Saturday Stuff #12

Well my friends, this is the last Saturday Stuff post I’m going to be doing. I’m going to stop posting over the weekend. In fact, I may not (may not…because I probably won’t be able to stop myself) even post everyday during the week. So if you haven’t already, please subscribe to get my blog posts by email (right underneath my Mommy of a Monster button on my sidebar) so that you don’t miss them!

One of the reasons I’m not going to continue posting regularly on Saturdays is because I want to try out my friend Liz’s “Dear You Guys…” meme over at a belle, a bean and a chicago dog. You take comments that you’ve received over the week and put them into a letter. Some of them are pretty funny! She runs her meme on Saturdays, and while I might not participate every week, I think it would be fun to try out occasionally.

A big, fat shout out to Betsy, one of my favorite bloggers (Funky Mama Bird) who recently opened an Etsy shop called Funky Mama Bird. I ordered a bracelet and some earrings from her and LOVE them! Please go check out her shop!

So here are my favorite finds this week…

Is it bad if I put one of my own posts on here? I wrote my first piece of fiction titled “The Window“. I’m very proud of it because I was so nervous to post it, but did anyway. The support and kind words I got from everybody was overwhelming!

Alex over at Late Enough wrote about anger and change and insecurity. It’s a moving and very touching post.

Pop over at Go, Pop, Go! once again reminded me of sweet childhood memories.

Lori over at In Pursuit of Martha Points describes beautifully how fast our children grow, and to treasure them when they’re small.

And of course, the blogs that have a permanent spot on my favorites list!

The Flying Chalupa blog is AWESOME!! If you don’t believe me, check out my all time favorite Chalupa post – The Blorax – and see if you don’t fall instantly in love!

These next two blogs are blogs you can visit once a week, and there’s little to no reading involved. But visit once and you’ll want to visit again!

Shit My Dad Says is written by a 29 year old guy who lives with his 74 year old dad. The entire blog is nothing but quotes that his dad says and then he posts them. This one is from back in April and still cracks me up:
“I found some shit in your room…No, I found actual shit. Feces…Well I should hope it’s from your shoes, otherwise what the fuck?”

Mila’s Daydreams is beautiful. Adele, the author, takes pictures of her sleeping daughter. These photos are AWESOME! I cant pick just one as a favorite, but I love this one, Gone Fishin’. Look at the “hook” of the fishing line…it’s her binkie!

And so it goes…


  1. Sheena Simpson says:
    Now who will I read all the time? Oh well, I came to the party late. I'll just read all your older posts. : )
  2. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    Thank you, dear lady. That was so lovely of you to mention that post. That was one of those ideas that I had during the day and needed to write it so badly that it was hard to not just leave work so I could write. Not a good idea, though. ;)

    And I LOVE Mila's Daydreams. My SIL (mactavish) mentioned it to my a while, so dreamy and lovely.
  3. Sharlene T. says:
    There's no need for you to post everyday of the week... we're gonna follow you, no matter what... but, unless you're getting paid for it, this is a serious job and you need to find some relaxation time to fire up the imagination... come visit when you can (or, I will curl up in a corner and eat my own food!)
  4. Dang, wish I wasn't allergic to all metal jewelry.
  5. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    What a great set of links!
  6. I was posting for a little while & got stressed out about it. It feels so much better to go with the flow.

    I love SMDS...hysterical.
  7. Lindsay {Designer Wife} says:
    Loving the Dear You Guys meme! Glad you shared it, because I, somehow, had missed it on her blog!

    Great Saturday Stuff links - I'll miss them, but totally understand where you're coming from :)

    Have a great weekend!
  8. Great favs as usual....and I agree that Liz's new meme is a fun one! Oh, you could totally rock that!

    I am off to check out your fiction-thingie, since I've been swamped and not reading much of anything this past week!
  9. I'm right there with ya girl. I'm thinking about getting rid of weekend posts, except for my p365 posts. And I'm scaling back on the weekdays too. You always share great stuff though. I'll miss that, but I get it.
  10. Shit My Dad Says is hysterical! Check out the book if you haven't already.

    I had to stop blogging on the weekends so I could catch up with other blogs and comments! I wish there were another 3 hours in the day so I could fit everything in. :)
  11. The Mommyologist says:
    I only post 1-2 times a week now and it is so much easier! I did the everyday thing at the beginning but found it was just way too much to keep up with. I almost NEVER blog on weekends!
  12. says:
    I too know the feeling of being compelled to post even on weekends. But I do try to resist! Love your blog. It's a fun read...
  13. The Flying Chalupa says:
    I loved, loved, LOVED that post by Lori. I seriously cried - and I ain't a crier. And I wholeheartedly agree that you should take a break on the weekends (although it sounds like you won't be :) and be more of a slacker during the week - like me! Come to the dark side, my friend!
  14. Alex@LateEnough says:
    Thank you so much for the shout out for my sometimes post. (sorry for my late thank you. i'd like to plead vacation. and lack of sleep. and something funny that i can't think of because of said lack of sleep)

    Also, taking off the weekends has been great -- the two times I've managed to pull it off. But I've taken Saturdays off for a long time now and THAT was totally worth it. My Friday nights feel so chill and OFF-y.

    Wow, I'm really tired.

  15. Good for you for taking the weekends off!

    Great links, thanks (as always) for sharing.

    BTW, I loved your piece, The Window.


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