Project Smile – November

My wonderful friend Alicia over at A Beautiful Mess had the most fantastic idea…do something to help us find and appreciate our smiles. What are the things that happen everyday that make you smile? It could be something as simple as watching a hummingbird dance around a flower. Want to know more about her wonderful idea? Read her Launching Project Smile post.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this…simply jot down things that make you happy. I chose to do one a day for the entire month. It was a way to remind me that it’s the little things that are the most important, and to find something to smile about each day (especially on the bad ones!).

Now, start jotting down your smiles and link up the last day of every month!

During the month of November, I smiled everyday. Here are some of the things that made me happy…

1st – Played outside with the kids, and even let them have a picnic dinner which they loved

2nd – Made oatmeal raisin cookies with Tater for daddy

3rd – The heat and nice weather have the girls wanting to be outside all day long. I love watching them explore the backyard

4th – Play date at Auntie A’s house. The kids love my sister’s big backyard

5th – Tater spent the day with Gramma, which gave me some alone time with the girls

6th – Happy birthday to my oldest friend (the one I’ve known the longest!) Sandy…we’ve been friends since the 6th grade

7th – The kids and I watched ants, which doesn’t sound like much fun, but watching through a child’s eyes was kind of exciting

8th – There’s something about cleaning the house from top to bottom that is so satisfying

9th – Made cookies with Tater

10th – Beautiful fall day, even chilly and windy! A welcome change to the 100+ weather last week

11th – Grocery shopping all by myself…sometimes it’s the little things that make us happiest

12th – Had a Celebrating Home party and got lots of free products

13th – Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house with friends and family

14th – Daddy took Tater to the drag races, the girls took a 3 hour nap, and I got to take a nap too!

Tater getting ready for the drags

Tater and Auntie S

Tater – Future Race Car Driver

Loves the motorcycles

Tater and Daddy

With his Harley Davidson bandana

With his “tattoos”

But this is a sticker, not a tattoo

Daddy and Tater on his first Harley
Tater also met a couple of hot chicks at the races. He actually told me he wanted Santa to bring him 2 hot chicks for Christmas…more on that here

15th – 19th – Me and the kids were sick. I’m sure there wasn’t much smiling going on

20th – Got to meet some of my favorite bloggers in real life! If you missed my post, you can check it out here

21st – Grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. Oh, how I love Trader Joe’s!

22nd – Watched old Scooby Doo cartoons with Tater. He really liked them as much as I used to

23rd – One of my favorite posts I’ve ever posted “Daddy“…Ms. L saying Daddy…the cutest thing EVER

24th – Tater’s cousin K spent the night with him. I love listening to their conversations.

Notice Ms. M’s face in the background…she’s such a ham!

25th – Turkey Day! Need I say more?

26th – Got the Christmas tree up and decorated. It’s the first year that Tater wanted to help

27th – Went to visit Jason’s grandma. The girls slept the 2 hour drive, and Tater watched a movie. As Momma Kiss told me, silence is bliss.

28th – Watched really strong wind blow through the trees with the girls – they thought it was the coolest thing EVER

29th – Sat in bed and ate popcorn while Tater watched Cat in the Hat…it makes him so happy!

30th – One of my best blogging buddies wrote a fantastic guest post for me! Lori (from In Pursuit of Martha Points) wrote about her too-smart young son…it’s a must read!

And so it goes…


  1. Missy@Wonder, Friend says:
    Great idea! I may do a Project Smile post later this month. :)

    Loved your smiles for the 11th and 29th.
  2. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    This is wonderful idea! It is wonderful to focus on the positive things that happen each day.
  3. You sure do have a ton of reasons to smile. :)
  4. Wow. Where to start? I can totally relate to watching bugs through your kid's eyes and finding it fascinating, even entertaining. lol. So jealous that you got a nap, live where there is warm weather still in November, got to have a gathering with fellow bloggers, and already have your tree up. All smile worthy!! And so sweet to sit in bed together watching movies and eating p-corn. Used to do it all the time with my little kiddos. Sigh. Thanks so much for joining the smile crusade. You have some fabulous reasons to smile. And you're right- it really is the small things!! :)
  5. That's a great idea! Your Tater is beautiful! I am going to try to find some ants to watch with my boys tomorrow. Maybe I'll write it down, too.
  6. Making It Work Mom says:
    Love this idea! You had soem great smiles!
  7. Fun list... I love the Tater and Daddy day photos. The bikes, the race cars, the women, etc.

    The 20th made my list too and Trader Joe's, popcorn, naps and Scooby Doo are all pretty great too!
  8. The Sharp's says:
    I love Tater's "tatoos"! I love how most of these smiles were put on your face from everyday small, relaxing things! Cookies, popcorn, movies - they all make me smile especially when the boys are around to enjoy them with me!
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