A Really Bad Combo

What two things should never be put together?
Spaghetti and toddlers learning to feed themselves.
Why? It’s a food fight in which mom loses even though doesn’t even know she’s participating.
Ms. M
Ms. L
You know you’re a mom when…you will not feed your kids something simply because it is too much of a mess to clean up!
And, this is also for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday. Hope it made you crack a smile :)I’m excited to say that I’m the featured blogger today over at the red dress club! Please check it out!


  1. Oh that is SUCH a fantastic combo!

    Can I make a suggestion? Just from personal experience I've found if you get them nekkid, put them outside, and let them go at it, you can hose the high chairs off, leave the leftovers for the birds, cats and squirrels, and throw nekkid babies in the bath. Good times! and did you love that epic run-on? I did.

    SOOOO cute. Little dolls they are!
  2. Oh my, but oh so cute:) And they look like they enjoyed it;)
  3. LMAO Love it. I could have told you that. I will be back tomorrow to link up once I actually write the blog post. For now bed calls my name.
  4. Alex@LateEnough says:
    Wait. What's the problem? I always look like that post-spaghetti.
  5. The Blogging Goddess says:
    I remember those days...you also know your a mother when your kid starts to heave and you cup your hands under their mouths so vomit won't get on the floor. Think of what you have to look forward to...you can thank me later!
  6. Losing Brownies says:
    Those pictures are priceless!
  7. i know i'm a mom because my kids wiped boogers on me. like big snoogly long dangly nasty boogers. and i didn't puke.
  8. They are adorable! Double the trouble and double the mess!
  9. Alysha (Supermom) says:
    hehe. Definitely a mess waiting to happen. But how can you resist. The first time I gave my little one speg we took a picture and my in-laws put the picture on an aprin for me. hehe. Love it.

    I would love to have you come join my link up for Wordish Wednesday too.

    Supermom Alysha
  10. I feed my kids spaghetti just for the photo op!! haha
  11. Oh NO!!! I feel bad for you Natalie! But they've got to learn to feed themselves sometime! Have a great Wednesday!
  12. kellytirman says:
    Love "Roxane" comment - I might just try that tomorrow :)
  13. Are they twin?

    Hi, I'm your new participant in your You know You're a mom when....

    Best wishes

  14. And Miles To Go... says:
    what a mess!
  15. Mommying On The Fly says:
    Bwahahahahahaha I do NOT miss those days... But I used to get them naked lol... BUT sorry if it's no help, but my gremlins are 2 1/2 AND there's STILL stuff I stay away from or let them eat it shirtless.. hehehehehe
  16. Omg! Those pictures are adorable. Those messy little faces are priceless.

    I dread anything with spaghetti noodles. My boys still get this messy so I try to use penne or pasta shells to cut down on the mess, lol...
  17. How cute! That's exactly why I would never allow my kids to eat spaghetti when we would go out to a restaurant. At home, I strip them down. LOL
  18. My favorite thing about this is how much they don't give two craps about how messy they are. This Momma? would have a heart attack..me no likey messes :) Guess I gotta get used to them!
  19. Secret Mom Thoughts says:
    Such cute messy faces.
  20. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    I have seen this look displayed on my toddler.
  21. Sharlene T. says:
    And, of course, Oreo cookies for dessert! Love to see them become a part of their meals -- at your house!... great photos... come visit when you finish cleaning up the mess... the little darlin's...
  22. PV Lundqvist says:
    They missed their hair. Small blessings.
  23. Amber Page Writes says:
    Oh man. That must have been some undertaking. I've found that chocolate pudding is also a big no no.
  24. The Sharp's says:
    Those are the worst messes. I usually end up giving the boys very little sauce to try to avoid this. This is a soaking in the tub and double soaping kind of mess not some easy wipe of the rag! I have actually been known to pass on a messy meal if it isn't bath night. Makes for completely cute pictures though!
  25. An Imperfect Momma says:
    LOL!! I dont give monkey man certain foods too! It all depends on the mess factor and how much I care about cleaning. Love the pictures by the way
  26. Belle's Butterfly says:
    So cute! Looks like the totally enjoyed it! And we have the same bibs.

