Rockin’ The Bump

Shell over at Things I Can’t Say is hosting “Rockin’ The Bump” – the idea being you post some of your pregnancy photos showing how you fabulous you looked while pregnant.

I immediately thought of my maternity pictures I had taken when I was 9 months pregnant with Ethan. I am completely naked in the picture, with my legs and a rose hiding the personal private parts not meant to see the light of day. I was going to post it, but decided not to…I’m chickening out! Shell can verify the picture does indeed exist because I sent it to her to see since I couldn’t decide if I wanted to post a naked pic of myself or not.

So instead, I’ll tell you the story about the picture. We went to a professional photographer to have the pictures taken. I saw someone else with the naked/rose picture, and told her that I wanted it. I didn’t even think about how the picture would be taken or that I’d be completely naked.

“Go back behind the screen and take off all of your clothes and we’ll get started!”.  Huh? Just strip and walk out 9 months pregnant and naked? Talk about embarrassing! I’d never even met her before.

“Okay, great. Now go ahead and lay down right there.” Um, she meant the floor. Pregnant, naked women don’t just “lay down”…especially from standing to the floor. It was quite a task to do it without exposing way more than I’m sure she’d want to see of me.

After much “point your toes” and “stick out your belly” and “smile, but keep your eyes closed”, the perfect photo was shot. And I will always treasure it. That was one of the only pictures I have of my pregnant belly with Ethan.

As for the twins, I have a few more…though not many. Here are a couple of my faves:

pregnant with twins This is me and my sister A. She’s almost 9 months pregnant with my niece; I’m  7 months pregnant with the twins.

joint baby shower Here we are again at our joint baby shower. She was ready to pop any day and I was almost 8 months pregnant.

5 pregnant friends I LOVE this picture! All of us are pregnant! From the left, my mom’s best friend’s daughter (she’s a twin too!…I actually have a picture of me holding her when she was a baby and I was getting ready for prom). My sister H who was 5 months pregnant, a friend who delivered 2 weeks between my sister and I, me, and my sister A.

Last but not least, me in the hospital about 20 minutes before I went in to have my C-section. I was so excited to be done being pregnant!

If you rocked your bump, don’t forget to head over to Shell’s and link up some photos!


  1. Great pictures Natalie! I rocked my bump today too!
  2. ahhhhh you are so cute and were adorable prego!!
  3. Aww precious! You're lucky you could always tell all those irritating people who always ask "are you having twins" YES!
  4. You even look cute in that ugly ass hospital hat. Love it.
  5. Oh are you ever cute! Love these!
  6. Oh these are adorable!
  7. How cool you and your sister were pregnant at the same time.
  8. Gosh, your face looked great throughout. I looked like Charlie Brown.
  9. You were a gorgeous pregnant lady!! Love that dress!
  10. Okay, now I really want to see the rose pic :) You looked beautiful!
  11. You were beautiful! And while I think you made the right decision to NOT post nekkid pics of yourself on the Internets, I'd love to see that rose photo. Not because I'm, like, a creepy stalker who wants to see you naked or anything, but because I just love photographic art.
  12. I must say you looked darn good for carrying twins! Way to rock the bump!
  13. beautiful pictures! Wow you are brave for getting a naked maternity picture. I dont think I could do it. Awesome :) and you do look really good for carrying twins :)
  14. You totally should of posted it. I bet it is perfect. Good for you for actually doing it. You are rocking that bump! I love that dress you are wearing. Too cute!
  15. So fabulous as a preggo mama!
  16. Whoa! That sure was a lotta pregnant women. There must have been something in the water. ;)
  17. You looked great pregnant! You can hardly tell you had twins in there. I would have chickened out on posting the naked pic too, even if everything was hidden.
  18. You are an adorable pregnant person! I love it :)
  19. These are adorable! You look too cute!
  20. This really dates me, but we wore 'tent' dresses during my pregnancies and made us look pretty normal. Then, again, we also had long roomy tunic tops to cover our 'bumps' (God forbid anyone should figure out we were pregnant!). I think it's great the way your generation is so proud of sharing this joyous event! Rock on... and, come visit when you can.
  21. Oh my goodness, you were ADORABLE!!!!!! such a cute PREGGERS!!! and that smile , wow, you can tell how happy you were!!!
  22. Such great pictures! How nice that your sister was pregnant at the same time :)
  23. For the record- the pic exists and is GORGEOUS! Though I totally understand your reason not to post! You were a glowing pregnant woman! And I love all the pregnant bellies- you had a great support system right there!
  24. I want the other picture
  25. That naked photo shoot sounds horrific. Although, I'd still like to see them. :) I'll take your (and Shell's) word for it. You were an adorable pregnant person.
  26. i won't lie...I want to give you a squeeze. You are too adorable!!
  27. For being prego with twins, I think you looked really, really good!
  28. Um HELLO you're a totally cute pregger chick! And I don't blame you for not posting the "nekkid" one. I never got those done for either kid for whatever reason. I did get some good maternity shots with MY Ethan though (yes, that's Little Roo's name)!
  29. Uhg, I hated being naked when I was that far along. You're a brave woman! You're so cute loks like you didn't gain any weight. You're either lucky or hide it well!
  30. Aw, I love pregnant belly photos. You look great!
  31. Awww! I love your photos. Hilarious about your naked photo.
  32. Great story about the rose pictures! Pretty sure I have some au natural photos but without the rose! Love all the pics you posted... neat that you had so many friends expecting at the same time!
  33. Great pictures and I'm totally jealous that you were actually standing up that far along!
  34. I would PAY to see that nekid pic. Just saying. Come on, I was um, overexposed, you can be too!
  35. Oh my goodness, you are so cute pregnant! I'm jealous. I look hideous pregnant and pregnancy tries to kill me. I love the picture of all of you pregnant!
  36. Oh you were brave on that photo shoot! I didn't want to do any professional belly pics! You looked great with the twins though!
  37. Man, you look good pregnant with twins! What beautiful pictures! The Naked photo story is so funny! I don't even have a picture of my bare belly with either pregnancy. I did not want to lift my shirt up, too many stretch marks! :)
  38. You looked naked. Not to sound creepy, but I want to see the naked photo!!!
  39. Oh, I love that bump! Would love to see the other pic maybe after a few glasses of wine I'll convince you?
  40. Love it! I linked up mine today too. I love seeing women pregnant with twins - such a beautiful sight.
  41. I SO need to get my pic up. My bump was bigger than yours and I only had one baby in there!
  42. You look great and I love the shot of all of you together pregnant!
  43. You looked so cute! I loved knowing I would not be pregnant any more too!


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