Random Randomness & Things That Drive Me Crazy

It’s time for Post It Note Tuesday, put on by Only Parent Chronicles every week. PINT is a weekly meme that uses…you guessed it!…post it notes to convey your thoughts and ideas. I like doing it because you can stick a bunch of random stuff in one post and it will still make sense! So check it out and link up!

Only Parent Chronicles


  1. My 2 boys are 3 and 2, they just recently discovered that they can fight each other. :sigh: I had a total #momfail moment when it first happen because I totally started laughing, then it was like I'm telling them 100x's a day, stop hitting your brother... then right after "I'm not going to tell you 100x's not to hit him" :sigh:

    I love The Business, it's so freakin cute
  2. Ugh! The grocery store thing!! Pisses me off. But not as bad as the 500 year old lady that STILL WRITES CHECKS. For the love of God, remove yourself from 1982 and get an ATM card!
  3. Funky Mama Bird says:
    I park really far away because I wear my kid on my back and need room to get him on there and off again. It.drives.me.BONKERS when some asshat parks right up against my door in the middle of no where. Since I do not have a new car, I retaliate by opening my door as far as I can get it to, even touching or bumping their car if need be, so I can have maximum space to get kiddo down and off me safely. Jerks.
  4. Dude.

    Let's be in a bad mood together.

    The End.
  5. I was a broken record with "I'm not going to tell you one more time..." and of course I do...over and over again. Ugh.
  6. The Empress says:
    OH EM GEE.

    That's all I'm going to say.

    Because you will understand as soon as you figure out why I had to stop here and pick up your URL info.

    That's all.

    Sit tight.

    And uh huh...the universe works in mysterious ways.

    This is gonna be good.

    And...I'll be back.
  7. amyblam.com says:
    My first car my parents ordered me to park as far away as possible so people wouldn't ding my car. Like you, the idiots found me anyways. So I started parking as close as possible. I figured if idiots were going to find me anyways, I should make it easy for them...and not have to walk as far.
  8. Not only the close parkers drive me crazy, but the people who refuse to return the store's carts where they belong. Does it really take that much extra time to walk it across the aisle and not just let it roll where ever it may? I think not.
  9. I'm in meetings a lot of the day I sure hope I don't miss The Business!

    I definitely think the beater drivers park on the line next to new cars in BFE intentionally.
  10. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    One of the nice things is that teenagers can blow her own darned noses.

    Thank thank thank heavens.

    Of the things I miss of smallness, THAT is not one of them.
  11. I just stumbled across your blog (thanks to blogfrog) and I am really enjoying it! I love this post-it note post, and know exactly what you mean about the car parking issue. Drives me insane!
  12. I love the business :)

    I wish I knew why people parked like that. It's like when people sit right next to you when there are tons of extra chairs available. I hate that!

    I just had PMS for the first time in 11 months when I got pregnant, and I was hateful as can be. Even made a scene over forgetting a $1 coupon at the grocery store....Ugh!!
  13. Boo for a bad mood.

    But yay for The Business!
  14. The Empress says:

    You may want to see this.

    Can't believe it happened today.

    Life...life is a funny thing.
  15. I park far away for the exact reason. I also hate where there are tons of open spots and a big SUV pulls next to me. Um, 2 big cars right next to each other is not a safe combo. Park somewhere else!!
  16. I have the same problem with the parking...except it is usually a BIG OLE...MASSIVE SUV (nothing against SUV's but must you park 6" away from my car door when the parking lot is empty.
  17. Mommy Lisa says:
    that first one I totally agree with...
  18. I love The Business! Can't wait to get on Twitter later and see it....and I know what you mean about those parkers!
  19. blueviolet says:
    I park next to people like you on purpose. Just to spite you. Seriously. I don't scratch you, nick you, bump you, or hate you. But I do it because you don't like it.

  20. princessr9 says:
    The parking thing drive me crazy too
  21. I feel your rage.

    And there is not a blog big enough for all my gripes, and rants, and, and STUFF.
  22. Close parkers drive me bananas! That is all.
  23. I want to throat punch those mo fo's who park next to me like that...and to top it off they always...ALWAYS park like right on top of your car so you have to climb in on the passenger seat to get in there...FACK
  24. The Twin Spin says:
    I hear you on the no violence campaign, except it's my twins beating up on their little sister. Ok maybe not beating up, but pushing her or trying to "ride" her when she crawls. Now she's uber sensitive to it, so if they so much as brush against her she looks my direction and starts wailing. Perfect.

    "The Business" rules! Perfect bad mood avatar.
  25. I hate repeating myself like that to my kids- but it happens every day.

    And good luck on with your news. :)