Random Things I Want to Remember

In no particular order…

Tater’s new thing is telling us “I love you” and “I miss you”. The sweetest words in the whole entire world are hearing “I love you Mommy” coming out of his mouth.

Tater will throw a huge fit – you know the kind – throwing himself onto the floor, kicking, screaming, and rolling around in a huge pool of tears. Hubby laughs because Tater can start crying at the drop of a pin. He cries so hard that the tears start falling and he squeezes his eyes shut (to add to the drama), and the tears actually shoot out of his eyes and off of his face….he gets distance with those tears!

Ms.L scrunches up her nose and breaths in and out really fast. It is the cutest little face in the world, but has yet to be photographed…this is as close as I’ve gotten to capturing it:

Ms.M likes to scream and generally make a lot of noise anytime anybody else is crying. Ms.L will start crying and that’s Ms.M’s cue to start screaming.

The girls already do not want to share with each other. They will sit with their toys, and whatever one has the other wants. And if they end up switching toys, they decide they want the original one back. It has caused quite a lot of commotion lately.

Tater does a guitar dance. He plays his guitar and thrusts his hips back and forth. He looks like an old school big-hair rocker from the mid 80’s (minus the hair). It’s awesome!

Note the Jimi Hendrix t-shirt
Once Tater is finished throwing his fit, he’ll get up and announce either “I’m all done” or “I feel better now”. It’s hard to stay mad at him after he says it. It’s like he recognizes that he needed and had a mini-breakdown. I know the feeling.

Feeding the girls (especially fruit) creates a feeding frenzy similar to what you’d see at the zoo. There’s food flying, screaming, and tears involved. Apparently I need a couple of extra hands because I just can’t get it in fast enough for either one of them.

Tater told daddy today that he is his best friend. It makes our hearts so happy to hear him say that!

And so it goes…


  1. Great list. You need to get all nine of these on video!! Priceless. Thank you for sharing. I seriously doubt that Ethan is going to appreciate reading #2 some day. Hee hee.