Revolt Fitness Program: First Uprising Results


I made it through my first Revolt Fitness Program uprising! An uprising is a 6-week cycle that Revolt uses to help us all stay on track and motivated. I knew it was going to take more than one uprising to get me where I wanted to be, and Monday I started my second uprising. The format and workouts have all changed, so I’m looking forward to exciting new challenges!

revolt_fitness_program I’ve learned so much about my body and about myself. I started out trying to talk myself out of working out for whatever reason – too busy, too tired, too sore. Then somewhere along the way these past 6 weeks, something changed. Now I talk myself into one more rep, one more circuit, 5 extra pounds.

It’s been the same with food. I started out justifying putting anything into my mouth. Since I worked out, eating fries wasn’t so bad. A glass of wine every night wasn’t going to kill me. And that all changed too. I’ve been working so hard trying to transform my body that I know that extra calories and sugar just because I am having a weak moment really will make a difference – those extra calories throughout the day do add up. And while I’m not perfect, I really do try to save the cheating for my cheat days.

Revolt Fitness Program

So let’s get to the results. After just six weeks, I’m already seeing some significant changes! revolt_uprising1_results

I’ve lost over 11 inches and almost 10 pounds of fat! That’s a decrease in fat mass of about 19%!

fitness_programA few people that don’t know how hard I’m working have even asked if I’ve been losing weight. My family has told me they can see a difference in my face and tummy. I can see small changes here and there. I see definition beginning to take shape. My muffin top is decreasing.

But the biggest change for me is the way my body physically feels. My legs aren’t as wobbly as they used to be; when I touch them, they are hard instead of flabby.

I won’t forget the day I was soaping up to shave my legs and I realized that my legs were hard…there is muscle there now! To be honest, I don’t see a huge change when I put on my bathing suit, but I know from my measurements and the way my body is transforming that I am doing all I can.

So here are a couple of final pics. I’m just showing the side profile because I think it shows the most significant changes. I won’t continue to post these all the time – maybe just at the end of each six weeks.

I hope that some of you will join me! What started out as an opportunity to blog about a fitness program as turned into an addiction fro me. I can’t say enough about how much I love the Revolt Fitness Prorgram!

Disclaimer: I was chosen as a Revolt Fitness Program blogger and received free membership to try the fitness program out. All opinions expressed are my own. And yes, I would pay for the program and will continue to follow it even after my six week commitment is up.

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