Random Stuff…

So I have some things I wanted to blog about, but none of them alone is really all that much so I decided to put it all together into one post! I think that I’m over my blog burn out and I”m actually enjoying writing and social media again.

I think maybe I was overwhelmed with last days of preschool and the renovation and keeping the kids busy and putting too much pressure on myself to do it all. It’s nice to blog when I want, even if that is only a couple of days a week. So during the last couple of months, we’ve been busy. And are still busy, but things don’t seem to be as chaotic (for now).

Horrible picture, I know. Note to self: bust out the real camera next time.

I mentioned that we are having some things done to the house. Things like getting windows and doors put in walls that didn’t have them. Said windows and doors need big holes to go in, and constructing those holes left so much dust in the house that we actually had to hire a cleaning crew to come in and clean it all up. Yep, it was that crazy. But the kinda-sorta-but-nowhere near finished product already looks fantastic!

The work that still has to be done is overwhelming – shutters and paint and baseboard and hopefully all will be done soon. And we are having a patio cover put on the back of the house. It’s not ready yet, but it looks awesome and I will share those pictures soon!

The kids have been swimming nearly everyday at my sister’s house. As soon as the warm weather hit, Lila became a water baby and it’s almost impossible to keep her out of it. Ethan, too.

But Mia took a little longer to warm up – it wasn’t until we went to Palm Springs at the beginning of this month that she realized her floaties weren’t so scary and that she loved swimming like her siblings. For Jason and I, this is good news. We both love the water and would’ve been bummed if the kids didn’t too! Next up? Swim lessons.

Mission Potty Training is complete! Lila pretty much trained herself. Several months ago, she woke up and told me she didn’t wear diapers anymore, and she didn’t. Mia took more work (translation: bribery and begging). But as of this month, both girls are entirely out of diapers except at night, though most mornings they wake up with dry diapers. This might sound weird, but it’s actually bittersweet that all signs of babies are almost extinct from our house. The only thing we are still trying to get rid of are sippy cups and the stroller.

I am bummed that Real Housewives of Orange County is over for the season. It’s my guilty pleasure and I look forward to it every week. I only watch RHOC and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so I have months to wait before I get a Housewives fix again. Are you a fan of the Housewives? There are some people who only watch one set of Housewives and some that watch all. I guess I’m just a West Coast Lover.

Anyways, in the RHOC finale episode, Tamra won a diamond valued at $4,000 at Heather’s name changing party. Now Tamra doesn’t need another diamond because she just got engaged, so she has decided to give it away! Yanina Co., a local jeweler, is even donating a setting. Wines by Wives (I’ve actually written about them before over at Have Wine, Will Drink) are collecting love stories via www.WinesbyWives.com/diamond and choosing the top 5 stories. Fans will then be able to vote on their favorite story and that lucky couple will have an engagement ring! So if you know anybody looking for a diamond, make sure to let them know! (And nope, nobody paid me to tell you this!)

I’ve got lots of good recipes on the way, too. We do lots of get-togethers in the summer, so I’m always looking for quick and easy recipes that can feed the masses. I’ve got one coming up called an Icebox Banana Split Cake that is SO easy to make and the adults will love it as much as the kids, promise!

And on that note, if you are a fan of cheese, head over and check out my recipe for Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Apples. The sandwich is good, but even better, I have a giveaway going to get you coupons for free Sargento cheese!

I’m sure the next couple of weeks will make me scarce from the online world – next week is 4th of July and the following week I’ve decided to take the kids camping with my family. Jason won’t be going because of his insanely crazy work schedule, but I’m going with my parents and am very excited to introduce the kids to it.

Since I was a kid, well actually since my mom was a kid, her family has been making an annual camping trip to Kings Canyon in the Sequoia National Park. I recently wrote about my concerns/fears/anxieties and how I hope the kids are ready for a long vacation, I certainly am! Little to no phone service means I’ll be away from social media (cold turkey) for an entire week. I wonder if I’ll survive?


  1. I totally get the bittersweet feeling about the end of diapers . . . yeah, the thought that you don't have to change diapers anymore is wonderful, until you realize that your kids are growing up and no longer need diapers, which is then sad. But, hey, you don't have to change them anymore. My girl is fearless and we need to be careful around any pool, because she'll hop in. CJ truly enjoys the water, but he always takes some time to warm up to it. We'll be at the beach in a few weeks, and I'm pretty sure that I'll be chasing Leila out of the waves in the early morning, before having to figure out how to keep the two of them out of the waves at the same time by the time noon rolls around, every day. John recently posted..Where I force the disjointed thoughts out of my headMy Profile
  2. I got Maddy potty trained about the same time the Dude was born so I'm still elbows deep in the... and yup, it will be a hard milestone to put behind me. Why do they have to grow up? And the work on the house? Gah... be glad you're not doing it with a curious 1 year old and a cat who shows his displeasure by shitting in the middle of it. Yes, we're doing some remodeling work and the dirt is the least of my worries. And how about the bugs? But I can't wait to see pics... I love that stuff. Also...the water? Oh sweet heaven! Maddy could go to the pool every day and just float. FOR HOURS! Also...the vacay? Can I go with you? I make a mean peach cobbler on a campfire.