Random Things I Want to Remember: Part 2

In no particular order…

When the girls were little, they used to snuggle together and hug and kiss each other when they slept. We didn’t pose them for pictures, but everybody thought that we did. One of my favorite memories: when I was still in the hospital (twins were probably a day old), I woke up to hearing a bunch of sucking sounds. I thought maybe one of the babies was sucking her finger or hand. I looked over into the little bassinet, and Ms. L was sucking on Ms. M’s hand and Ms. M was sucking on Ms. L’s forehead! Here’s a picture of it….this is one of my favorite pictures in the entire world, and we used it on their birth announcement.

Here are some other examples because they’re just too darn cute not to share:
I ask Tater if he wants me to cut up his hotdog for him. He tells me no, he wants me to cut it down.

Tater also doesn’t like “mice” in his juice. Hubby always asks him if he wants “some ice” in his juice, and so he thinks it’s called mice.

Tater told me that the Easter Bunny kicked his basket. I couldn’t figure out why he was saying that. I think it’s because we told him that the Easter Bunny hid his basket, which sounds like “hit”. Then, he confused hit with kicked…hence, the Bunny kicked his basket.
When Tater was about 8 months old and had some of his bottom teeth, he started gnawing on the edge of his crib. We bought him one of those cribs that turns into a toddler bed, then a full size bed. So the footboard has little teeth marks running the length of it:
Yep, those are little teeth marks
When hubby and I were in Fiji, there was a traditional song that we both loved to hear. It must’ve been some kind of love song, but of course, we didn’t know or understand the words. I loved that song, and hope I never forget the sound of it.
And so it goes…


  1. Those are the sweetest pictures ever. I had no idea that twins snuggled like that, but it totally makes sense. You certainly have your hands full...I should quit complaining so much :)
  2. Trench Mommy says:
    Oh, those pictures are adorable! And I wish the Easter bunny had kicked my basket! :-) I didn't get one at all! Such sweet memories you'll have. Great to meet you...and thanks for joining the fun in my community!
  3. your kids are adorable!
  4. Oh what precious blessings! It's such a great idea to record such sweet memories. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Those pictures are priceless. So terribly sweet. You are so lucky to have them to remember those moments by.

    I love this list and I love that you made it for yourself. These things come and go so quickly and lost to fault memories. Good for you to jotting them down.

    This was such a sweet post. It warmed my cold heart and made me smile :)
  6. Hi! I just found you through the blogfrog.

    What precious pictures! Your kids are adorable. I've always thought it would be so fun (and extremely challenging) to have twins one day...something about it seems so appealing to me. we'll have to see what God has in store. Have a wonderful Friday! : )

  7. Holly Renee says:
    Beautiful pics! He sure did gnaw on that bed, LOL. That Easter Bunny can be quite violent I've heard. What lovely and funny memories.
  8. My heart just melted over the cuddling poses!

    And that is a seriously talented kid you have there with those teeth marks. I'm not sure how he could use that talent, but I'm guessing it will be good for something!
  9. OMGoodness!! Those pictures are precious!!
  10. Those pictures are so cute! I LOVE the last one. I think pictures of twins sleeping and cuddling together just adds to their closeness factor. I always feel like twins have such a special bond, and these pictures show why. So cute!
  11. These pictures are amazing. They make me a little sad just because my boys spent almost a month in the NICU and then had such bad reflux, that they really never had a chance to be like this as new babies. They actually do it more now than ever before and it is mostly grabbing each other's hands or feet and trying to suck on them.
    On another note, I have thought so much about your post the other day about someone wanting what I have. I have repeated that phrase to myself several times a day. I have found that it helps a lot, so thank you so much for that post.
    It is so nice to have another mom out there in my same type of situation (I have 3 under 2).
  12. Christine says:
    Oh my gosh! I so want twins!!
  13. You're girls are PRECIOUS! I use to nanny for twin girls and I loved every minute! I now nanny for my son (not really a nanny for him of course) and a little guy 2 weeks older than him so it's "kinda" like having twins, ha,ha!! Love your blog, found you through blogfrog and can't wait for future post!

  14. Taryn L. McCracken says:
    OMG! That makes me miss how little my twins were too. They loved to snuggle too at that age. Now they can't touch each other. They are 2 now.

    It's the Thought that Counts