Pictures That I Forgot I Had Stored On My Phone

I had a post that I was going to write for tonight, but I sat down to check emails on my phone and got sidetracked and started looking at a bunch of pictures that I have stored on it. I found some funny ones that I wanted to share…enjoy!

Lila and Mia eating ice cream in the backyard. Note that Mia is holding hers upside down, by the ice cream instead of the stick. That's dirt on their faces.

Lila HATES the bowling alley. After about 11 frames of non-stop crying, she finally stops, but she still hates her life.

The girls stealing their 1-year-old cousin's birthday cake. Note that Lila has two spoons.

At my sister's house...we couldn't find the girls anywhere and finally found them like this, hiding in the kitchen. Mia, Lila, Cousin S

I walk in the living room and find all 3 kids sitting together without trying to kill each other. This is Attempt #1 to get a pic of all 3 kids looking at me at the same time. Mia and Tater are, but Lila's giving The Business.

Attempt #2: Lila and Tater, but no Mia...

Attempt #3: Just Lila...

Last Try: Just Mia and Tater. I give up!


  1. These are all so cute. Sometimes the phone pics make the best ones. The cake stealing picture is my favorite.
  2. I love finding surprise and forgotten pictures! Yours are awesome. I love the series of the 3 kids.
  3. So cute your phone pics, I like your girls with the ice cream, and so much better for mommy when they are finished with it. ;-)
  4. There is nothing better than the "scowl" picture like the one from the bowling ally...Oh the memories ; )
  5. Getting all three or in my case 4 kids to look at the camera a the same time has got to be one of the most difficult tasks in the world.
  6. Great pics! Love all the ones when you are all trying to get them to look at the camera at the same time! Lila really really hates the bowling alley huh? :)
  7. I love, love, love that the girls have the same foot-in-hand pose! Seriously, how cute is *that*? Adorable kids, my friend. :)
  8. I have so many pictures on the phone. Some can't be shown to the public, much less on a blog post. I want to see the out takes, come on, you know where to find me
  9. Man, I thought it was just my kid who won't look at the camera when I want him to. What's up with that? They're too cute for their own good.
  10. love these, so cute. lila is so funny :)
  11. Oh those pictures make me want to hug those little munchkins. I know how hard it is to get 2 kids to look at the camera, let alone 3! You're brave lady!!!! Lila giving us the business is too damn cute, it makes my DAY every single day. Where did she learn to do that?????? LOL
  12. its when you show pics of these three little things, I wonder even more how you find time to do all that you do!
  13. I love phone pictures...cake stealing...I would do it too, go girls!
  14. super cute pics! i love that they stole the birthday cake!
  15. I love the second picture of Lila. That face is priceless!
  16. You do take the best pictures. The bowling alley has got to be my favorite. Although "the business" is always a winner.
  17. God bless Tater - that kid is looking at you in almost all the pictures. And now I really want some cake. Who can I steal it from? Hmmm.
  18. That's where PhotoShop comes in handy; no? And, you'll end up with a complete looking at you photo that nobody will remember! Thank God for school pictures. Ugly as ever, but at least the kid is looking at the camera. Love the 'business.' Love it. Because, it's yours! Come visit when you can and enter the give-away!
  19. I've given up trying to get the two kids to look at me when I have my iPhone ready to take pictures. I seriously can't imagine trying to do it with three. Thanks for sharing :-)
  20. The random kid shots are always my favs! And your kids are so adorable...I know, you'll be shipping them to Alexandra and I any day now....
  21. Cutest pics ever. I esp. like the my life sucks at the bowling alley one. That's 100% classic.