Project Smile – January

I won’t have time to post this later in the week, so I’m doing my Project Smile post today.

Don’t know what Project Smile is? My wonderful friend Alicia over at A Beautiful Mess had the most fantastic idea…do something to help us find and appreciate our smiles. What are the things that happen everyday that make you smile? It could be something as simple as watching a hummingbird dance around a flower. Want to know more about her wonderful idea? Read her Launching Project Smile post.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this…simply jot down things that make you happy. I chose to do one a day for the entire month. It was a way to remind me that it’s the little things that are the most important, and to find something to smile about each day (especially on the bad ones!).

Now, start jotting down your smiles and link up the last day of every month!

1 – Feeling better after having the stomach flu

2 – Got the house cleaned up and back in order after days of being sick

3 – Playdate at my sister’s…gave the kids a chance to let off some cooped-up steam

4 – Bowling…I bowled my best series ever!

5 – My post The Business which still makes me laugh everytime I see it

6 – Danced in the living room with the kids

7 – Got my inbox all cleaned out…no emails! Yay! (Come on, it doesn’t happen very often!)

8 – Girls watching football with Daddy

9 – Californication is back on…I love that show!

10 – Playdate – kept the kids busy while I got to chat with a real live grown-up!

11 – Started my new part time job!

12 – Photo shoot for business website

13 – Back to work and using my brain

14 – Another opportunity presented itself…

15 – Beautiful Southern California weather – outside enjoying it!

16 – Visit from Jason’s aunt and uncle who never got a chance to meet the babies until now

17 – Picnic lunch outside with the kids…sans ants

18 – Bowled one of my best series ever (above average in all 3 games!)

19 – After a week of living with sickos, finally got the doctor to prescribe antibiotics all around

20 – Good news. Really good news! Found out that one of my posts was being syndicated on BlogHer!

21 – Outside in the beautiful So Cal sunshine all afternoon with the kids

22 – Last minute bbq at my parent’s house with family and friends…always makes for a good time

23 – Took all the kids out to lunch, and they were all so good…lunch was enjoyable

24 – My Scar Tissue post is syndicated on BlogHer!

25 – More good news (look for an announcement on February 1st!)

26 – All the kids went to bed early. Quiet…

27 – Got a new cell phone (that I have no idea how to use!)

28 –  Went to a Celebrating Home party with my mom and sister

29 – Dinner with friends, and without kids

30 – PJ day! Rainy and cold…stayed in pj’s all day.

31 – Newest Monster Mommy Moments post is up!

And so it goes…


  1. Thanks for introducing me to Project Smile, I had not heard of it before. Sounds like you had a great month, congratulations on all of the good news and looking forward to tomorrow's announcement.
  2. parentingadabsurdum says:
    Love it! It is one of those things about the stomach flu - it feels so good when it's over...congrats on the syndication, and I look forward to hearing the upcoming mysterious good news :)

  3. You had a HUGELY smiley month!!! yay!
  4. The Twin Spin says:
    New job, syndicated posts, good weather, and good bowling. Sounds like you had a great month!
  5. blueviolet says:
    Your productivity is astounding! I have a ton of catching up to do myself, and you are good motivation that it can get done. :)
  6. Your smiles make me smiles. :) Here's to another month of them.
  7. Snowcatcher says:
    Congratulations on the bowling scores, the syndicated blog post and the new job! So awesome to have so many good things in one month!
  8. Ok. So sorry I haven't been the best bloggy friend and you probably already explained all this, but JOB? What are you doing these days? I remember those days when chatting with adults felt so wonderful and long over-due. And congrats on the syndicated post. WOW! Thanks so much for sharing your smiles. I so look forward to them. And can't thank you enough for the support and friendship you've shown me.