Saturday Stuff #6

This week flew by, and between trying to prep the yards and house for the big birthday bash next weekend (more on that next week!), teething (the babies, not me), and pink eye (me, not the babies), I had a hard time keeping up with blog reading and responding. If I missed your comment, or haven’t been by, I’m working on correcting that…promise!

OK, my favorite posts of the week…love these posts so check ’em out! You will be glad that you did!

Megan over at Best of Fates created the coolest wedding gift for her good friends that I have EVER seen. I totally want to steal the idea the next time someone close to me gets married!

Sherri over at Old Tweener goes back and visits her younger self. It’s an amazing conversation and fantastic writing.

Momma Kiss left me thinking about all the what ifs…

And Nichole over at In These Small Moments left me with chills and tears as she described an indescribable conversation she had, that ended in forgiveness. Forgiveness that I’m not sure I’d ever be able to give in the same situation. Beautiful writing.

And now…it’s time to reveal my LashFood Mascara giveaway winner! The winner, as determined by, is MamaOnDaGo…CONGRATS! Please email me your full name and address so that I can get you your gift right away! Note: I had a hard time getting a screen print of the selection to show up correctly here, but if you want to see the evidence, I can email it to you.

A friend of mine, Naomi who I usually read over at Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip, recently was given the opportunity to write a blog from a baby’s perspective.
Please let me introduce you to “Baby Lucha”:

My name is Juan Carlos José Alejandro De La Garza. But everyone calls me Baby Lucha. I like cat litter, ketchup packets, house keys, remote controls, anything shiny, luchadores (hence the nickname), power tools, and chocolate milk. I don’t like balloons, shirts that snap at the crotch, hamsters, smushed peas, nasal bulb syringes or naps.

Isn’t he a hoot?! Go meet him and leave him some comment love here. Once you get there, just scroll down and right under his profile you’ll find his blog posts. He is really funny, and every mom will relate!
And so it goes…


  1. Aw, thanks Natalie! Love that Baby Lucha, he's a crack up! Can't wait to check out all the others...Happy Weekend!
  2. RoseBelle says:
    I checked Meghan's blog and really like her wedding gift. I think it's sooo cute! And what a humorous way to introduce our thoughts about marriage to our friends!
  3. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli says:
    Nichole's post was amazing. I think it will be one of those things that stay with me for a long time.
  4. Good link ups, Natalie! Thanks for taking the time to post those! Hope your pink eye heals up soon...guess that's one of the perks of having kids, huh?
  5. moveovermarypoppins says:
    Great list, Natalie!

    I, too, loved Nichole's post. I don't see how anyone couldn't. And Baby Lucha is *hilarious!*

    Good luck with teething babies and birthday party prep!
  6. WeeMasonMan's Mom says:
    Your descriptions are great - it's not too often that I feel the need to visit EVERY recommended site someone links to!

    Have a great weekend!
  7. That IS an awesome wedding gift. Love it.
  8. Dalia - Gen X Mom says:
    Looks like you have some pretty interesting link ups here. Can't wait to read them. You just gave me more 'to do's'! ;)
  9. Visiting from the Lady Bloggers Society tea party and now following! I love how clean your blog is, and how varied your posts are! I have to admit I was drawn in by the monster - I googled cute monster the other day to find an image for my son's molar monster, and that little guy came up. I didn't realize it was from here bc it was all on it's own. You can check him out in my last post - but I will go back and give you credit for him if you designed him... :)
    PS your kiddos are adorable! I host a Toddler Talk Thursday, would love to have you join!
  10. Colleen (Shibley Smiles) says:
    Thanks for sharing some great post you found through the week!
  11. Lula Lola says:
    I'm going to check these out! I loved Sherri's, one of my faves this week too!
  12. I know how hard it is to balance it all. My prob is that I play too hard. And am wiped. Thanks for the heads up on great reads. Have a great weekend.
  13. Thank you so much, Natalie.
    You are a beautiful woman, both inside and out.
    I am truly flattered to be included on such a great list!
  14. Life Without Pink says:
    Love your picks! Stopping over from the Lady Blogger's Tea Party. I run Friday Favorites and you can link up. You should link up your Saturday post - great finds that others would love to hear about!!
  15. blueviolet says:
    I hope to have some time to do some real blog reading this upcoming week myself!

    Congrats to your winner!
  16. MommaKiss says:
    You're such an awesome friend, ya know that? You know i'll click around when I can - when not on this stinkin' phone surfin' with my thumbs.
    hope you had a good weekend!!
  17. Thanks for turning me on to some great blogs. I love your Saturday recaps. :)