Really Not a Topic Considered Appropriate for Discussion…

Kids can really be disgusting little creatures sometimes. Or more accurately, they are capable of doing some really disgusting things. Right now, all three of the kids have “booger noses”, as we lovingly refer to runny noses. And let me say that it’s just amazing how much snot can come out of such tiny noses. Thank God for Boogie Wipes.

Tater has decided over the last couple of days he’s just too busy to stop whatever he’s doing to grab a tissue and blow his nose. Instead, it’s way more convenient to just wipe his nose on the couch cushions or on blue blankie (his favorite blankie he has carried around since he was about 10 months old). So I keep finding booger trails on my couch! YUCK! And crusty spots all over blue blankie…it’s really gross! And when I tell him for the 100th time, or we may be up to 500 by now, not to wipe his nose on the couch, he says “I love you mom”. That’s his new favorite response anytime he gets into trouble.

When I told hubby I was going to post this, he said something along the lines of don’t because people will think we’re dirty. So just for the record, I clean up the trails as I find them and just washed blue blankie (again) this morning. And we are not dirty. The couches are clean and you don’t have to be afraid to sit on them. I also told him that “people” are not reading my blog, “moms” are reading this blog and can totally relate to and understand the disgusting things I just described! I assured him that Tater is not the first kid to wipe boogers on the couch/walls/chairs/or anything else they can get their nasty little hands…or in this instance noses…on.

So help me prove my point! What’s disgusting things have your little ones done? Please tell me we really aren’t the first people out there that have had to clean snot off the couch!

And so it goes…


  1. Ember pooped in my hall and my family room last night after bath time. She had only been out for 3 minutes while I was getting Scarlett out and more naked time for Ember! Thank goodness it was on the hardwood instead of the carpet! :)