Wine Review: Riondo Amarone

wine_review_riondo_amarone Have you ever drank a wine that made you think that it was so good you never wanted to drink any other wine ever again? Yeah, me neither. But if one wine ever came close, it would be Riondo Amarone DOC. Here’s a wine review of one of my new favorite wines.

Wine Review: Riondo Amarone

Now you may not have heard of Amarone before, so I’ll tell you a bit about it. It’s full name is Amarone della Valpolicella, and it’s a rich Italian dry red wine made grapes of the Corvina, Rondinella,and Molinara varieties. In short, it’s a blend of many different grapes.

Interestingly, the name Amarone translates to “the Great Bitter” in Italian. This doesn’t mean it’s actually bitter; this was how it was distinguished from the Recioto produced in the same region, which is sweeter in taste.

Now on to the actual wine review. As I  mentioned, I kind of love this wine. I love my wines big and bold, and this one delivers. It smells beautifully; of berries and spices and currants.

It’s full-bodied and leaves a really long finish. So long that I could savor it after just a sip. It’s clean and silky – while I mentioned it’s bold, it doesn’t have a lot of tannins (Not sure what tannins are? Check out my What are Tannins? post for a thorough description). 

It’s fruity and spicy and heavenly. This Amarone gets two thumbs up from me, and I highly recommend you try it yourself!

Head over to Wine Chateau to purchase a bottle of Riondo Amarone. If you have tried it, you can add a wine review of your own. And you are in luck! It’s regularly priced at $32.98 a bottle, however it’s on sale right now for $19.97!


You get free shipping if you buy a case of wine from them, and you can mix and match. So make sure to check out all of the great wines they offer. I also did a wine review of Schild Estate’s Shiraz Barossa and you can purchase that wine at Wine Chateau as well. Join their mailing list and you will get $10 off of shipping if you don’t order a case.

Are you a fan of big, bold red wines? What is your favorite?

Disclosure: Thanks to the Wine Chateau for providing me with a bottle of this fantastic wine. All opinions expressed are my own.


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