Random Randomness

It’s time for Post It Note Tuesday, put on by Only Parent Chronicles every week. PINT is a weekly meme that uses…you guessed it!…post it notes to convey your thoughts and ideas. I like doing it because you can stick a bunch of random stuff in one post and it will still make sense! So check it out and link up!

Only Parent Chronicles


  1. All sorts of awesome random stuff going on over here! You know, I JUST threw away a Christmas card from our basket of cards that was strewing damn glitter all over the house, dog, and kids.

    I hate glitter. And I love that wine! Have to find me some....
  2. Love that wine bottle! Where did you find it? I'm hoping you say Vons or TJ's...
  3. Just Another Mom of 2 says:
    Hah, I love the pictures! They are so cute. Of course, I also love that wine bottle- too perfect!!
  4. What is it with the mini furniture?? My 2 year old LOVES it! My mom also has a little bench that the kids can sit on when they watch tv at her house...they always fight over it!! So cute!

    SO..I'm wondering where the glitter came from? We don't have glitter..except for maybe in a project or two brought home from school! Just curious?! ;)
  5. I've seen that wine before. So cute!!

    Buddy just asked me the other day if Santa watches him all year, or just right before Christmas. I think we dropped the ball on the all year thing, since we make such a big deal out of it right before Christmas. I told him all year, so he better shape up! LOL

    Your kids are too adorable.
  6. My 2.5yo keeps asking to see Santa again. I know she's referring to the email message he "sent" that she watched about 6 times in a row :) I keep telling her he's not available to talk and that he is taking a vacation.

    Not sure if she believes me.
  7. The Mommyologist says:
    That wine is just awesome! I want some!!
  8. Babes Mami says:
    I have been looking for that wine everywhere I go!
  9. That bottle of wine? Hilariously awesome on so many levels.
  10. wait until you get the glitter covered pine cone ornaments from preschool! talk about glitter!
  11. This was so fun. You had me at glitter. Couldn't agree more. lol.
  12. I also despise easter grass. And tinsel. My hate is strong.
  13. By Word of Mouth says:
    Hosted a Bunco night and my hub picked up the wine for me. He found that one, plus one called Mommy's Time Out and another called Mom's Happy Juice ... think he was trying to tell us something?
    Your kids are so cute, but sure you looking forward to missing them at Blissdom ;)
  14. Two Normal Moms says:
    I just opened a freaking THANK YOU NOTE covered with glitter... which covered me, the counter, the floor, the dog... I'm over the glitter, too!
  15. Leigh Ann says:
    Ha that wine is awesome. Hopefully it tastes just as good.

    Ok this is kind of a long story, but in the summer we used to catch grasshoppers, and when we didn't want to catch anymore, we would tell the girls that all the grasshoppers went home with their families. So now every time we are trying to put an end to something, we say it went home, and they say, "Went home with his famimy!" So we do the same with Santa. Santa went home to the North Pole to be with his "famimy." Well, it's kind of true.
  16. MommaKiss says:
    Glitter is like spawn of the devil. The evil glitter devil!

    Your kids are way cute, and they look like you!
  17. I think I need some of that wine.
  18. LOL! Cute. :)

    Loved your note, I am sure she is not suppose to have it. Cause its true.
  19. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    Ok, the silly randomness of this made me laugh.

    Love that.

    And I want a bottle of that wine.
  20. I hear ya! Glitter everywhere! My son is asking for Santa again too (he's almost three). What really doesn't help is when he sees people with xmas decorations still up, he shouts and screams. Here from PINT this time!
  21. The Empress says:
    Oh, my gosh, anything with the twins and I bust a lung.

    You could have a blog dedicted to just the twins, and I'd love it.
  22. TornadoTwos says:
    My sister told me that glitter is the herpes of the craft world- once you get it on you, you can't get it off. A little crass, but I did laugh like crazy when she said that to me.

    As for explaining time to kids, that's a tough one, they really live in the now and can't comprehend time. Sometimes I try explaining it in seasons instead, "first all the snow will melt, then the flowers will grow..." but don't you live somewhere warm? That makes it harder.
  23. Katie's been trying to understand when Santa will come again.
    I was stumped about how to explain a year to her.

    Finally, I told her that we would first watch the flowers bloom and the trees bud, then enjoy swimming and riding bikes this summer, then we'd watch the leaves fall and feel the weather cool in the autumn, and then, finally it would be Christmas again.

    She seemed to understand it better after that. Good luck. :)

    You'll have an easier time explaining the concept of a year than getting rid of that glitter.
  24. Love this! Glad they like the couch, even though it was Tater's present! At least it's getting used...gotta get some of that wine too!
  25. Ugh. Glitter. We made the mistake of getting a bunch of glittery ornaments this year. I think they're going to have to get "lost".

