The Queen Mary Dark Harbor Event Is a Spook-taculary Good Time!


I am not a fan of being scared, chased around by monsters, or searching out the things that only belong in nightmares. So why I accepted the invitation to attend the Queen Mary Dark Harbor Halloween event, I have no idea.

Maybe it was because I really didn’t know what to expect. I had seen commercials on TV, but didn’t pay too much attention to what exactly Dark Harbor was.

For those of you not familiar with the Queen Mary Dark Harbor event, it is the Queen Mary’s annual Halloween event featuring mazes, monsters, food and beverages, RIP lounge and entertainment. And while navigating through the Dark Harbor, you’ll meet (or try to be eaten by) a circus of horrific spirits, malevolent circus entertainers and other unfortunates. Sounds charming, right?

I asked my sister Angie to go with me. Angie is not easily scared and so of course I thought I’d be able to use her as a protection should a monster try to snap me up.


Angie looked forward to seeing me squirm, because she knew before we got there that I was already really nervous about going in. But like a good sister, she took me straight to the bar and bought me a beer to help calm my nerves.

Side note: We had an encounter with a ghost while we were on the Queen Mary! I’ll be sharing that story on Halloween.

Unsure of what to expect, we headed out to the event area. Monsters and ghouls were walking around. There were carnival rides and food, as well as live entertainment.There’s even a zip line and a wild-bucking Monster! There were freak shows and mazes. It was actually not nearly as bad as I expected.


Then the Queen Mary Dark Harbor main monsters were introduced to us. There were five of them introduced, as well as the newest Dark Harbor terror, the Ringmaster.


The one that terrified me was Scary Mary. This kid walked right out of a nightmare somewhere. Mary has haunted the Queen Mary ever since her horrible drowning in the poolroom over 50 years ago. She is not someone I’d want to run into in some dark corner of one of the mazes.


Seriously, look at her!


My sister got up close and personal with the Ringmaster, who insisted that Angie put on a hat just like hers.


And other monsters took pictures with us. Here are The Captain and Graceful Gale, who I think was trying to look scary but the angle made her look like a party girl.


And this monster wouldn’t say anything and that freaked me out. Because she wasn’t growling or being monster-y. She’s one of those monsters that will sneak up on you when you least expect it.

The mazes were not as scary as I thought they would be. Sure monsters jumped out and scared you and there was eerie music and it was dark, but I didn’t have a heart attack.

You can also purchase a Fast Fright pass which allows you to enter mazes in front of everyone else waiting in line saving you time, plus front of the line access into the event. If you go, trust me, you’ll want to do this.


View from the RIP Lounge

There were kids there, too. While I think older kids would enjoy it, my six and four year olds would probably never sleep in their beds alone if we took them.

So if you’re in So Cal and looking for a spooky good time, I highly recommend checking out Queen Mary Dark Harbor. And I’ve been asked if I would go again. YES! I would definitely attend again. It was a fun way to be scared.

Disclaimer: I was invited to the Queen Mary Dark Harbor event and given free tickets and a few other gifts while we were there. All opinions expressed are my own.


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