hope everyone recovers quickly and you are well! Elizabeth recently posted..For Your Birthday: Reasons I Like YouMy Profile


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