Proof of Our Worst Mistake Ever!

So here is the evidence that we did in fact take all three kids on vacation. Crazy, I know. If you missed my post about our jaunt through hell weekend getaway, you can read all about it here.

Day 1…Father’s Day. Me with Ms. L, my dad, and my mom – all is going well so far…
Little did we know what was in store for us…
Tater saying “Cheese” and playing on the shore.
Things are still good.
My niece L, my sister, me and Ms. M and Tater on Day 2. Where is hubby and Ms. L you may ask? Up in the room because Ms. L didn’t sleep but a few hours the night before and ended up taking a 4 hour nap that morning. Hubby sacrificied fun at the pool (ha ha) to stay in the room and nap with Ms. L. My sister’s daughter woke up too early too. Nerves are a little frazzled.
Me and the kids at the pool. Tater saying “cheese” again.
No idea what the heck the two of them are looking at.
My nieces S and N, and my niece L holding Ms. L. Day 3.
Kids are having fun. Adults are beyond done.
Ms. M and my niece S. Here is what happens to kids when they are put in the torture devices otherwise known as lifejackets. Crying/screaming/tantrum throwing, and then…sleep.
Ms. M voicing her disapproval of the heat and the sight of the lifejacket.
End of day 3. Ms. L and Ms. M have had enough. In picture 2 (sorry about the quality), Ms. L rolls over on Ms. M and she doesn’t even budge!
Yet Tater is still having fun and enjoying himself!
Yes, we will use this picture for blackmail purposes in years to come.
The only semi-family picture that we got together. Dad is tired, Tater’s tired…I’m calculating the hours left until we get to go home!
Yes my friends, proof we did in fact take all three kids on vacation. And I can tell you, it won’t be happening again for at least another 2 to 3 more years!
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And so it goes…


  1. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    You brave women!!

    Tater looks like he had a good time! ;-)
  2. I just finished a post (scheduled for tomorrow) all about the fears of a family vacation! Holy cow. I'm so dreading ours and we only have ONE child! You are a hero, an inspiration to all women. Or at least to me:)
  3. I'm so exhausted for you! Hope you are sleeping better now!
  4. Your pics are crackin me up. I can't believe you didn't have someone snap a family photo together though. Nice to have the extra hands, I'm sure. And good to be home where the kiddos have their own beds. Happy WW!
  5. ~ Noelle says:
    looks like yall had a great time! :)
  6. Well, at least you got sinecure pictures and hopefully a little sun?! And at least you had family around to help out during the day.

    Those twins of yours are too too cute. I love the pictures of them sleeping
  7. Oops... Trying to type on a iPhone...

    What I meant to type was: at least you got some cute photos.
  8. love it! you poor thing. we leave friday for montana for 10 days. 12 hour drive...i know insane but worth it, cabin by water, washer and dryer rooms for each kid and comfy bed for me and hubs. Only way to vacation!! plus i grew up there :-)
  9. The Mayor! says:
    Thnx for the post traumatic stress flashbacks...of taking FOUR kids to Disney...for THREE weeks...DRIVING from Canada...ages 1, 3, 6, & 8....CAMPING THE ENTIRE TIME....excuse me while I go take a Valium...

    Happy WW though!! ;-)
  10. Glad you survived and have the fun pictures to prove it!!!
  11. These pictures are not proof of a bad time! Except the crying at the sight of the life jacket! We call vacations P.O.P. - Pooped Out Parents!
  12. Braley Mama says:
    I love the pic in the life jacket passed out, too sweet!!!! It looks like fun? At least the pics make it look that way:O)
  13. Bethany @ Organic Enchilada says:
    Now doesn't that just sound like fun! Little kids are always hard on trips, but I can't imagine twins. My sister, Natalie, (HA!), has twins, too, and I always tell her it's because she was bad in a previous life.

