Shot At Life: Honoring Motherhood

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20 Bloggers Making a Difference

May 8th thru May 18th


Last week, I told you about Shot at Life and how along with 19 other bloggers, I am honoring motherhood.  Why are we doing this? For the children. Because:

Every twenty seconds a child dies of a preventable disease
Twenty dollars can save a life
Twenty bloggers are making a difference.

We are moms.

We wipe noses and buns.

We play, we sing, we rock, we love.

We are the meanest moms in the world and the only moms they ever want.

We cry, worry, teach, smile, yell, cuddle, and want to pull our hair out…sometimes all within the span of a few minutes.

We are chefs, maids, caregivers, nurses, chauffeurs, homework helpers, Santas, Easter Bunnies, (and I’m soon to be a Tooth Fairy).

We want the best for our children, and always do what we think is in their best interest; sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong.

We may all do it differently, but the one thing we all have in common is that we are all mothers and learning every step of the way.

Sisters From Another Mister, proud Champion for shot@life and the UN Foundation, is leading bloggers down an important path.
Each blogger has linked a post about Motherhood, like mine here, to raise awareness for the importance of global vaccinations. Now I’m asking you to pledge, to donate and to help make a difference. Consider writing a post or commenting on one or more posts between May 8th and May 18th. Those who link up their posts, and those who comment, will all be asked to make donations and will be entered in a series of giveaways.

The rules are simple:
1. If you write a post, there’s a $10 dollar minimum donation to participate in the linky
2. $1 donation is required for each comment, and you may comment on our hub page as many times as you like
3. Donations are tax deductible
4. The donation page is right here if you would like to donate now.
5. Giveaways will be for both linkers and commenters and chosen by a generated program like

Make your donations for links and comments right here – remember you are helping to save lives!

Team ImmUNITY Nicole and Sisters From Another Mister for shot@life


For more details, the link up, and comment on the MAIN PAGE only! Remember by doing so YOU are helping to save lives!

Donation page – Team ImmUNITY Nicole and Sisters From Another Mister for shot@life


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