Reason #143 of How It’s So Easy to Talk Myself Out of Cleaning

Before I begin my rantings today, I’d like to say thank you to Lucy over at Lucille in the Sky who also gave me the Honest Scrap Award yesterday!! If I could think of ten more semi-interesting things to say about myself I would, but I can’t so I will just refer you back to what I’ve already come up with here!

So on to my rant…
Am I alone on this or is this a problem with everybody? I swear that a man invented the spill-proof cups that are always leaking, spilling, dripping, and generally being not spill-proof. If a woman (specifically a mom) invented the damn things they would actually work because there’s nothing moms hate more than sippy cups that leak. I know that there are moms of older children out there thinking “we never even had spill-proof cups when my kids were small”. Yeah, well neither do we. I’d like to talk to someone at Gerber who could explain to me why I have sticky juice spots all over my tile floors and how they get there if their cups are so spill-proof. Argh! That’s rant number one.

And here’s reason #143 why I shouldn’t even bother with cleaning (I guess the one above is reason #142):

I vacuum the top of the couch cushions a few times a week because Tater tracks so much dirt and stuff onto the couch. The kid’s like Pigpen. I only pull off all of the cushions and vacuum underneath them once a month. We have a big couch that we had custom made (at the swap meet, not some posh furniture store) to fit our living room. It’s a damn big couch. It’s a big U-shaped monstrosity and it has 11 cushions to sit on, not to mention the cushions along the back of the couch and the throw pillows. The above picture displays what I found under one cushion! And I didn’t take a picture of the crumbs that accompanied the crap. So basically what I’m saying is imagine all that crap and multiply by eleven! That’s a lot of junk that Tater throws/shoves/loses under there!

So why bother? Why go through all the trouble of removing all the cushions and cleaning under there when the exact same thing is going to happen again in another month (or by the end of the day in some cases). SO FRUSTRATING! I get that if I don’t do it regularly, eventually we won’t even be able to sit on the couch because it’ll be so full of Tater’s crap that it’ll be like climbing Kilimanjaro just to get to the top of the cushions. But really? I should start taking it all out of the couch and putting it in his bed. See if he even notices.

And so it goes…


  1. says:
    Why bother indeed! True story, one of the kids video games slipped under the couch cushions. They couldn't get it out, it somehow slipped into the nether regions of the sofa. I tried, turned the couch on it's side, we could feel it through the lining, but couldn't get it out. The couch is pretty old and we're planning on getting a new one in a couple of weeks, so I decided to cut a small hole in the lining and reach in and get it out.
    Oh MY Gosh! You cannot believe the amount of crap that was in there. I felt like our house should stink there was so much food! Ugh! And I found two of our old cell phones that we'd had to replace. Along with legos and action figures and pokemon cards and loose change. It was obscene. Ten years worth of stuff. Gross!
  2. Funky Mama Bird says:
    I fully understand. To quote a character of Elizabeth Berg, "I feel like Sisyphus in an apron". I clean, and ten seconds later there is more crap right where I cleaned. It's so pointless.
  3. If you didn't bother the crumbs would become the couch. Great ship by the way.
  4. Perhaps we can make a book full of reasons not to clean. I've genuinely caved and said "let's order dinner bc I don't want to have to do the dishes again." It never ends.
  5. WhisperingWriter says:
    I know how it goes.

    I once found a half eaten sandwich under our cushion. Yuck!
  6. Shannon says:
    Amen, sista! I feel like I no more get the house clean before it looks like a mess again! It's never ending...
  7. Heather says:
    My kids always lay on my bed and watch t.v. so that is how the underside of my bed looks....and there always seems to be a dried up apple core under there even though we have a no food out of the kitchen rule!
  8. alicia says:
    Ah, the joys of children. I guess I clean for sanity sake, but I understand the dilemma. Maybe food would take over and come to life (haha) if we didn't rescue it from the cracks of the cushions.
  9. I am so with you on this point! Sometimes I wonder why I clean as well! I find cars, blueberries, crayons and all sorts of things in the couch! Its a never ending battle for sure.
  10. bbcd mama says:
    I know what you mean! And currently Playtex is on my shit list. All their new "click to close" cups leak like a Mo Fo and are impossible to get back open once clicking to close. Seriously, I'm on a vengeance with them. I pitching all the Playtex I have any buying new.
  11. texasholly says:
    I swear my kids will be hoarders when they grow up.
  12. WolfeFamily says:
    i hate mopping. Each time i do it, someone spills the juice. its like...if i hadn't mopped an hour ago, this probably wouldn't happen. Welcome back sticky spot, you shall be here for the next week or two
  13. Thanks for the shout out :)

    I don't know what it is with kids and couches. We have a white leather couch and it's a b*tch to keep clean. Luckily, my husband is more anal than me, so he usually ends up cleaning it. I don't feel bad because of all the dishes and laundry I do!
  14. TornadoTwos says:
    This is too funny, because I was going to write about sippy cups in my blog too for the very same reason, and then I remembered I have already written about them. My youngest had one at the window the other day, he was hitting it up against the window to get the milk out, left the cup on its side on the floor and then smeared the milk all over the window. And the cup left a nice puddle of milk on the floor. How come they all leak when laid on their side? Stupidest things ever!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
  15. Ahhh...the ole' "Sippy Cup" doesn't leak story! How many times did I hear that from your sisters and their kids....while I was complaining that there were little spots all over my carpet? :)

    Luv, Mom
  16. Natalie says:
    I know, Mom. And I understand now. And I hate those damn things.
  17. Juliana says:
    I think that we should all get free maid service when we leave the hospital...sort of the world's thank you for being crafty enough to grow a freaking human!!!

    I am now your newest follower!
  18. Holly Renee says:
    Ha! Kilaminjaro! I would love to see you sitting atop a cushion of toys. It would be classic.
  19. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    Stopping from SITS! I would have huge build up of stuff if I didn't clean.
  20. just reading about you go about cleaning already made me tired. dont worry, i dont judge you if you dont bother cleaning. i dont bother cleaning as much, either.

    shuttling in from SITS :)
  21. I can come up with 1000's of reasons not to clean the house and that's why my husband agrees to have a housekeeper come in at LEAST once a month, sometimes twice if I'm being really stubborn. ;)