    I love the last picture. There's definitely something going on in the background with Ms. L...
  26. Mommy Lisa says:
    I tried listing all the holidays and birthdays that have to happen before Christmas comes again. I think it helped.
  27. Ack! I can't stand glitter for that very reason! I need to know what store you got that from, especially since I'm able to go to the exact store and get it! :)
  28. SurferWife says:
    They all are your little minis. They look so much like you I can't get over it!!
  29. blueviolet says:
    I always find pine needles...fake ones. I have an artificial tree. They catch rides on socks all throughout the house.

    The squished up threesome on the futon is too cute!
  30. I think Tater needs to learn how to give the twins "The Business".

    That would keep them off his couch.

    (until then, enjoy the wine...mad housewive unite).
  31. That One Mom says:
    I hate the tinsel remnants after the holidays. I banished tinsel from my home indefinitely.
  32. I used to get my boys calenders with special dates marked on them. We hung them in their rooms with pens attached and every night before bed we would cross off a day. It worked pretty well for me!

    Your family is beautiful.

  33. Glitter doesn't bother me but oh my goodness, I am still finding pine needles all over the place. My piece of junk vacuum chopped them up instead of sucking them up, so they are just laying in wait to stab me at inopportune moments.

    I try to get Abbey to understand by talking about all of the different holidays and birthdays that come before it's Christmastime again. It seems to keep her distracted a little.
  34. Renegades says:
    The wine is so cute.
  35. I love the randomness...

    One thing I didn't miss this holiday? The glitter, because with the move, we didn't decorate!

    I need to find that wine. That cork would be perfect in my collection.

    And your kids? Adorable!!

Random Randomness

I have all these *random* thoughts running around in my head, and a few things I wanted to write about. But none of them alone would make up a very interesting post! So I figured I’d give Post It Note Tuesday put on by Only Parent Chronicles a shot! PINT is a weekly meme that uses…you guessed it!…post it notes to convey your thoughts and ideas. So check it out and link up!

That One Mom
Here’s the link to my Kitty Litter Cake recipe…at least check out the picture!
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  1. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    Trust me, I think you're busy enough, you don't have to reply to 300+ emails! I don't know how you do it!

    Same thing with pictures of my husband and I. We also don't have a lot of family pictures. It's all me and H or my husband and H.

    BTW, almost done with the third book!
  2. Losing Brownies says:
    The post it notes are adorable. I might try those out!

    Gadget Guy and I hardly have any pictures together. I really need to work on that, but hate the way I look in pictures.
  3. Cute! Random thoughts at their best, my sweet friend. And also. You are not alone... random thoughts invade my brain too. :)
  4. I don't get the comments to my email. I used to and then when I made my comments visible before approval (because somebody called me a hypocrite!) now I don't get the comments in email, which means I have no way of responding to the emails...oh darn. I do try to keep up to people's comments by commenting back on their blogs. Hopefully that's good enough...whaddya think? Now I'm paranoid? Am I being neglectful? A bad blogger?....ugh...now I've got blogger's anxiety. Great. Just great.
    Well, I'll be back tomorrow to see if you've written a post alleviating me of said blogger's anxiety :)
    Good luck getting the boy to stop drinking milk in the middle of the night! I'm rooting for you.
  5. Susie B. Homemaker says:
    I'm feeling the blogger stress as well... writing posts, commenting on blogs, replying to emails... it's a wonder us mom's find the time w/ our crazy kids. And I feel ya on the nugget/hotdog diet. My oldest (5) was and still is a very picky eater, so we would just feed her whatever she would actually eat. It's still a struggle but she does eat healthier.
  6. The Drama Mama says:
    I'm in the same boat, trying to cram in as many blog visits as I can. I think I may roll into bed around 4 or 5 am at this rate. Haha.

    Scooby loves him some hot dogs and french fries too. What do you want for dinner? "Hot dog!" Hahaha. No worries. I'll be a bad mommy with you. He still goes to bed with a sippy too.
  7. The Blue Zoo says:
    Oh my gosh! I made a Kitty Litter cake before. I made it to gross out my dad. Im gonna have to find the pics. It looked SO real! It was hard to eat. lol
  8. The Blue Zoo says:
    I have twins too! And I was gonna follow you but your GFC box wont let me!
  9. Dysfunctional Mom says:
    I really like the idea of you taking more pics together...I never really thought about that but you are so right!
    My friend made one of those kitty litter cakes one time...I just could not even bring myself to taste it! lol
  10. Oh boy can I relate to the being behind. I'm gonna have to just accept the fact that I can not move and blog at the same time. :(
  11. Minivan Mommy says:
    I have about 3 pictures with the hubs since our kids started bein' born. and probably all three pictures were taken in the hospital, after delivering each of our babies. Ha!
  12. That One Mom says:
    I think that motherhood automatically equals behind, no matter the age of your monters! Thanks for linking up. I plan to check out this kitty litter cake later today!
  13. We stink at taking pictures too. My last picture w/the hubby is from Easter. Yea - we're that good!
  14. My husband and I don't really have pictures of us together either. And the pictures of me are the ones that I TELL the husband to take. Just so my kids have proof that I existed in their early years.
  15. Belle's Butterfly says:
    I always have random thoughts. The Hubs thinks I'm nuts some times. We barely have any pictures together either. Mostly all the pictures are of Belle or Belle and The Hubs. Rarely any of Belle and I cause I am the one that takes all the pictures.

