Random Randomness – Tater Style

This is the second time I’m giving Post It Note Tuesday put on by Only Parent Chroniclesa shot! PINT is a weekly meme that uses…you guessed it!…post it notes to convey your thoughts and ideas. So check it out and link up!

That One Mom
This story is called “A Fishy Tale” and it was a guest post I did over at In Pursuit of Martha Points
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  1. I'm ignoring you, Mom. duh. classic.
  2. He's so cute. Such an articulate and funny little fella. x
  3. LOL at him ignoring you. It only gets worse. Ugh.
  4. I love the broken moon comment, too funny.
  5. I love when they very matter-of-factly inform you that they are are not listening. Awesome.
  6. I love the things I hear from my children. My husband teacher english as a second language and tries to teach our son spanish, last night I was reading a little of a book to his in spanish and he looked at me and said "enough with the spanish mom"!
  7. Maureen @Tatter Scoops says:
    LOL don't you just love the things they are capable of saying? My fave is the dirty rice :D
  8. That One Mom says:
    LOL, your Tater is a cutie!
  9. Ha! Love it. My toddler went into my purse and pulled out a panty protector and my husband shrieked in disgust and said "Put that down it's yucky." and my son said "Yuk. Momma's diaper"
  10. Tater looks just like you in that picture. I'm glad you've taught him to accessorize.
  11. The dirty rice comment is my favorite. of COURSE he said that!! makes perfect sense to me, actually.
  12. Total cutie...I love the part about clean rice!
  13. An Imperfect Momma says:
    absolutely adorable. :o)
  14. He is ridiculously cute with Pursey.
    He gives you the best material! :)
  15. At least he was honest about ignoring you! That reaffirms my theory that men are born with selective hearing though!
  16. What a great post! Thanks for making me smile! Can't wait until GG can talk so I have some "classics" to share. Love the dirty rice one...oh and I'm ignoring you! Bet you couldn't help but laugh at those quips!
  17. WTH am I Doing? says:
    "I'm ignoring you." Classic. If only my husband were that honest instead of trying to make me believe he was listening.

    I can totally see Boo saying something like that to me. I think he has also commented on the moon not being right when it is less than full. He has also been upset when he can see the moon before it's dark. Because the moon is supposed to *sleep* during the day. What's it doing there?? LoL
  18. i was so excited to see what lori's tale would be!

    i love how they are kinda smart to know that they are consciously choosing to not listen, yet not quite smart enough to not answer.
  19. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:
    Love your post-its today! Dirty rice! LOL!!
  20. Good thing he is the big bro or the girls would be painting his fingernails red to be matching Pursey Galore.
  21. Awesome! You gotta love the things kids say
  22. One time Sawyer was looking at the full moon and said he felt bad for it - because it had "a rash in its face. Poor moon!"
  23. The gems that come out of the mouths of babes, huh? Funny. The dirty rice is my favorite.
  24. moveovermarypoppins says:
    He's adorable.

    Also? Could he look any more like you?