Pursey Galore’s Un-Adventurous Weekend

Pursey Galore has had some exciting adventures. At this time, Pursey is leading a more exciting life than I am. Who in the heck is Pursey Galore you ask? You really don’t know? Well then, head over to Project: Purse and Boots and learn how Lori from In Pursuit of Martha Points is helping raise money for the American Stroke Association (ASA). And while you’re there, check out Pursey’s past excursions so you can fully appreciate how laid back her weekend was with me.

A quick overview: Pursey is travelling all over the country (“Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” style) to raise money for the ASA. A bunch of us bloggers volunteered to take Pursey out and show her a good time. And raise money doing it.

When I first heard the idea, I thought “Hell yeah! The weekend of September 18th we’re going to a wedding in Vegas….woo hoo! Pursey’s coming with me!”. So I volunteered. And then it turned out that no, we weren’t going to the wedding in Vegas for a lot of reasons – but I’ll give you three: Tater, Ms. L and Ms. M. Turns out, it’s harder to get rid of three kids at the same time than we originally thought.

Then my husband Jason said “My sister might be able to keep the kids that weekend so that we can go to Palm Springs for the night and celebrate out anniversary”. Vegas for somebody else’s wedding or Palm Springs with just Jason? Not much of a decision – I loves me some Palm Springs and some Jason, so I thought we should do that. All alone. Without the kids. Just me and him. I emailed Lori and told her “Vegas is out, but we might go to Palm Springs”.

And….as it turns out Jason had to work. So then Palm Springs was out. We had no plans. Nothing planned for the weekend of the 18th when I was supposed to take Pursey out on the town and hope that she’d get lucky (I mean lucky with money, people! Get your minds out of the gutter!). Instead? We did nothing.

But I figured that maybe Pursey needed a weekend off. After all her fun girls-nights-out, maybe she would want some R&R. And she didn’t seem to mind the downtime. Here is how Pursey spent her exciting weekend with me. I’m ashamed and embarrassed that I couldn’t pull something together last minute. My head hangs low as I share these pictures of poor Pursey with you…

Here is where Pursey spent most of her time this weekend:

Yes, that’s right…on my kitchen counter. She did add some sparkle and pizzazz to my kitchen, though!

And later, she helped with some chores. Because really, if she’s hanging around, she might as well keep herself busy, right?

But I’m not a total slave driver! She did have some time to catch up on some TV…

And she played with the girls.

I even fed her while she was here!

But the fun didn’t stop there, oh no. She bounced in the trampoline with the kids.

Tater even wanted to hang out with her!

And at the end of a long day, I let her kick up her feet and relax with a beer.

So you see? Pursey’s weekend wasn’t all bad! It was a mini-vacation in sunny Southern California!

Don’t worry though, I am planning to make a donation to the American Stroke Association. I just wish that circumstances would’ve been different and I could’ve showed Pursey how we par-tay in So Cal!

Pursey Galore was not harmed while taking these photos. In fact, that picture was the only time Tater was allowed to touch her or be anywhere near her. The twins weren’t allowed to touch her at all.


  1. I love the disclaimer - and the photo of your daughter almost touching Pursey!

    My kid knows there is a total hands off policy when it comes to handling any of my purses. I will not hesitate to enforce that rule!
  2. Circus Daily says:
    HA, ok, I have to be honest...saw your blog post title in my blogger buzz list and misread it as..."pussy galore...an unadventurous weekend" talk about an oxymoron hey? Like Jumbo shrimp. Hope your not offended, it was a good laugh on my end. Cheers!
  3. What a great idea!
  4. Puhhhh-lease! Looks like Pursey had an excellent time with you!

    You could always take a "Flat Pursey" with you the next time you go party it up...
  5. at least she looks so chic on Tater!

    buuut she seems to be enjoying that beer a leetle too much. I know she's a party girl, but still.
  6. An Imperfect Momma says:
    Well a girls gotta take one weekend off right? LOL. I love this idea. Need to get on the site to read more about it
  7. Funky Mama Bird says:
    Oh man, I laughed and laughed and laughed at the photo of Pursey with the vacuum cleaner. The contrast was awesome. Love it.
  8. Hahahaha, love the photo of Tater holding it.
  9. I kind of wish my time with Pursey had gone like this.

    By kind of, I mean, totally.
  10. Isaiah Ketterhagen says:
    Nice work to make a great weekend out of one that kept changing!!! Love the optimism!

    Plus - I think my wife would really like that purse - she is a purse-a-holic!!!!
  11. moveovermarypoppins says:
    I like Pursey with your Dyson.

    Girlfriend knows how to rock a vacuum!
  12. I absolutely love the disclaimer at the bottom! HAHAHAHA! She matches your vacuum, too!
  13. The Empress says:
    psst..nodnod..nudgenudge...wink.wink...from what I heard, poor PUrsey needed a respite from the KLZ weekend.

    Seems like this is JUST what the PurseDoctor ordered...poor thing.
  14. Sluiter Nation says:
    This makes me feel a BIT better for what PG has in store this weekend...a tour of what used to be a dry town up until a few years ago.

    Fist bump to the PG team!
  15. The Flying Chalupa says:
    That is a fabulous looking purse - although she did have some bags under her eyes. You were right to give her a rest. Love the pic of her with Tater!
  16. Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud says:
    Pursey looks like she had a blast! Besides all that partying can wear a girl out. She probably needed some downtime anyway. :)
    Thanks for stopping by Natalie. Have a great day!

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud
  17. Totally crackin me up. Sorry the plans fell through. That sucks. This sort of reminded me of the flat stanley idea, except way cuter and for a better cause. lol.
  18. Dos Equis? Pursey is the most interesting purse in the room
  19. Natalie...what happens to Pursey now? Where's she going this weekend? Looks like Pursey luvs her beer and tv!
  20. Who are you kiddin', it looks like Pursey had a great weekend to me!


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