And This One Time…On The Queen Mary…Yeah We Encountered A Ghost

Yesterday on my Mommy of a Monster Facebook page, I asked this Question of the Day: Would you visit a house that was said to be haunted?

Now my answer would be a very strong “Hells to the no,” even though I lived in one (story to come on Halloween!) and know that ghosts are around. Too many people I know personally have had too many ghost stories telling about things that they actually experienced to think they are all making it up.

My sister Angie had been on the Queen Mary before and had an encounter with a ghost. So I should’ve known better than to take her with me last year when I was invited to check out the Queen Mary Dark Harbor event… 

I am terrified of ghosts and ghouls, zombies and the unknown. Could the Zombie Apocalypse really happen? Probably. Do I believe in ghosts? Yes. Jason’s mom, who passed away shortly after we were married and many years before we had kids, let me know that I was pregnant after doing our first attempt at in vitro (when I got pregnant with Ethan…story to follow there too.) But my experience with my sister on the Queen Mary last year was the scariest experience I’ve had so far with ghosts.

No, we weren’t drunk. No, we weren’t out looking for ghosts…as a matter of fact, we’d have prefer to avoid them at all costs!

Do you believe in ghosts? This blogger attended the Queen Mary Dark Harbor event in Long Beach and had a ghostly encounter she describes on video!

Long story short, my sister attended the Queen Mary Dark Harbor event with me last year and we had a blast! After we had a ghostly encounter.

So you can watch this video and decide for yourself if I was making it up when I vowed that we had been visited by a ghost while in a bathroom on the Queen Mary. Like within a minute after the experience. We are talking to our long time friend Winter (whom I have told you about before) who thought we were both crazy for being afraid to go.

Uh, I should probably mention I drop an F-bomb and say shit. But if you’ve been reading Mommy of a Monster for any length of time, this won’t surprise you. That’s how I talk. If you meet me in person, I guess you should just expect an F-bomb…

A Ghostly Encounter Aboard the Queen Mary

Let me note that this wasn’t my first, second, or even fifth trip to the Queen Mary. This was just the first time I had a run in with a ghost, which I firmly believe that it was. Because that door creaked something awful when you opened it, and we only heard someone come in the door, not go out of it. Damn Angie. It’s all your fault since ghosts seem to follow you around. I still get goose bumps watching this because this scared the crap out of me!

Have you ever had a ghostly encounter?


  1. I've never had a ghostly encounter, and if I would, it's been nice knowing you, because I would probably fall over dead from fright. It's a good thing that you peed before that happened so you didn't pee in your pants. Andrea recently posted..Eleven Favorites: Old-School BloggingMy Profile
  2. It is great to hear your voice and see your face again, Natalie! And fun watching you freak about pesky *fucking* ghosts who needed to pee! :) I always wanted to believe in ghosts, but never did. I love Halloween, ghost hunting shows, scary movies, etc. etc. but, much like with religion, when it comes to ghosts, at heart I have always been an "I'll believe it when I see it with my own eyes and can touch and feel it" kind of gal. Until I moved here to Connecticut. My old 1876 house most definitely had a presence when I first moved in. From my first night here, I was overwhelmed by an indescribable and very intense feeling that someone, a woman, was in the room with me on many occasions. The feeling was especially strong in a closet that was once the original staircase up from the first floor. I had two different visitors, at different times, independently and without having ever heard it from me, report they felt that the closet was haunted by the ghost of a woman. Freaked my shit out! I have some of the photos I took before I moved in to help decide on furniture placement and, clear as can be, you can see orbs in all the pictures of and around the closet. About a year ago I politely asked her to leave and haven't felt her presence since. I admit the orbs are probably just dust and it is also quite possible I may have just gone a little imagination batshit being alone in a creepy old place at the edge of the woods, but... I believe.