    I have random stuff that needs to be done around the house as well and no ambition to even think about it. We have a spare room that right now holds all the crap we don't know what to do with (we have very little storage). I should be cleaning it out and turning it into a play room. But instead it sits there and The Hubs keeps putting more crap in there.

    Good luck with Tators eating habits. We have been lucky enough that Belle loves food and eats what ever we give her. So she mostly eats what we make for dinner.
  16. I get the whole email thing. Trust me. And I'm doing what I can and letting the rest go. I have lots of randomness in my head too... um, maybe a mom thing?
  17. We can only do so much. Delete, repeat. I read so many more than I comment on.

    On another note, I haven't had a tater tot in years. Sounds good, even at 7:00 in the morning.
  18. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    Yes, I'm somewhere at 60-80 emails a day, and if I get behind...uh...

    Well, there's ice cream. That's all I'm a-sayin.
  19. You are not alone in being too busy to do much blog reading lately. I justify it by telling myself I'll be realllllly good at it when my schedule clears up. ;-)

    Happy PINT!
  20. I can count on one hand how many pictures I'm in since my son was born - with or without my husband. It's sad!
  21. I was all paying attention and thinking of good comments but now all I can think is kitty litter cake. My mouth is watering because I assume it's as good as puppy chow.
  22. An Imperfect Momma says:
    LOL. I'm with ya on the blogging thing. Now I can get away with blogging during his morning nap but it seems like he doesnt like a morning nap too much anymore. Sigh. Guess it's off to reading blogs/answering emials/blogging at night again. :o)
  23. i love that you want to just HIDE the junk food from the kids! HAHAHAHA!

    random is the way to be with posts sometimes, isn't it?
  24. The Flying Chalupa says:
    Makes me feel better that your kid doesn't sleep through the night and has the typical "toddler diet" too! Sometimes you feel like everyone else has the perfect child, you know?
  25. The only recent pics I have w/ mr.kiss are self portraits, with the cameraphone. I have small arms. Er, I mean short arms. So they're clearly fabulous.
    Here's to catching up...it aint easy.
  26. Hi, I am your new follower from PINT!
  27. bubba and me says:
    Thanks for your comment! I've been a big fan of your blog for a while after finding it on Top Mommy Blogs. However, it scares me a little to read. Three under three??? That's scary stuff! I don't know how you do it but I think you're a superhero for pulling it off! It gives our little guy hope that he might not end up an only child.

    And I LOVE the kitty litter cake recipe!
  28. Mandy's Creative Corner says:
    I know what you mean about the nearing extinction of pictures with the hubbs. I only have one 2 year old son and it's been over 14 months since out last picture with both of us =(
  29. I have a friend who makes owl pellet cookies - they'd probably make a wonderful side dish to your kitty litter cake.
  30. Aging Mommy says:
    We have a million pictures of our daughter but I don't think we have one of just my husband and I taken in the last three years!
  31. i wish will would eat a chicken nugget! he won't eat any meat. thank goodness for pb! going to check out this recipe now...
  32. Honest, it doesn't get any better after the kids are gone. No pics of Hubby dear and I since my daughters wedding 7 years ago. And behind? That's my life.
  33. I'm so far behind, too. I'll never catch up.

    Hope you can get him to sleep through the night. Oh, precious sleep!
  34. MollyinMinn says:
    Sometimes it is so important to just step back and let the stuff pile up. And you realize that so much of it is just that, stuff. And you move on.
  35. I love how you still ended with your catch phrase...
    I totally agree about the pics with hubs! We just don't have as many, since one of us usually has the camera (and I'm not crazy about pics of me). But I think it's so important for them to see that, and I know especially my daughter loves to look at our wedding album.
  36. I've been so bad at reading and commenting too!!
  37. Let me know how the breaking of the chicken nugget and french fry diet goes. I have a child that will only eat those things! So if you the magically formula to make this kid eat something new, I'd forever love you!
  38. I'm new...so don't count my comment as one of the 300+ that's nagging at you.

    With three kiddos you are way too outnumbered to attempt pics with hubby...maybe you can set up one of those tripod automatic click a doos?