    I always stop and think before I make dinner, is it bath night? No? Is this going to make her super messy then? But some nights she can have mac and cheese all over in her hair everything, and other nights, just a little on her face and hands. We haven't done noodles with sauce yet, I'm not ready for that. Saturday it will be frosting all over at her birthday party.
  27. I think having babies eat messy foods just makes for great photo ops. Not sure how much they actually eat though.
  28. Oh man, didn't you just clean the house Monday? So cute.
  29. At least they still wear a bib? Ha! I see this face every night. I feel your pain! (They are so stinkin' cute!) And yes, I definitely plan foods based on how messy they are!
  30. Maureen @Tatter Scoops says:
    The most adorable little combo for sure although not so much for the cleaning up part LOL :D Great shots, girl!
  31. Hahahaha! I have some fairly similar pictures of the boys. At least you know they ate something! :)
  32. Night Owl Mama says:
    double trouble always means double the mess. Love it...What you have to worry bout it when they start a food fight.
  33. Paul and Kerry says:
    Love it! I actually have a picture of me covered in sauce and noodles at this age. It's all 70's and I love it. Your girls will love these pics in 2050. lol
  34. Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud says:
    I'm so glad that I'm not alone in the I-hate-feeding-my-toddler-spaghetti school of thought! She loves it, but it's such a huge mess. At least your girls are nice enough to not smother it in their hair like my little girl. But then again, you do have TWO to clean up after so I'm the winner in this whole mess. lol
    Thanks for stopping and linking up. The girls are adorable! Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud
  35. I fed my kids spaghetti only on the nights it was hubby's turn to clean them up.

    Yes, yes I am an evil genus. I know. :)
  36. gotta love those spagetti faces!!
  37. You are a mommy rockstar for even attempting that. I still haven't given Katie spaghetti and she's 3 1/2.
    I bow to you! ;)
  38. The Empress says:
    ANYTHING with those 2 partners in crime, and I'm there.

    Seriously...how hard can it be to put a calendar together and sell here?

    I'd buy it, just for the sheer laughs of this being your life, not mine!
  39. Melissa {adventuroo} says:
    Oh now THAT'S cute! I forgot how fantasically messy they are. My littlest one is just a month into baby food so I'm in for this again. Good thing I can buy cleaning supplies at Costco.
  40. Red sauce is just the devil. STILL. But I've never quite thought of how dangerous doubles would be. Oh my. There is one perk. It makes for fab photos! Love them. Thanks for dropping by.
  41. I swear we do it because it's amusing for us as parents. They're so stinkin' cute in their orangey flavored goodness!
  42. I too, found it an amusing pastime to feed my daughter the messiest food ever.
    May be why she's so careful now to feed her son only "safe" food.
  43. Karen Peterson says:
    How did they manage to keep it out of their hair??

    I'm stopping by from the Red Dress Club. Congrats on being featured there today!
  44. AirForceWife1978 says:
    I LOVE these pics! Thanks for sharing. What a job you have. I have a 3 year old and a 20 month old and I thought I had it rough LOL! I your newest follower thanks to Wordish Wednesday by Supermom. Come and check out my Wordish Wednesday post and perhaps follow back :)

  45. I have a very similar photo of my now two year old learning to eat by herself with spaghetti when she was around a year. So fun to have those pix but not fun to clean up!!!
  46. Mommy never wins!! Cute photo, but wow, what a clean up.
  47. HA!!!! LOVE the photos!!
  48. Soge shirts says:
    Omg I didn't know you had twins. They are adorable. But yes spaghetti and food fights are a bad combo.
  49. The Flying Chalupa says:
    That is EXACTLY why I waited so long to give the kid spaghetti! I'm such a bad mother. Look at all the fun I deprived him of! Great pics as always.
  50. i'm guilty of this. i, too, will not serve a good if it's a disaster to clean up!
  51. Adorable, but I hear you on the mess.

    I've gotten so exhausted of cleaning up that not only do I limit the meals, I only let me kids play with PlayDo when I already need to vacuum. Which is every second day really, so I'm not denying them too much... Yes, this is my life.
  52. Bethany @ Organic Enchilada says:
    My laws, you get a lot of comments lady!

    I refuse to feed my littles mac and cheese until they have mastered the spoon. That stuff can make horrendous messes.

    But the spaghetti? You should feed it to your girls often. Makes for super cute pictures. :)
  53. I have a photo of Babe literally dipped in yogurt making a crazy baby face attacking the bowl with her spoon. Kids are soo much fun.
  54. Your kids are so cute, Natalie! There's a Korean/Chinese dish called jajangmyeon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jajangmyeon
    D1 absolutely LOVES it, so my compromise? I feed it to her while she's only wearing diapers.