Pregnant & Skinny

How much weight did you gain when you were pregnant? I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t gain much weight. About 18 pounds with Ethan and 30 pounds with the twins. It must be genetics because my mom said that she didn’t gain much weight and carried it all out front, so from the back you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant. But no matter if you gained 20 pounds like me or 80 pounds, people have a lot to say about it. And today, I’m over at Scary Mommy sharing 10 Things I Learned As A Skinny Pregnant Woman.


My sister ready to pop anytime and I (in black) 4 weeks before I delivered the twins.

I’ve shared at Scary Mommy a couple of other times, too. I shared a yummy recipe for Olive Oil Cake (no, it doesn’t taste like olive oil!)


I also wrote about being infertile and the jealousy I felt towards other pregnant women. And people had to say a lot about that! Some of what they had to say was not very nice…or constructive. Just cruel and insensitive. And I mean to all woman dealing with infertility, not just me. I write these types of posts to help women who are experiencing it, not to piss other people off.

I love sharing at Scary Mommy, even though some of the comments can get ugly. But that’s okay, I enjoy reading all of the different opinions and don’t take the judgement personally…especially because people can judge people more easily when they don’t know them and can hide behind a computer.

But even though it’s already gotten a couple of snarky comments, this one about being skinny and pregnant was a fun one to write. While all of it’s true, I know a lot of it will apply to women who gained a ton of weight too because I’m sure they heard a lot of the same comments. Either way, I’m sure that other skinny moms-to-be will be able to relate!