    I'm sure she wasn't, but it makes me feel pretty smug. :)
  14. Nina @ Momma Go Round says:
    So funny....not! That definately sounds like an interesting excited for mine in 2 weeks :( On a positive note, you have hilariously miserable looking pictures to remind the kids when they take their kids on vacation that they put you through hell and deserve all that is coming to them! hehe
  15. Doesn't see THAT bad.....
  16. I'm glad you made it through. I would have missed you had you not survived ;)

    Thanks a ton for making me DREAD this weekend's excursion to Ruidoso. We were planning on South Padre but they're having a hurricane and all. Maybe my mom wont notice the valium missing from the bottle. It's the only way I'm going to get through it. Wish us luck!

    Those pictures are priceless, btw.
  17. blueviolet says:
    I guess you had to be there, because from an outsider's perspective...I want in!
  18. And Miles To Go... says:
    what a fun time you all had!
  19. I'm terrified of my upcoming trip with Owen... that's right, one baby. I can only imagine what you went through! Brave woman! :)
  20. I laughed at the comment about a semi-family picture! So true! Even though there are other adults around, it's still so hard to get one. And I know what you mean about the thought of getting BACK HOME!
  21. Maureen says:
    I love the way your twins sleep they are super cute! But boy, you're one brave mama to take 3 kids on vacay :D
  22. If I Could Escape . . . says:
    You managed to keep on smiling in most of those photographs! LOL I took my three boys half way round the world solo last summer!

    Happy WW!
  23. Courtney says:
    Presley is currently protesting the lifejacket every time we approach the boat. This weekend should be great fun.

    Pic of one twin sleeping half on top of the other is precious!
  24. Secret Mom Thoughts says:
    Vacations can be more work than staying home with kids. Love the photos of the twins sleeping.
  25. Kimberly says:
    Trust me, one day you'll look back on this trip and the great photos and laugh. Although it may not be for at least 30 years! :0)
    Good job surviving it!
  26. Lula Lola says:
    This is the magic year for us! I should've been a gypsy. I love vacation, never get homesick, could stay gone forever!
    And this year, Sam turned five and it's so easy now! I love it!
  27. •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• says:
    Oh gosh! LOL The pictures are quite telling aren't they. :)
  28. Wow!! I only have one little to take on vacation and my nerves are usually frazzeled before, during and after.
  29. Belle's Butterfly says:
    I'm sorry your trip wasn't fun. But the kids do look like they were having fun in the pics.

    I noticed your girls are using the soothie pacifiers too. Belle loves hers. Where did you find the flower soothie holder? We have only found a bear and a penguin. They are weird shaped and don't last very long before she is spitting it out every couple of seconds.
  30. Aging Mommy says:
    Oh my, but you know in years to come you will look back, smile and laugh at these photos - honest!
  31. Karen Mortensen says:
    Doesn't look too bad but I guess you had to be there.
  32. Mrs.Mayhem says:
    Well, you LOOK relaxed, even if you were feeling frazzled. Yes, family vacations stink at times!
  33. forty-something chick says:
    I love that you already are being sarcastic and laughing at the very crappy time you had!! I think these are the memories that make us appreciate when things go incredibly WELL!

    Love the pic of Tater in the shoes...blackmail for sure!
  34. Paul and Kerry says:
    great pictures that you will LOVE having years from now because you will look back and laugh at this trip. I promise! and the kids will love seeing this for them to "remember it". You are an adorable bunch! It was fun seeing you and your hubs too. :)
  35. You still managed to look like a model... despite your torture! At least you've learned so much... like don't take babies on vacation! LOL!
  36. Well at least you tried. . . I'm sure it will get easier as the kids get older
  37. Sluiter Nation says:
    i literally felt tired FOR you reading that post. Oh, and E hates HATES his life jacket too. but we live on Lake Michigan. it's a must until he can swim.
  38. Haha! That last photo says it ALL!

    Love the one of the baby passed out in the life jacket. We recently too Dell on his first boat ride & the jacket didn't go over too well on him either!

    Thanks for sharing!
  39. Looks like you need a vacation from the vacation, at least you have pictures to remind you not to do that again ><
  40. The Sharp's says:
    You'll be able to laugh about it later!
  41. Carrie K says:
    Wow, your children are beautiful! I like the ones of the twins sleeping next to each other :)
  42. Twincerely,Olga says:
    you cracked me up!! I can so relate to how you feel!! we must be related!!LOL stop by